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• 07.28.08 11:00 am

Dear virgin geeks who bought this shirt at Comic Con this weekend,
It will not help you get laid.

Dear virgin geeks who bought this shirt at Comic Con this weekend,
It will not help you get laid.


P.S. Some girls actually enjoy rape jokes. It’s just that they have to be funny.

  1. Cap'n Glitterfuzz says:

    gaaaawwwwwd this shit is so awful. I can’t decide if it’s more offensive to my funny side, or my feminist side.

  2. revere says:

    someone please tell me a funny rape joke…

  3. jem says:

    Cap’n; feminists aren’t real – it’s over. We’re equal. Girls trying to be like shitty guys is all thats left, and guys really don’t view women at a higher regard for acting like their shitty jock friends. Jezebel Feminists are a joke.

  4. capn' says:

    Damn Jem wha happened? You get raped or something.

  5. ***** says:

    I’m a women and I love this shirt.
    Christ, enjoy it for the play on words. You don’t have to get all het up about it, it’s meant to be wrong/ inappropriate. That’s what makes it funny.

  6. Trust funded says:

    By that logic genocide puns are hilarious? I dunno dude, I think you’re getting lazy with your laughs. Also, t-shirt gags? And you’re a woman? Good luck buddy.

  7. I laughed says:

    If you can’t find humor in this… well you just suck

  8. drewsy says:

    it’s from Cyanide and Happiness

  9. sandy sharktits says:

    that the hurtingest tee shirt in the universe. I wouldn’t wear it indoors if they paid me money

  10. Donut says:

    revere: rape is no laughing matter – unless you’re being raped by a clown.

  11. Billy Pudd says:

    they should make a t-shirt of me taking a crap on this shirt. That would be funny AND true

  12. Goonie Goo Goo says:

    I love this shirt. Rape is the funniest thing by far!

  13. dingaling says:

    it would be okay except for the huge website logo on the front. who wants to wear a shirt with a fucking website address on it? the only thing worse is when you see a band sticker with their myspace address on it. just in case you were too stupid to type the band’s name into google.

  14. jem says:

    putting the fun back in masturfunbation.

  15. wtf says:

    i think this is fucking hilarious, lighten up.

  16. Anonymous says:

    this is so fucked up. rape is such a serious crime, this is so offensive and you disgust me. grow some fucking balls. and women who like this, have some fucking self respect.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Also, I’m gay


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