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Luke ONeil
• 11.29.10 12:00 pm

I’ve never been to Russia, although I’ve spent a significant amount of my life appreciating some of their greatest contributions to the world, so I guess you could call me a Russophile. You could also call me a poseur fag too, if you want.

I’ve never been to Russia, although I’ve spent a significant amount of my life appreciating some of their greatest contributions to the world, so I guess you could call me a Russophile. You could also call me a poseur fag too, if you want. Your call. Most of my appreciation comes in the predictable areas, like literature, for example.

That’s all well and good, as far as nerdy shit goes, but if we’re talking about Russia, probably the only thing they’re better at producing over there than writers, corporate criminals and shit-faced mafia goons is gorgeous dead-eyed sluts.

Jesus Christ.

See what I mean? Siberian broads from like 100 years ago were still hotter than our shit we got going over here today.

The reason I bring all of that up is because I’ve been looking at this amazing website English Russia nonstop for the past year or so, and thinking a lot about just how ridiculous a bundle of contradictions that giant alien landscape is over there.

Maybe the reason why it’s so fascinating to people like me is that it’s basically a science fiction novel that actually happened. It’s like one of those alternate universe stories, where there are a few minor differences that end up being some weighty metaphor about humanity. Or is it the exact opposite of the United States? Our very own bizzaro world?

People used to think about this shit a lot back when we were going to destroy each other and the entire world because we had different ideas about who should be allowed to get rich off of the machines our people built in factories.

If anything about Russia is even remotely interesting to you, you will spend hours paging through English Russia. It’s a collection of both the truly alien on earth remains of their fallen empire, a fucked-up look at their ridiculous pop culture, and a historic window into a history that seems out of place and time. Most of the photography on here is gorgeous.

This page here on creepy Russian playgrounds is worth a look at the whole thing.

No wonder these kids grow up to be so angry.

That’s some Pandora shit right there.

Even their sink holes seem like a metaphor.


  1. dragler says:

    fuck you now I have to go find a bunch of old russia links

  2. No Room For Nigger says:

    Looks like eastern Canada

  3. Uncle Wah Wah says:

    You see the cooch that comes out of that wasteland and you wonder why the Germans didn’t just try and screw their way through Russia instead of killing everybody. Imagine how much great poon they destroyed between 1914-1945. Enough to supply the world! Those horrible pricks.

  4. Anonymous says:

    The women are pretty amazing, but have you ever tried rapping to one of them? No bullshitting around there. What is your car you are driving? Um…

  5. Anonymous says:

    lol white people

  6. luke says:

    @dragler hol-eee shit. that arcade/ torture dungeon is amazing.

  7. imyar says:

    that is hardcore life

  8. SPF 1500 says:

    Jemima-wrapped mom next to hottie daughter sure shows what 25 years of scything wheat on the steppe does to a girl’s facial collagen, don’t it.

  9. dogtrot says:

    spent a month in russia.
    i thought it sucked. fucking expensive. the food is horrible. the people are bland.
    i guess this is tacky, [some of you are ruskiphiles, though] but if you want a blow-by-blow of that portion of my trip…

    my camera broke when i first entered russia, sorry, but if you want to see cool pics, nav back to the china part of the trip, spent 2 months there and posted lots of pics.
    by the way, i’m not rich, i’m unemployed. got laid off, subleased my place and took off to join my girlfriend, who’d pretty much done the same thing. china was awesome and cheap, russia sucked our coffers dry.

  10. @spf says:

    haha, very good point. they don’t tend to age well over there even now, when their only job seems to be going to the club til 30, then making someone’s life miserable.

  11. blahblah says:

    whatevs my mums hot, and what kinda car do you drive? fuck you guys dont be so narrow minded and believe everything you see in an 80’s action movie.

  12. @blahblah says:

    I drive a freedom mobile that runs on democracy. USA USA USA

  13. eddie says:

    i fly a laughplane that runs on jokes.

  14. green tshirt says:

    i spent 8 months living in st. petersburg. by far the best time of my life and i cant wait to get back there. sub culture is vibrant. 80 years of western musical and fashion trends have hit them all at once-they have everything from every era going on right now. city is beautiful, women are sexier than any nation on the planet. girl they would consider ugly there are ten times hotter than that fat ass, beer guzzling, pot bellied, foul mouthed he-women we have over here.

    parties go all night, everything is cheap. dogtrot above is probably a virgin and went to lame parties. russia is absolutely fascinating and its in the middle of a complete transformation. everything there is crazy and exciting. sometimes depressing, sometimes bleak, but always something new and interesting to our western eyes

  15. green tshirt says:

    this is the russia you missed out on:

  16. WEED says:

    i glanced at the top picture and thought it was an AT-AT on Hoth

  17. mat jeff says:

    russian birds make me want to destroy the world with my nuclear dick.

  18. Jon Wilkes Booth says:

    I laughed so hard at the beginning. Also, the pictures rule. Luke is my favorite on this site.

  19. Taeil says:

    I had a buddy of mine do embassy duty in Moscow. He got laid like a fucking rockstar.

  20. Manuelito says:

    I’ve been on English Russia for ages.
    I’ve always had a soft spot for the drunken backwardness of my ancestral homeland; plus I love post-apocalyptic looking hell beast industrial machines like the things that rape forests then dig seven mile wide holes.

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