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• 12.20.12 09:30 pm

^^^ This is a picture of the giant honkin’ “man hands” of Gabrielle Ludwig, who was born Robert John Ludwig 51 years ago and is the first person in American history to play college basketball as both a man and a woman.

Let’s qualify that—Ludwig says she’s a woman, as does a California judge. But the 6’6″ Ludwig still looks like a man to us—specifically, the Giant Crazy Injun from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest:

Although many transsexuals have been found to have a longer androgen receptor in their DNA and therefore lower levels of testosterone, a DNA test would almost certainly conclude that despite all the rhetoric and poppycock and balderdash and rigmarole, Ludwig is, as a matter of scientific fact, still a man.

Regardless, despite her male physiognomy and rippin’ biceps, we are encouraged to find Ludwig somehow “inspiring” rather than “grotesque,” to believe this massive hawk-nosed creature is “empowered” instead of “confused.”

To each his own. Sorry—”her” own. Or its own. If any of our male readers wants to insist that this is a woman, we insist that you fuck it on camera for us. We’ll pay you $10 in cold hard American cash. Any takers?

  1. I’d smash. But then again, I’ll smash anything that has a gaping hole. Sorry Jesus.

  2. cook says:

    absurd …yes. but from your description i expected to be disgusted. She seems sincere and honest so i found it hard to hate.

  3. Stogie says:

    Yes, this giant person is more of a castrated male than anything else…assuming he has had a sex change operation is not merely a “tranny,” someone who pretends to be of the opposite sex even though they haven’t had the castration operation. He/she is not inspiring of anything but pity, perhaps. I live close enough to Santa Clara that I could go watch him/her play, but I think I’ll pass.

  4. tw says:

    She sucks. Should be dominating like Buddy the Elf, but has about 8 points and 4 boards over 2 games.

    She needs to get her big ass in the paint – grab some boards and throw some elbows. Just ’cause she’s a woman doesn’t mean she has to play like a little girl.

  5. anon says:

    i agree with cook i guess, he/she? iss just doing his/her? own thing…seems like a nice enough person. whatever. i honestly found the weird hispanic dude and the omega male marketing guy to be much more abhorrent

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