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• 04.07.13 09:00 pm

This howling Medusa screams at and belittles a group of generally placid and somewhat gelded “Men’s Rights Activists” last Thursday in Toronto.
Ladies, have you ever considered that sometimes “misogyny” is caused by your own unhinged behavior? No? Well, it’s time. Seriously. If you quit giving us reasons to hate you, maybe we wouldn’t hate you so much.



  1. grumpy old man says:

    she just needs a good rogering

  2. My girlfriend walked in while I was watching this video and said: “How come no one punches her in the face?” I love it.

  3. Hunter says:

    Everyone in this video is a mess.

  4. itchypeach says:

    that redheaded woman wants to be taken seriously and shes yelling and screaming and cursing..she gives feminists a bad name.

  5. are we not devo? says:

    could any person at a men’s rights “rally” (pro or con) NOT be a cunt (regardless of their sex organs)?

  6. raymi says:

    yelling discredits and distracts from the message as well a stupid haircut.

  7. jackytar says:

    Wow! What a nasty piece of trash. I’ve watched this several times now and am still astonished. How does someone like that make it through a day without being slapped hard across the face several times? It’s obvious that this her default way of speaking and not just a one time act for the camera. Wee have to turn this into some kind of feminist meme.

  8. zig says:

    I agree with grumpy, she needs a whole lot of big dick. More than once. In the same night. After dinner. Might wipe that frown off her face. Then again, it might be sewn on. She could be attractive is she just did something with her hair!

  9. Dildo Baggins says:

    Boogers are yummy.

  10. mmmmmmmuffins says:

    Bro is that the heroin pushups skid in the background????

  11. jizzbot says:

    she would give righteous gobbies

  12. pantagruel says:

    she’s reading a jezebel post, too. it’s not even her list

  13. jimchuck says:

    Yes, she is unpleasant.

    But also: Yes, MRAs are a complete joke.

  14. reo speedwagon in converse says:

    Dumb cunts, if I wasn’t already a misogynist I would have signed up after watching these harpies scream at each other. Go to Saudi Arabia if you want to bitch about ‘patriarchy’ you soft-bellied middle class Yankee art students.

  15. Nuke Toronto (I live here).

  16. ShabbaKranking says:

    ah fuck…its just toronto. everybody from there acts like that all the time.

  17. J-Roc N Friends says:

    getting feeling that both “sides” are fucking stupid…

  18. A Dad says:

    I love it. She has given MRA’s (more specifically the best gift possible.
    The only thing better would be for to issue a tearful apology on YouTube – with all her “sista’s” standing around her, but I’m not holding my breath.

  19. durka durka jihad says:

    Can you imagine a man telling a female protester to shut the fuck up over and over? he’d get charged with a hate crime.

  20. Jim says:

    I made it to 2:45!

  21. uhhh says:

    wow i literally could not listen to this horrid woman. giving a bad look to females everywhere. lady, nobody owes you shit. if you want people to stfu and listen to your list, try not being so nasty and having something to say worth hearing.

  22. el75 says:

    It appears that the lede has been buried here – the reason they were outside is because our redheaded friend pulled the fire alarm during the lecture they were putting on:

  23. Beef says:

    The amount of dandruff in this video is hilarious.

  24. Clovis says:

    Looks like someone pre-gamed with one too many vodka crans. I think that the atheist guy that el75 linked gets it right. We don’t dislike you because you’re a woman (or whatever). We dislike you because you lack charm.

  25. Jim Goad says:

    As I said a long time ago, it’s not the vaginas. It’s the monologues.

  26. El Duce II: Judgment Day says:

    in all seriousness here

  27. Dan Perrins says:

    ‘Somewhat gelded’ eh,
    No, my boys work just fine and are intact.
    Now what if I replied in kind to red?
    What if I had called her every damn dirty name in the book in a few languages?
    She was doing a wonderful job of hanging herself.
    And I have done nothing but sit back and watch people like you grill the shit out her for a few days now.
    I’ll let you in on a little secret young player, don’t deny someone the rope they ask for to hang themselves with.
    I’ll let you in on another little secret, you should see me on the protest line telling police where to go for not honouring their oath under S.45 of the police services act in which they are legally mandated to uphold freedom of speech freedom of association.
    Nor have you seen me in court.
    See those situations are where brass balls come in, when you stand up to those organizations, alone, without a lawyer.
    Not some screeching harpy.

    Dan Perrins.

  28. Michael Röhm says:

    I’m in love.

  29. Steve says:

    I can watch this over and over again:

  30. Bruce says:

    everyone just needs to get laid, even just a little bit. Jeez, you could cut the sexual frustration/tension with a blunt butter knife *The same one I used to stab myself in the liver after watching 3mins and 45seconds….

  31. Unca Mike says:

    I think she’s hot!

  32. Nergal says:

    “I think she’s hot!”

    Oh yeah, that harelip,dazed and dead-eyed expression, and the grating,shrieking,bloodcurdling “shut the fuck up” every five seconds send my boner into overdrive. But then again,I’m into necrophilia and fetishize amputated limbs (not the amputees,just the limbs) too,so maybe that explains the attraction.

  33. tdrag says:

    A hollow point right between the headlights. Problem solved.

  34. Celebrate Homogeneity says:

    They’re so cute when they get angry.

  35. Tonto says:

    To state the obvious, she is simply a vile cunt. That is all.

  36. HumpX says:

    Retweeded this video to the astonishment of many friends.

    More than anything, the one thing I’d like to say to her is….no……I’d LOVE to see someone smash her teeth in as hard as humanely possible.

    That’s just me though.

    Thanks cowboy,


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  38. rogerthat says:

    someone put a cock in her mouth. oh my what a beast

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