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Benjamin Leo
• 09.29.10 12:00 pm

Check out these Christine O’Donnell quotes that you gotta admit you agree with.

WELL the latest witchhunt is on: Christine O’Donnell is even crazier than Sarah Palin, and the mediocre SNL skits are already a’streamin.

We liberals love having a new punching bag, but let me ask you a question: ain’tcha man enough to admit you agree with her on a lotta shit?

Here’s’s viral list of horrible hurtful shit that Christine O’Donnell has said – and while part of it is pretty fuckin insane, not all of it is that far-fetched!

Fuck it, some of the things she said are not only true, they’re refreshing; and saying this shit took more balls than Jim Goad hosting an eid feast.

Check ’em out: look past’s knee-jerk summary of each statement, (in bold) and make up your own mind about the validity of what she actually said.

Here it is – shit that Christine O’Donnell says, that YOU agree with:

1. O’Donnell excused gay bashing as ‘kids being kids.’
Asked about disparaging comments children had made about a gay peer, O’Donnell dismissed it, saying, “It’s kids being kids, that’s it.” [Hannity & Colmes, 7/19/00]

Gay BASHING? It doesn’t sound to me like O’Donnell was excusing violence – it sounds like she was commenting on kids calling someone a “fag.” Was that hurtful of those bullies? Of course; but you gotta admit that’s kids being kids.

2. O’Donnell warned there’s ‘a connection’ between ‘freak dancing’ and ‘date rape.’
You can’t go to school in a bikini. On one hand you have people saying this is squelching their freedom. And then you scratch your head and say, ‘Look over here. Date rape is such an epidemic. [O’Reilly Factor, 9/22/06]

Uh…AND?? How could anyone argue with this? Of COURSE freak dancing leads to date rape. Girls lettin’ guys get all up in their shit and then putting their knees into the guys’ crotches and letting them breathe deep of their sweet perfumed chests… and then they wanna go home and leave the guy blue-balled?

FUCK yea that’s a date rapin’.

3. O’Donnell believes women do not enjoy sex, using it only as a means to love.
“Women play sex to get love. Men play love to get sex.” [Fox News, 8/2/03]

Again, O’Donnell didn’t SAY the bolded part – that’s’s wack-ass misleading summary.

The part she actually said, Women play sex to get love. Men play love to get sex, is SO fucking wise it sounds like some dalai lama / Chris Rock shit.

4. O’Donnell doesn’t understand why gays get ‘upset’ when called ‘deviant.’
Asked if she could “understand why gays might be upset?” by someone calling homosexuality a “deviant sexual orientation,” O’Donnell replied, “Absolutely not. I cannot understand.” [Hannity & Colmes, 6/26/00]

I don’t get it either: Here’s the definition of deviant.

Homosexuality is not the NORM. It rules, and I love the cock as much as anyone, but dude – it’s not the NORM, and you can’t argue that it is. It DEVIATES.

5. O’Donnell believes Britney Spears is ‘dangerous.’
“Not only is she [Britney Spears] sending a dangerous message about sexuality to girls, but I think she’s setting the feminist movement back a bit, too, because she’s saying that sexuality is the core of our identity.” [Fox News, 11/15/03]

Oh, feminists, don’t you DARE front on this! If Ani DiFranco said the exact same thing you’d smoke a joint and pay $65 to hear it.

6. O’Donnell believes ‘Sex and the city’ is ‘very dangerous.’
“I think that this show is very dangerous, especially to the women’s movement. It’s no wonder people call it ‘Sluts in the City’ because it teaches young women to be whores, basically, to be used by men, to bed hop. And it ignores the fact that you know when you are treating sex like this that there’s shame, there’s loneliness that follows. And I think that the characters on this show are very revealing in that they long for a true relationship. They long for something meaningful in their lives.” [CNN, 6/1/01]

Bitch, please: Gavin posted on this in like ’08.

8. O’Donnell believes the proper role of a woman is to ’submit’ to her husband.
[CNN, 6/11/98]
C’mon, you can lie to girls, but you can’t lie to me: like YOU DON’T FUCKING AGREE WITH THIS?

9. O’Donnell has sworn off national media interviews for the remainder of her 2010 campaign.
“I’m not going to do any more national media,” she told Sean Hannity. “It’s off the table because that’s not going to help me get votes.” [Hannity, 9/21/10]

Why is this crazy? Sounds like a brilliant fucking strategy to me.

  1. dragler says:

    liberals are apaplectic however you spell it because they’ve finally gotten their dream right wing opponent and no one cares because of the economy. People would vote for a Nazi now if they were for lower taxes. and as the man with two first names points out some of this stuff is basically hipster/contrarian now anyway.

  2. f says:

    thanks a lot street boners i’ve become dumber from reading this

  3. dog says:

    Another stupid article written in embarrassing hipster slang by a child, attempting, poorly, to whip up a bit of controversy Gavin McInnes Style. The difference his that whilst he is intelligent, witty and a great writer, the author of this piece is simply a stupid bigot and probably a date rapist.

  4. DeadSerious says:

    I’m all for higher taxes,(for those making above a certain amount) taxes are too low right now, someone has to be the adult here and address the deficit. We should lower taxes when we’re out of this hole. And also, how can I believe any of this when they are all referenced from fox news, which went to court in 2003 for the ‘right-to-lie and spread misinformation’……And won! In a country as diverse as ours the last thing we need is a close-minded RW Govt that is against masturbation and pre-marital sex. Conservatives are lame, stay out of my incredible sex life!

  5. MPistol says:

    at this point I would vote for a bear

  6. Eine Kleine Arsemusik says:

    Subversive! If only you had a Breitbart-sized budget like James O’Keefe – who KNOWS what kind of shocking and contemptible liberal hypocrisy you’d expose!

  7. Drippy dog dix and cum bubbles or something says:

    @DeadSerious: Taxes are too low right now? Fuck off.

  8. snooki slitsman says:

    @dog hehehe the sc newfags are so funny. Gavin would probably be the first person to admit that Ben is a better writer than he is and certainly more intelligent

  9. You know, either way says:

    Careful, Ben. Leon is going to “ouch” you. I think that’s something that involves the butt, and a grown mam dressed in diapers.

  10. Dead Serious: 2 Young 2 Vote says:

    Unless Stephen Colbert is executing it, Liberal Hipsters cannot process humor because these are the people who made I Can Haz Cheeseburger relevant.

  11. You know, either way says:

    Oh, my god. Leon’s comment is gone. Presumably he no longer wants to ouch your face. Now I’ve got egg on me.

  12. You know, either way says:

    @Dead Serious
    I know, right? Nothing spells “liberal hipster” like goofy captions on picture of lil kitties! No one likes to defend (or admit to) hipsterism, but I think y’all got your demographics mixed up.

    But, shit, now I can’t decide whether to go watch some political satire, or look at a picture of a KITTY THAT HAS FALLING IN A BOWL OF MILE!! I love them both! But I only understand one. :(

  13. You know, either way says:


  14. chachi in charge says:

    “If Ani DiFranco said the exact same thing you’d smoke a joint and pay $65 to hear it.”

    Fucking win.

  15. Zippy says:

    We came close with W. Bush, but Palin or this O’Donnel will be our first retard president! Gabba, Gabba we accept you, we accept you’re one of us.

  16. ty says:

    Oh shit! It must be Wednesday and I must be stoned stupid again because I can’t find this “Leon” everybody is bonin’ up about.

    OK, anyway Ben, I’ll be the first to say I got dibs on producing, directing, and starring in the Christine O’Donnell, Sarah Palin, Michelle Baughman MILF-Squad powersuit groupsex POV video. Fuckin’ mine! Teabaggin’ MILFS™

    Republicans rule because of these three and everyone knows it. What do the Dems give us? Rosa DeLauro and Barbara Milkulski? No thanks, socialist Muslims. I like the progressive, feminist, batshit Republicans in 2010 and beyond.

    Sorry hippies.

  17. Mark says:

    And all that shit about masturbating being a sin… is it still a sin if I do it all over her face?

  18. Gnarles in Charge says:

    Props Ben Leo. Real talk, son.

  19. Don't Quit Your Day Job says:


    No, I don’t.

    But anyways, point taken. I do agree with some things the prude, anti-wanking, lies-about-studying-at-Oxford, thinks-mice-with-human-brains-are-real nutcase from Delaware has said. Doesn’t make the scales tip her way but it if makes you feel provocative to say so, be my guest.

  20. no.thanks. says:

    wow, bigger picture people bigger picture. I gather what Blognigger/B. Leo is trying to get at is that this post is not really about Christine O’donnell. The upper level idea that I picked up on addresses the idea/fact that within the realm of politics and reporting, what you are often fed is not always based in concrete truth. Unfortunately we live in a time where no one is forced to think or is encouraged to do any thinking, it is preferred if we merely reacted and jerked our knees.

    I get it dude, I get it. I’m still not going to like that bitch however.

  21. Loozer Boozer says:


  22. Brooklyn Tornado says:

    BeN is a god and haters eat the fatty dix. No more prisons.

  23. EricF says:


    Bonus points to nothanks, who reads the intention correctly but then fucks it all up by closing with “I still won’t like her tho.”

    No one likes her, dumbgook. Do you understand or don’t you?

  24. Professor Mudbutt says:

    She totes looks like Miley Cirus.

  25. dr.d says:

    that’s her “palin’s nailin me from behind with a strap-on!” face.

    get bent, bitch.

  26. Uncle Wah Wah says:

    She might be okay to rub one out to, but I don’t want her making decisions about war and the economy.

  27. horrible says:

    This article is horrible. You really need to start requiring a 4-year degree from a real college from your writers, these high-school drop outs aren’t cutting it.

  28. Danny Zuuuko says:

    Killed it.

  29. Steurgis says:

    Im voting for all these crazy bitches. Her Sarah Palin and that other crazy ass bitch running in Minnesota.

    I want to see America go crazy. I want someone to be nuked by 2012. Lets make this world more exciting.

  30. Papa Bear says:

    You guys insulting her are the liberal elite and just dont understand.

  31. Almost... says:

    You’re almost there, but not quite. This could’ve been one of those pieces from SBTVC or Taki that exposes the hypocrisy in the way the media portrays the Tea Party. However, this article just solidifies my opinion that Christine O’Donnell is a half-wit.

  32. Jesusio says:

    I’ll give him the Brittney Spears one. I was working at a porn store when she first came out. I got home and my three roommates were salivating over her video (back when MTV played music videos). Watched her do her thing, Director credit: Gregory Dark. Yes, The Dark Brothers. Now if you remember porn from the 80’s the The Dark Brothers were nasty motherfuckers. They KNEW sexual imagery. And now Gregory was whoring out America’s Newest Sweetheart. Genius.

  33. Danny Zuuuko says:


    You mean it could have been an unfunny neocon peace instead? We can only dream.

  34. aaaaaaaaaaaaaa says:

    what a gay little piece. im half expecting you to pull a stupid face and hold your arms up saying “i dont get it, i dont get it” after each point. then segue into a comedy routine about how you got your dick sucked in a car and how proud you are of being a catholic. this is literally Dane Cook-grade humour.

  35. frigidaire says:

    this “article” blows huge fucking chunks

  36. lemon says:

    #4 and #8 are retarded, #9 is a shitty excuse to avoid actual criticism and she fucking said that on fox news which is obviously national media, the rest are correct though

  37. JM says:

    Agree with 1, 4, 6, and 8. Six in particular is surpisingly coherent and I agree with every word of it. shocked that people continue to pretend that 8 isn’t true. how much more obvious could the ladies make it that 98% percent of them want nothing more than to submit and be dominated by a more powerful man. I don’t agree with 3, but it is coherent enough and could be something chris rock said.

    the comment boards for this and vice and some of the weirdest…can’t think of another board that is so largely comprised of tepid complaining about how lame the writers are. what’s frustrating is that the complaints are almost completely without specificity, examples, arguments, or whatever–i mean i’m genuinely interested in what commenters think is bad and what they think would be good. don’t people know what to expect from this crowd by now?

  38. nuttin like a date rapist writing a dumb article. way to waste everyone’s time. i think you had 1 1/2 good points in this.

    so you had one good idea and had to write a bunch of stupid shit in order to call it a post? delete this one.

    and its 2010 ani defranco is no longer relevant…. but thanks for thinking just because im a girl and think i should be treated equally that i wanna blow her.

    there’s a difference between making a point and trying to be funny. sometimes both these things are combined and its great. or sometimes things are neither and should never be posted on a decent blog i pay attention to.

  39. poopsmear says:

    fuck yeah! awesome post!

  40. ZOGISTAN says:

    gooo, what is your point? Just because something isn’t up to your standards, doesn’t mean it should be deleted. Just because you stop paying attention to something doesn’t mean we all have to forget it for your sake. Ani Defranco will never stop being a punchline, and Cristine O’Donnell won’t either. Try being funny yourself, and maybe attention will be paid to you some day.

  41. Blorb says:

    All I can do is picture putting my dick in her mouth.

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  43. noparentsnorulez says:

    ugh so i have t + a and i should apologize for it because christine o’donnell is scared for my lonely hopeless soul? fuck yourself streetcarnage.

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