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• 03.04.09 01:11 pm

While the whole twitterverse stopped to pay tweets of honor to Rob Williams, co-founder of Dolphin music

While the whole twitterverse stopped to pay tweets of honor to Rob Williams, co-founder of Dolphin music, who fucking just DIED on a snowy fucking cliff despite tweeple’s attempts to save his life, the guys at the fucking COMPANY he fucking CREATED with his own bare hands can’t even tweet out a fucking tweet of honor or a tweet of silence or some shit in his memory. They sit there capitalizing on the exponentially increased traffic from this tragedy, and just keep on spewing out their meaningless, tweenybopper tweetiocrity.

I’m so sick over this I can’t even post.

  1. snowboard boots are the new stilleto heels. can’t have this much boner at work.

  2. homeless. says:

    This is the kinda news that makes me think portrayals of the future in movies like “The fifth Element” and “Back to the Future II” were not that far off.

    Time to become a an-hero.

  3. homeless. says:

    they probably drink corporate water.



  5. tommy gun says:


  6. Nig Blogger says:

    oh my! white girls.

  7. Fuck My Ass And Call Me Sally says:

    ok ok, what the fuck is a tweet? i don’t really wanna know, just wanted to be the first one to say it.

  8. habitual drug user (the original) says:

    a tweet is when you come over to my house naked and sit on my face for half an hour before i have my way with you.

    it’s the hot new craze. everyone’s doing it.

  9. Cap'n Glitterfuzz says:

    i love that girl on the left has gloves on.

  10. Nig Blogger says:

    It’s the socks that make me spew (and the thighs of the one on the left).

    Tweets my big black dick.

  11. Anonymous says:

    i thought we covered twitter last week?

  12. Fuck My Ass And Call Me Sally says:

    @ habitual drug user (the original)

    i’m a man. but you can still wear my taint hair as a beard.

  13. De-stroyerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr says:

    Maybe they’re a little too busy for twitter when the guy that CREATED THEM just died and the shit hit the fan SO HARD.

  14. Scarlet says:

    Destroyer read the fucking post.

    They’re still tweeting just not about his dead ass

  15. pubert says:

    shouldn’t you have said: “exponentially increased twaffic from this twagedy”?

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