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Donna Deliva
• 05.30.10 11:07 am

The interview that everyone’s been talking about is finally out in print today. The pictures are stunning, of course, and change the whole context of what many believe to be MIA’s coming out party as an idiot.

The interview that everyone’s been talking about is finally out in print today. The pictures are stunning, of course, and change the whole context of what many believe to be MIA’s coming out party as an idiot.

From The Guardian:

It is perhaps understandable that MIA is feeling irate. Hirschberg, known for a brutal 1992 piece on Courtney Love, spent 8,000 words describing everything from MIA’s childhood home to her current preference in bread rolls. The British-Sri Lankan star, who now lives in the United States, comes across as a self-satisfied, slightly naive, provocateur. While Hirschberg’s research poses some important questions, particularly with regard to MIA’s wealth, her politics, and her relationship with her father, it is the 34-year-old singer who does herself a disservice, admitting to being “tone deaf” and “not very musical”. Elsewhere, she shows a childish desire for controversy: “‘I kind of want to be an outsider,’ [MIA] said, eating a truffle-flavored French fry. ‘I don’t want to make the same music, sing about the same stuff, talk about the same things. If that makes me a terrorist, then I’m a terrorist.'”

From Newsweek:

But how quickly a brand can start to unravel. In April, M.I.A.s “event video” for her new single “Born Free” (Warning: NSFW) commanded a lot of attention, though mostly of the WTF? variety. Its gratuitously violent depiction of a future dystopia in which redheaded children are singled out for government extermination looked like it was maybe trying to say something—though it also looked as though most of the conceptual effort had gone into making the video look so damn stylish.

Feeding that emerging CW this week is Lynn Hirschberg’s profile of the singer for the New York Times Magazine. In the piece Hirschberg suggests more than once that M.I.A. is all fluff and no consequence. The sharpshooter-precise kill-shot comes when M.I.A., supping on some fancy-sounding food, seems insufficiently self-aware to realize that it’s a bad time to be expounding on the virtues of David in his battle with Goliath. “‘I kind of want to be an outsider,'” Hirshberg quotes M.I.A. as saying, before adding that she was “eating a truffle-flavored French fry.”

Today, M.I.A. has responded with the insurgent tactics … of a fifth-grader, by writing Hirschberg’s phone number on the bathroom wall of the Internet. On her Twitter account, M.I.A. purported to give out her own phone number to anyone who wanted to talk about the Hirschberg article. Of course, the digits weren’t M.I.A.’s, but Hirschberg’s—whose phone was soon slammed with calls. In a further update, the singer wrote that she will be releasing an “unedited version” of the Times interview on her website over the holiday weekend. For her part, Hirschberg told a reporter that the Twitter-attack was “infuriating and not surprising.”

My favorite part of the shoot was finally seeing how he did that shot where she’s swinging over the city. What kind of a budget does McGinley usually work with, infinity dollars?

For the record, I still love MIA and think she’s the best thing to happen to dance music, ever. I think her politics add an interesting dimension to the whole thing, but the one part I don’t get is all this indigence indignation about not being able to bring her mother to America. I understand why she wants her here but since when is that someone’s right?


  1. John McCain says:

    just who is this Mia girl anyway? sounds like a trollop!

  2. Dragler says:

    I remember being shocked when public enemy said their music was just a concept but now I understand it. it’s the genre of aggresive political music, it’s an art form with concerns like other art forms, not some wild organic statment that arose out of oppression or something.

    Also, MIA’s videos have like 10’s of millions of hits on youtube. the photos seem like they will be good

  3. Canadave says:

    Impressive shoot.

  4. mr.meat says:

    I stuck my head out of a moving car once too!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Her politics don’t add anything except press. Still like her, though.

  6. erikhitchmo says:

    Nice try, Lynn Hirshberg, but she’s still a nubile minx and you’re a dried up old yenta.

  7. ourladyiftheflowers says:

    m.i.a. is a stupid bitch, her music is okay and i think its rad that the 00s have a new cyndi lauper but i hate people who pretend to have stances in politics, politics are fucking retarded. theyre just an abstraction anyways. people like m.i.a. just make people forget that THEY are the political power. and she insulted justin bieber personally! the kids like 16! i dont care how much money he makes or if his music sucks SHES A 34 YEAR OLD WOMAN INSULTING A 16 YEAR OLD! and he’s a young person so he probs likes mia and was probably super bummed that she insulted him. M.I.A. YOU ARE A FUCKING HUMAN BEING! START ACTING LIKE ONE YOU GOLDEN CALF FUCK! people who really make a difference do it by inspiring people to realize their own potential not by spouting retarded slogan and wearing silly clothes, thats called theater, not change (although theater is totally rad and mia isnt a bad person, shes just a stupid person with a lot of money, hey joanna newsom how bout insulting her?).

  8. Anonymous says:

    lol I don’t think Justin Beiber even knows who M.I.A. is except maybe as a one-hit-wonder.

  9. cream says:

    Pictures are nice and stuff but I don’t understand how this changes the thrust of the article?

    If anything her professing to be some kind of anarchic, punk-rock warrior, whilst being shot by a fashion designer in a thousand dollar dress makes her look even more out of touch.

    And btw, I don’t actually care that she’s rich and has a childish and superficial understanding of politics. The part that bugs me is how she feels the need to denigrate other artists (Gaga, Jay-Z) to validate herself. She is basically calling them out for being phoney sellouts when she isn’t any better or worse.


  10. cream says:

    *photographer, not designer.

  11. beefbalones says:

    Why didn’t she poppy dop dop and take her monaaay?

  12. e.s.l. says:

    M.I.A. ain’t Cindy Lauper, Lady Gaga ain’t Madonna, Kanye West ain’t Michael Jackson, Bush ain’t Reagan…are we still trying to recreate the 80’s? Most musicians are politically dumb, we should all understand that by now . pop songs have no real meaning. Songs don´t bring change. Any and all of pop singers are politically irrelevant. Whenever thay say or do something politically, it’s just a shallow way to separate themselves from the rest of artists out there, that´s why she doesn’t like to be compared with Gaga, because it’s admitting that there is no substance on what she does, and there is none.

  13. bottles of crystal hot sauce says:

    in fifth grade I learned to stay out of ethnic girl fights

  14. Homeland Security Band says:

    Leave the politics to Bobby CONN!!!

  15. Anonymous says:

    do not care

  16. yikes says:

    yenta. lol.

  17. Vanity says:

    Its all she is.

  18. fik says:

    DONNA DELIVA if i ever meet you , remind me to punch your stupid face . you are an idiot . shit for brains pieces of crap !

  19. R.S. Dekker says:

    Those look like some brilliant shoots but fuck mia for blatantly steeling from suicide, she even ripped off the heavy echo vocals, didn’t bother to change any thing about the song to make it hers, born free should just be called ghost rider.

  20. Bill says:

    Doesn’t hotshot McGinley basically ignore mcinnes now?

  21. dogwig says:


  22. guy says:

    did anyone actually bother to read the article? It’s a pretty well rounded assessment of her life. It would’ve been boring if it was just all dick-sucking. MIA sounds like she’s got Paki down’s syndrome. big surprise. at least she admits it. I would love to have one of those profiles, it’s like free therapy except with a therapist who actually does their job. “you’re boring, stupid, vain, and basically a cunt…but you’re also amazing and we love you, so try to grow up so we don’t hate you.” thst’s the best free advice ever!

  23. B says:

    You all are acting like it’s surprising that a rock star has retarded and shallow political views that they pretend are deep. Niggers, MIA is just a hot, female, Tamil Bono/Kanye. Who gives a fuck? Gavin, I’m surprised to see you of all people tossing her salad-if she was singing the praises of Al Qaeda, who just copied the Tamil Tigers, would you be so ingratiating? I’d hit it three times too, but that doesn’t give her license.

    BTW, MIA, I’m glad your Tamil rebellion got a mudhole kickstomped in its ass last year. High time. Maybe now you can start figuring out how to integrate or GTFO Sri Lanka.

  24. guy says:

    also: what? Gavin’s got not “Fuck the Troops” essay for Memorial Day?

  25. comic book guy says:

    I don’t think MIA understands all the “indigence” either. Which the point of the Times piece, right

  26. Jab says:

    Indigence? WTF is that?

  27. Taeil says:

    “Third World democracy, I got more records than the KGB.”

    Bitch, you married into a DYNASTY.

    (On Lady Gaga) — “She’s not progressive, but she’s a good mimic.”

    Bitch, you only have two hit songs both entirely based on single looped samples from old punk songs. No shit. Shut. The. Fuck. Up.

  28. KFC man says:

    Santigold is musically better AND from the looks of this nicer and humbler as well.

  29. anne frank says:

    i second KFC man. MIA is an immature brat and i don’t like her new stuff at all. she’s lost her mind. this is what we call postpartum depression, manifesting itself as FUCKING CRAY CRAY. put a muzzle on that bitch.

    glad someone recognized mcginley for his excellent work though, those shots were amazing.

  30. Yentl says:

    You think the Angel of Death will be frightened away by cough medicine?

  31. Anonymous says:

    yeah great pictures this girl is an ignorant cunt though

  32. Die when you die says:

    Do not care but photos look hot…with a budget like that, they better.

  33. duh says:

    MIA > any interviewer

    srsly fuck that guy

  34. Non-American says:

    A pop-star is shallow, insincere, selfish and stupid? GOD LORD! ALERT THE PRESSES!

  35. Jay says:

    Shit, she’s married to some billionaire’s son ?!,_Jr. – look at that shit eating grin.

    I havn’t been this disillusioned since I found out Gary Glitter was a kid toucher.

  36. Anonymous says:

    “indignance” is not a word. Close, but try again, this time with “indignation.”

  37. Salad says:

    Didnt realize MIA married a BILLIONAIRE’s son!!!!


    She’s all street. Wall street.

  38. Dragler says:

    what’s most amazing about MIA is that she somehow turned the demented atonal beast that is british rap into something saleable.

  39. Truth Speaker says:

    MIA is 41, she lies and says she is 34…TRUTH

  40. E.s.c.o.b.a.r. says:

    Cumbia Estílo Colómbia

  41. E.s.c.o.b.a.r. says:

    Fuck M.I.A.

  42. mARINETTI says:

    Ciao Copa di Mondo!!

  43. Dragler says:

    wow I thought she was ALOT younger than that

  44. youth movement queef says:

    “I think her politics add an interesting dimension to the whole thing…”
    i fucking lol’d.

  45. d-bo says:


  46. kure kure takora says:

    MIA and politics.


  47. Jean-Francois says:

    Fuck that toe-curlingly annoying dumb bitch.
    MIA that is.
    Not Yenta.

  48. MIA Crew says:

    I know that she still owes people that worked for her on the tour she canceled money. How is that for pulling up the people.

  49. Horrible Slut. says:

    MIA = one uppity Mexican.

  50. Taeil says:

    MIA = Paki reggaeton

  51. Horrible Slut. says:

    Oh, I thought she was mayheecun.

  52. hagenshape says:

    No, calling her an uppity Mexican works on more levels, you should stick with that it’s actually pretty awesome.

  53. penny says:

    everyone would have left her alone, and probably been on her side, had she not been angry and posted the journalist’s number on the internet.

  54. skull front says:

    nice packaging. the kids well love it. fake riot, fake protesting, work it girl.

  55. Poo Tee Pee says:

    What a jip!! From the headline, I was expecting him to actually shoot her… with his load that is. 😉

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