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Street Carnage
• 07.07.17 11:19 am

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Five servicemen have gotten into some trouble for asking a few questions and cleaning up a statue. Some claim they were disrupting an indigenous religious ceremony and now, they may lose their livelihoods over it. Gavin has started a petition to help the five servicemen and writes about the incident here.

  1. July says:

    I can’t believe the MOD apologized to a group of kids vandalizing stuff in a park. They look like part time squeegee kids with RHCP tattoos.

  2. Uncle Wah Wah says:

    So now we are going international to look for reasons to be offended? I don’t care what Chief Running Bare said to the Canadian conservatives. This is America! Give me something stupid that happened here.

  3. Rosemary Rummler says:

    Come on! This is ridiculous!

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