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Benjamin Leo
• 12.12.12 12:00 pm

As a wise man once said, let’s see how Republicans feel about abortion once science can tell whether a fetus is gay.

As half-a-fag, I’ve always been invested in understanding what makes someone gay enough to be politically liberal, obey his wife, enjoy the Grateful Dead, love Midnight in Paris, but NOT take an interest in sucking dicks. It’s obvious: Gayness has got to be a spectrum.

For the last ten years I’ve been convinced that science would eventually locate a gay gene—but yesterday, scientists dropped a massive bombshell: There IS no gay gene; it all happens in the womb.

So what does that mean, like, if your pregnant mom went on tour with Siegfried and Roy then you’re likely to love cocks? Then how come Barbra Streisand’s kid is straight? He spent 24/7 in the womb listening to Barbra Streisand.

Fuck this study. It’s confusing as shit, disappointing, and probably bollocks.

I mean, I understand that epigenetic mechanisms are essentially a hereditary meta layer of information that influences DNA’s instantiated genotypes, but I wanted a fucking GENE.

…and a chubby pickle.


  1. Mark says:

    Streisand’s kid is gay.

  2. Lester says:

    60 minutes did a thing a few years ago saying that if you are a youngest son you are more likely to be gay because Moms run out of testosterone or something like that. google it

  3. hmm says:

    Almost nothing is entirely genetic, it is always a combination of genetics and epigenetics. The theory of gayness being caused by irregular reactions to hormones in the womb is something i heard steven pinker say as far back as 5 years ago. That doesn’t mean it isn’t genetic though, it means that genetics, epi-marks, and hormones combine to determine what happens.

  4. cmb says:

    Streisand. Gay, Fuck you.

  5. Larry E says:

    As a smug, stupid man once said, “let’s see how Republicans feel about abortion once science can tell whether a fetus is gay.” A completely stupid remark of someone with too much time on his hands, trying to think of cutesie little pseudo-insights and bumper stickers about his enemies.

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