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• 03.31.11 09:00 am

Advertising is bullshit. All you need to know to succeed in advertising is sex = sales.

Advertising is bullshit. Everyone makes this whole song and dance about “the big idea” and the “creative process” — all that stuff is just smoke and mirrors to justify billing some burger chain through the ass and prop up some creative director’s mid-life crisis. All you need to know to succeed in advertising is sex = sales. Dress it up as much as you like, but that’s the bottom line.

Not convinced? Perhaps you should meet The Weather Girls. Their daily meteorological forecast makes every other weather forecast in the history of the world look irrelevant / borderline homosexual.


  1. pfft says:

    okay so women will try their best to be hot and submissive,
    Now you all better have 9″ cocks yeah?

    otherwise you’re not good enough, and you should probably kill yourself, obviously.
    just sayin’

  2. small ntestine says:

    this was on american telly?

  3. kure kure takora says:

    No, it’s pretty obvious that this wasn’t on TV and is internets only.

    I’m just confused that they’re pulling ESL fobs out of the woodwork for this, but displaying temperatures in Fahrenheit? Obviously they know their target demographic, American yellow fevered males. Like me.

  4. Brock Samson says:

    Is it the weekend yet? I gotta go hang out in Little Tokyo.

  5. clif says:

    ^^^ if you really had yellow fever you wouldn’t have even noticed the temp

  6. nacirema says:

    they were displaying temperatures?

  7. blomit says:

    yellow fever dudes are the new goatee guys

  8. ew says:

    what about Asian culture makes girls strike such unnatural and arbitrary poses? seriously why do they all try to look like they are posing for bad glamour shots?
    “oh i’m just going to hold my fist to my temple while i stand up and pantomime leaning on something, it’s totally cute.”
    i mean it has to be a thing because you see it everywhere in korean and japanese media

  9. anonymous says:

    this is so corny!

  10. What gave it away? says:

    How do you figure they’re targeting a U.S. demographic? Perhaps it was because they were reporting temperatures for U.S. cities?

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