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Street Carnage
• 12.21.16 02:23 pm

Gavin talked to Sam Hyde about how much liberals hate World Peace (for no reason) and the recent cancellation of his show. They also got into how much LA fries your brain. Here’s the interview.

  1. Slobodan says:

    You guys are weird together.

  2. Dillary Trinton says:

    Sam looks like he has a chromosome or two too many

  3. OogaBooga says:

    He is as irreverent about Jews (and Jewish power) as he is about everything else. That’s what did him in. The process was depressingly transparent. First a talentless (but equally shameless) little worm named Joe Bernstein wrote a hit piece for Buzzfeed with the lie of a title “The Alt-Right Has Its Very Own TV Show On Adult Swim” and then a totally unfunny bustout “comedian” named Gelman (who has a face that looks like something rejected by Der Stuermer for being too offensive) claimed that he was leaving Adult Swim in protest, even though he had essentially been fired for bringing nothing remotely funny to the table. Then, behind the scenes, heavyweights like Judd Apatow and G-d only knows who else came in and strong armed the parent company. The End.

  4. OogaBooga says:



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