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Benjamin Leo
• 09.30.10 12:00 pm

Front page of every paper this morning, even the Times: The guy pictured above hidden-cams his roommate sucking a cock, showing the whole world what a gigantic faggot he is; and the poor gay kid gets in trouble too.

Front page of every paper this morning, even the Times: The guy pictured above hidden-cams his roommate sucking a cock, showing the whole world what a gigantic faggot he is – and the poor gay kid gets in trouble too.

In fact, he KILLS himself.

It’s sad as hell, but not too hard to imagine why he jumped off a bridge: If the infamous Star Wars Kid had wielded a cock instead of a lightsaber and a billion more people could have potentially shared the video because of Twitter and Facebook, then maybe he and he alone would be qualified to imagine the impending hell that this poor kid sensed his life was about to become.

As for the assholes who were set to trash this shy teenager’s life: Sentencing time.

Here are the competing emotions We the Jury now must weigh:

1. Our desire for these kids to do 20 years in prison — not for vengeance, but to set a precedent. To do something so that even stupid fucking kids think twice before ruining people’s lives using this new internet death star we’ve created.

2. Our innate sense that it’s not REALLY fair for kids who pull fire alarms to be charged with murder just because the responding fire truck crashed into a Starbucks.

There’s a big difference in intent here: They’re not cold-blooded murderers. You can’t treat these kids the same as someone who points a gun and squeezes off a round into another man’s face.

3. Our desire to see the video.

VERDICT: Match the punishment for these guys’ eye-for-an-eye to their intent. Instead of 20 years in prison, make them circulate a YouTube apology that is forever linked to their names. Put them in Wikipedia and bar them from changing their names so that until the end of time, potential employers and spouses will drop their mice in horror upon typing their names into Google Instant.

Well, seems that’s already underway. Carry on!

R.I.P. Greg Girlaldo. A funnier and sweeter motherfucker you could not hope to meet.


  1. ty says:

    Is it Friday already? Jesus H! Busy fucking week on the GW Bridge thanks to Gordon Ramsey.

    Eye-for-an-eye punishment is the very best of the devil-horned Jew-law, Benji. That and the Hebrew Nationals.

    While my first thoughts for eye4eye punishment – as I told you in our illegally-broadcast and illicit iChats this morning – would be ?to let the chick blow me on YouPorn forever or until she’s old and fat? and I’m sick of her (and let the dude suck on you because you’re “the gay” in this bit, rite?).

    But that nonsense talk just takes away from the seriousness of this tragedy.

    I say if convicted of crimes, they should become “face-painted sad clowns of Trenton.”

    Maybe make them watch our special love videos, Benji…just sayin’

  2. hagenshape says:

    You can ruin someone’s life with the internet now. And eye-for-an-eye punishment for intent is perfect justice. You broke it down really well, good read. thanks

  3. EricF says:


    “You can’t treat these kids the same as someone who points a gun and squeezes off a round into another man’s face.”

    I see what you did there.

    R.I.P. Greg

  4. Vane$$a says:

    Personally, it warms my heart to see the Asian people assimilating so well into the American way of doing things. Tone down the guy’s skin color and round the chick’s eyes a bit, and voila, we’ve got two adequately sadistic, state college versions of Greg Marmalard and Mandy Pepperidge.

    And quit being such an asshole. You know as well as I do that it took a lot more to drive that kid TO the edge than it took on the part of his fellow students to drive him OVER the edge. If the “victim” had decent self-esteem in the first place, he would have lived to stab his roommate to death while he slept off a cheap beer buzz.

  5. God, this is terrible. Think of all the cocks that kid could have sucked if he hadn’t smoked himself. Someone should have sent him this:

  6. chachi in charge says:

    Yes they should fry.

    @Joe the Wizard
    bit ‘arsh? too soon

  7. No pun intended says:

    Blown out of proportion.

  8. chachi in charge says:

    @No pun intended

    a fucking kid died you asshole. You’re probably one of these white-hatted fuckin bridge and tunnel homophobe hipster wannabees go fuck yourself.

  9. dr.d says:

    Dharun Ravi: closet case of some sort. who goes out of their way to film man on man action? hey asshole, i’ve got a black preacher i’d like you to meet.

  10. Loozer Boozer says:

    Is 4Chan on these motherfuckers yet? Between Jew-Fro and Ping-Pong up there, there HAS to be some dirt to be dug and spread around. Or how about just ruining their credit and putting them on so they live the rest of their lives as dirt-poor sex offenders.

    RIP Giraldo. Like Patton said, I bet you’re roasting the fuck out of people in heaven right now.

  11. Tenacious Killer says:

    Going far enough to film a closet homosexual smoking pole is one thing, but posting it on THE INTERNET… are you out of your fucking mind!? The internet is in no way a ‘new’ aspect of everyday life, people’s lives and reputations are ruined daily on this mother fucker. Send these two sociopaths to jail.

  12. No pun intended says:


    Yeah, they literally pushed him off the bridge. People 18 years of age do this kind of shit all the time, gimme a break.

  13. Loozer Boozer says:

    No Pun Intended is a jock douchebag. Go surf you prick.

  14. chachi in charge says:

    @No pun intended

    Seriously, whats your point, he didn’t die because of them?

  15. No pun intended says:

    My point is that teenagers overreact, which leads me to suspect you all need a hobo to buy you beer. It sucks (again, no pun intended – come on, it’s the internet people) what happened to this kid, but he’s no Christ. His roommates were wrong to do what they did, but if that’s the reason why he offed himself, he’s even more wrong. I actually agree with Blognig… I mean Benjamin, this time.

  16. oj says:

    Wow, good read.

  17. kevin says:

    they knew exactly what they were doing. they’re smart asians right? how could they do anything stupid with their high SAT scores? they set out to ruin that kids life. I hope they die screaming.

  18. Zippy says:

    Forget the pole smoker and Gunga Din, any nude love making video of young Lotus blossom? She should be punished, grrrrrrr!

  19. Eine Kleine Arsemusik says:

    Nothing the legal system can do could match how epicly these two will be persona-non-grata’d for a long, long time. Sometimes justice really does kind of happen on its own. It’s a beautiful thing.

  20. chump says:


  21. Eine Kleine Arsemusik says:

    Hey heyyyyy sorry about that was trying to be clever but ended up saying the same thing as the post! I’m such an idjit

    Also, dicks

  22. Eine Kleine Arsemusik says:

    ^ Not me, but I’m flattered by the imitation, anonymous dipshit.

  23. chachi in charge says:

    @No pun intended

    I wanted to hate on you but that sounds fairly sane

  24. octavian says:

    fags burn straight people prosper i wanna that asian cunt

  25. Tenacious Killer says:

    ya i could use a drink from that little asian’s fuzzy cup

  26. Loozer Boozer says:

    The NY Post put both their names on the front page along with their pictures. Fuck their lives.

  27. @chachi in charge

    Nope. I meant that in a positive way. I encourage my gay friends to smoke as much pole as they can wrap their lips around.

  28. oj says:

    Yeah Joe, your gay friends, sure sure whatever.

  29. a sad clowed says:

    this was clearly the angle the deceased was going for when he took the leap, but i gotta say that this kind of shit has got to be going on in college dorm rooms around the nation and if this had been one frat brother filming his roommate going down on his girl he would have been greeted with high-fives. i do not think this was a hate crime and his roommate made an incredibly bad choice for the sake of a good laugh. when Jason Biggs did this in American Pie he unfortunately only managed to kill his career.

  30. No pun intended says:

    chachi, shut the fuck up

    Did they even break the law though? How can I be invading someone’s privacy if they’re giving people blowjobs IN MY ROOM?

  31. dr.d says:

    ^a good laugh? c’mon guy. you could maybe, maybe, pull this stunt with some bro you’ve known for years. not some gay roomie you’ve known for a few weeks at most. is there something inherently funny about two guys going at it? i don’t think so. all i know is, if riki tiki ravi pulled that shit on me, i’d beat his ass still he stopped looking like the brown version of kramer.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Benjammin Leo is on too much Ativan, imagine him without that?

  33. Anonymous says:


  34. a sad clowed says:

    agreed, it was in extremely bad taste in the first place, im just trying to say that it was perpetrated as an incredibly misguided joke at his roommate’s expense which is the oldest trick in the book, not a malicious attack or attempt to bully on his gay roommate. the times even quoted from the kid’s facebook having a favorite quote that re-adjusted the lyrics of that Katy Perry song, or something very similar. Mr. Shankar is a fucking dunce and we can all agree that his life is done for.

  35. This nonsense needs to stop says:

    Fuck that shit, yeah they should face some sort of punishment that drives home the consequences of their actions, which for no matter how you wanna dissect the kid’s mental state, drove him to his death. Plaxico Burress was a danger only to himself and got the maximum and will be denied early release or parole, cause Bloomburg demanded he be made an example of for political purposes. What makes the Asian and the Indian kid any different, they’ve got honorary white status? Which automatically gets you mercy?

  36. No pun intended says:

    ^^^a webcam is not a gun, you dumbass.

  37. Eine Kleine Arsemusik says:

    No pun intended might be retarded, but s/he’s right. No one’s getting charged for the kid’s death on a post-hoc accusation. Since they’re just suburban kids at Rutgers, not corporate sons and daughters going to NYU, they WILL probably be hit with the fullest extent of everything but.

  38. Danny Zuuuko says:

    Hahaha best comment is dr.d

  39. Pogi says:

    O o, Arv and Val are in big trouble

  40. Danny Zuuuko says:

    Hahahaha change my mind, Pogi for the mf win

  41. Frenchy says:

    anyone who knows a minority irl knows that they are the worst kind of closet-racist/homophobes there are. in private, they talk about white ppl and fags as if they were jews and it was “high time for a holocaust again”. when the sand nig and the gook bitch filmed that poor homosexual kid in the act of lovemaking and posted it online they committed a hate crime. they killed what seemed like a beautiful person. i hope that they die a death by a thousand cuts.

  42. geht's noch says:

    they didn’t kill the roommate, but doing something like video taping him having sex and then putting it up on the internet to humiliate him shows that they do not have the ability to empathize with other human beings. they need to be tossed into prison for reform.

    i don’t think they should be there for an inordinate amount of time (they didn’t pull the trigger, after all) but maybe a few years is enough to make them think about what it means to be human and why thrusting misery onto others is unacceptable.

  43. No pun intended says:

    Great, now Dave Navarro has voiced his opinion on the matter. Thanks a lot, everybody.

  44. Taeil says:

    Yeah those two people suck, but THINK about it. Not that I’m condoning what they did was right in anyway, but that redhead might have been a REAL shitty roommate for those two to conspire to do such a life destroying act if they aren’t complete sociopaths.

  45. Taeil says:

    And YES, people do mean shit like that all the time. Everyone knows somebody who got a condom stuffed up his ass when they passed out with shoes on.

  46. Taeil says:

    By the way, I love the comments on a moral high horse. Doesn’t this site post pictures of randoms ridiculing them on the internet? Never mind the fact this was started by a guy who created a media empire doing exactly the same thing. You guys are all guilty partaking in internet humiliation.

    You don’t know who might haven’t killed themselves on here after getting one kitten.

  47. Frenchy says:

    Taeil is a fag i hav found vido of him hasing sex w/ guy AHAHHAHAHAH
    look is funny

  48. Anonymous says:

    asians are such animals. give them time, they’ll kill us all and then chop us up like the family dog and serve us for dinner with glee. or gree.

  49. No pun intended says:

    For the record, i am fag myself o(^^o) (o^^)o

  50. suicide is for quitters says:

    if he videotaped his heterosexual roomate would he be charged with a hate crime?

  51. ZOGISTAN says:

    Hey ben leo, people have called you self-hating before, right? What would it take from somebody else to get you to act out any self-hatred you have? I’m not saying you should, but this kid didn’t kill himself because he was filmed, he didn’t like himself. He could have gotten his roommate in a lot of trouble and lived to enjoy his fame. These two will now be adopted as a cause selebre by those with more to hide. They might even get a reality show out of the deal.

  52. Ted Danson says:

    Gee, I wonder why this perpetrator was so eager to have a video of his roommate sucking a dick. Almost makes you think he might have something to hide himself.

  53. Collin Bullshit says:

    Two words. “Blanket Party”.

  54. Ka-nicky says:

    Talked about this last night with Sandy and Danny.

    They suggested making him suck a cock on video and sending it through the tubes. Not a bad idea except he’d be gagging and sick.

  55. Boll says:

    The nips not bad. I’d pop her eye out and scull bang her in a hot minute. As for jewfro mcpakiderm I’d make him take down so much vindaloo his ring piece would simply singe right off thus leaving a gaping pipe open and exposed to infection.

  56. Name says:

    ^^And yet if I say some girl has a big nose (latest hipster wife) my comment gets moderated. Fuck.

  57. 2manydumbasses says:

    This is yet another sad example of complete ignorance among our youth today. You would hope that two young educated students would have enough common sense to realize that many indviduals suffer from all sorts of mental instabilities and that more often than not it takes far less than a secretly filmed vid of someone sucking cock posted online for that person to kill him or herself. Evidently the kid was shy and did not make a ton of friends because only 3 fellow students actually claimed to know him personally. The roommate was obviously aware of this fact but chose to ignore the possibility that his roommate may have been struggling with all sorts of personal issues. The people on here who think it wasn’t reason enough “to off himself” have no idea of his circumstances or what may have awaited him following such exposure so they really shouldn’t comment on “degrees of wrongness.” For all we know he might have been facing a slew of ass kickings or his family rejecting him forever (things most normal people would certainly worry about). The point is the kids who did this are so fucking benighted they need therapy or a long term sentence, before they inadvertently kill someone else.

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  59. Billy Cox says:

    acctualllllly 4Chan decided to troll the gay kid’s memorial pages on facebook instead of attacking the 2 lovely individuals pictured above.

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