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• 10.31.14 10:01 am

I’ve been calling bullshit on sexual harassment for years now but this case is a doozy. Not only has CBC host Jian Ghomeshi been accused of harassment in the workplace, he’s been accused of beating the shit out of women at home (I come in around 3:00). 

The victims say he punches them in the face totally out of the blue. He seems to be implying it’s just kinky sex. I hate having to defend the CBC or anyone who works there but here’s the deal: If someone hits you in the face, call the police. I don’t care how embarrassing it is. If your boss hits on you and makes you uncomfortable, quit or make it known to other employees. Don’t sue him. Getting money for a sexual act is called prostitution. We already have laws in place to protect us. We don’t need separate rules for the workplace. It’s like these trials that happen at college to decide rape. Why aren’t the police involved? What is this, an Indian reservation? Shall we implement Sharia Law next?

As far as Ghomeshi goes, the normal route to take is to charge the CBC with the crime of allowing this guy to hit on his employees. I love the idea of making the CBC suffer but demanding all employers magically create an environment where no woman can possibly feel uncomfortable is a slippery slope into an Orwellian society.

His sex life is his own business. We’ve all met women who want to be hate fucked. Louis CK talks about how disturbed he is by women who insist he fake rape them. If this isn’t that, take it up with the police immediately. As we’ve seen in Ferguson, the court of public opinion can be a lynch mob.

Freedom means you have to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. Even if they make your skin crawl.



  1. matt says:

    Gay McInn — If I were to say I was beaten at your favorite sport, I would never say that I did not consent to it.


    Matty Bellefonte

  2. OR says:

    Um, they’re allowed to fire him. They fired him after he showed them “evidence of consent” in his sex life, aka photos or emails referencing his “consentual” physical abuse. Then he shared his “sexual preferences” with everyone on FB. So the privacy thing isn’t really on anyone except himself. No ones charging him yet but showing your boss emails about doing bondage seems like it could be grounds for getting fired… Even just the act of *showing it to them.*

    And then he sued the CBC for $55mill so I guess the burden of proof is actually on him, and as our taxes pay for the CBC it’s relevant to everyone to analyze the evidence, since we are kindof the ones being sued here.

  3. Bernnie Federko says:

    Strength in numbers.

  4. president, Bloor Felony Club says:

    This guy had my sympathy until he filed suit like a bitch. I listened to the old audio of Billy Bob Thornton yelling at him earlier this week. BBT is a smug delusional fuck but maybe he discerned something hinky about the guy from Moxy Fruvous.

  5. How can I submit this full story for publishment on your interwebs? says:

    One time a girl accused me of rape for NOT hitting her in the face. Luckily even her best friend that was upstairs at the time knew she was being loony, but being called “rapist” because you pussed out on rough sex is the worst.

  6. Jeff Lebowski says:

    I agree with most of this but I don’t get Gavin’s dismissal of HR’s role in stemming non-violent workplace harassment. My understanding is there are 2 separate things Ghomeshi is being accused of: 1) the alleged misconduct outside of the workplace, in which the accusers felt they’d been assaulted (and they should’ve gone to the police), and 2) the verbal harassment that female staffers experienced at the CBC, which seems like it’s all in HR’s wheelhouse. Why wouldn’t it be?

  7. ChiTownPlayaHata says:

    Well, the fear of lawsuits and federal intervention makes calling it an “HR issue” a really insidious half-truth. Companies aren’t able to tell a broad “you feel ‘sexually harassed’ here, you fucking whiner? Find another fucking job.” They should be able to say this.

    And yes, if someone punches you in the face, it has nothing the fuck to do with sexual harassment, or sexism, or gender relations, or any of that fucking bullshit. It’s against the law for anyone to punch anyone in the face for no reason. Call the fucking cops if you don’t like it.

  8. zee says:

    i actually agree with this. i dunno if he wound up fucking these girls, but if he did, that pretty much lets him off the hook. yeah, he’s a fucking creep. but if someone slugs you, go to the goddamn cops

  9. Jeff Lebowski says:

    @ChiTownPlayaHata, so if I’m getting you, calling something an “HR issue” is more a CYA euphemism for corporations when they don’t want to deal with whining or have any governmental intervention? I can see that.

  10. Ralph Benmergui says:

    It’s strange to think CBC HR initially gave the women a “don’t rock the boat” response because they were so enamored with this upright-drum playing, manicured stubble wearing passive-agressive beta.

  11. Matt says:

    Who cares. It’s fun watching all the morally upright, smug, Canadian commies trying to defend their high priest.

  12. Ghetto Defendant says:

    A person’s kink is their own business and usually an employer has no business firing someone based on their bedroom proclivities. The problem is he blurred the lines by offering career advancement and job placement for a few of these women. The minute he brought work opportunities into the equation, it’s a human resources issue, and now the company has the right to terminate because of their liability because of his personal actions, even on his own time in his bedroom. This is another case of a guy in a high position, with a shit ton to lose, fucking up by going after the low hanging fruit of opportunities with women related to his job. Also Gavin, you’re forgetting how this game works now, just like with other people you know who’ve been accused of this sort of thing. You can’t treat women like shit after attempting one night stands anymore, if you’re a famous, powerful, man. When are these guys gonna get it through their heads that you’d better have the Derek Jeter, morning after, gift basket and limo ride , and you’d better establish through email, texts and front desk sitings that everything was consensual and everybody parted ways looking like they had a good time.

  13. George Eliot says:


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