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Seth Macy
• 04.27.16 02:32 pm


The blowback against Neil deGrasse Tyson has picked up its pace and that’s great news for anyone who appreciates the joy of being alive.

Even Wired got in on the act, with a piece trashing the doctor for being an extraordinary bore, one who reduces everything beautiful and lovely to its blandest and most uninteresting.

Tyson is an expert at professionally boring everyone, but he does it with a sense of smugness that the rest of the Internet neckbeard collective can’t get enough of. He’s the living embodiment of reddit’s /r/atheism and /r/politics, a physical manifestation of the phrase “Um, actually.”

It’s really a delight to see people waking up to the lameness of scientists. Nerds belong in labs or basements, not as the subject of memes. Science is extraordinarily useful. Scientists are extraordinarily lame, but they make science, so they have worth to society. Somehow Tyson slipped out of the science part and society accepted it. “Oh cool, this science dude is talking about science!” was the common reaction for a while.

It couldn’t possibly last. I’ll give you an example from my own youth. In grade school, spontaneously and without explanation, our entire class accepted one of the greasiest nerds as normal. We let go our childhood prejudices, and found him to be funny and disarmingly charming.

But he got too comfortable, and went too far. Everyone was OK looking past his weird bell-bottom pants, but then he would eat cupcakes with the paper on, or drop a Dorito on the floor just to show everyone it didn’t gross him out to pick it up and eat it.

Tyson is that nerd who went to my elementary school. His dry and uninteresting take on everything is the same as eating a dirty Dorito: gross and off-putting. Go away, nerd!

The entire “skeptical movement” is filled with the same boring people who love to shit on everything right and lovely. They can’t shit on stuff that sucks, because then they’d need to shit all over themselves like some skeptic tubgirl. We need to stop listening to anything they say outside of the confines of laboratory settings. It’s like your favorite comedian spewing politics on Twitter. Shut the fuck up.

Probably 2% of these skeptic dweebs actually contribute to the advancement of anything useful. The rest are just friendless dorks who need something to lift their spirits after a lifetime of wedgies and ostracization. They glom onto skepticism so they can turn every argument into a discussion about logical fallacies. Here’s a rhetoric pro-tip: when you start talking about logical fallacies instead of the subject at hand, you don’t look smart. You magnify how annoying you are.

Since Neil deGrasse Tyson is the unofficial leader of friendless pedants everywhere, it’s great to see public sentiment turning against him. Go back to your planetarium and jerk off to some quasars, you fucking dweeb!


  1. Flesh Gordon says:

    He’s the token media manufactured AA negro “genuis” who is nothing more than a planetarium director — big fucking deal.
    Ever since Carl “billions and billions of stars” Sagan, the media looks for a charismatic egg head to be a go to spokesman.
    Now they need racial and sexual quotas filled so that a scientist of questionable accomplishment is graded on the Bell Curve. Enter Tyson.
    He’s the new celebrity scientist representing the tribal ballistics of spear-chuckers.
    At least Sagan had some bonafied credentials as a member of JPL’s Voyager Mission team. Tyson is just a lowly Negro who like his ancestor “Moonwatcher”, back in primeval Africa, raises his paw to the celestial objects just out of reach but for a tree high enough or a ladder tall enough to reach the Planetarium ceiling.
    The charade of his accomplishments and stature would be worth it if he truly inspired blacks to pursue intellectual knowledge rather than “Muh Dik.”

  2. Alec Leamas says:

    Isn’t his science job a half notch above running the Lazer Floyd show at the Planetarium?

    The Skeptics aren’t skeptics because they’re skeptical, they’re skeptics because they’re somewhere on the Autism spectrum and they realize that they can elicit a response if they shit all over the bonds of social cohesion – which they fundamentally don’t understand. They resent those “secret rules” that they can’t fathom, and which makes being good at football way more impressive to average Joes than being obsessed and really good at socially-isolating, flab-inducing video games (their thing).

    Passerby: “Aaachooo!”

    You: “God bless you!”

    Aspie/Skeptic: “Beep Boop Bop. Your Sky Fairy doesn’t exist and therefore can’t hear you and can’t bless anyone. Did you know that science says that a sneeze is the body’s way of expelling an irritant, which is evolution at work and not your imaginary friend in the sky, by the way. Hahaha! Your club says that some kinds of sex are bad and praises a virgin! It’s repressive and anti-sex!”

    You: “Well, you seem like a virgin yourself to me.”

    Aspie/Skeptic: ” . . .”

  3. Alec Leamas says:

    Regarding Tyson, while he’s definitely the AA Black Science Man picked as a counterpart to our Sainted Black President, like the latter he’s got to be at least smart enough to figure out that white Shitlibs like Chris Hayes don’t know enough about the science stuff to really appreciate what he says (which is mostly, “humans are dumb, except we who know that humans are dumb”)to understand that what the Shitlibs are responding to is the novelty of a black guy doing this stuff while anxiously maintaining the pretext that there are many more like him. Perhaps the only thing which allows him to put up with it is the fat cheese (that’s CH3CH2CH2-COOH to you science illiterates) rolling his way with his media popularity.

  4. Tanis says:

    Have to admit Michio Kaku is pretty dope though…

  5. frank says:

    Neil Tyson is best thought of as a creation of the NYC media. Because he doesn’t do real work and and happened to be in Manhattan, he was available to show up often in-studio as the “science man” for the vapid TV organizations.

    You see guys like this all the time. They’re quoted or interviewed on a subject not because they know a damn thing, but because they have free time and happen to live in NYC.

  6. Dad Religion says:

    This just in from glorified museum gift shop manager: “People don’t think the universe be like it is, but it do.”

  7. Mark Henry's Hand Baby says:

    Though both are a factor, I think his name deserves more credit for his fame than his blackness does. If his name was Reggie Brown, he’d just be a black guy at a planetarium.

  8. The Neutrinos Eternal Lightness of Being says:

    Michio Kaku is another blowhard know it all who opines like an expert on everything. This is a temptation for many celebrated experts who understand a tiny slice of human knowledge but who can’t resist using their celebrity and/or intellectual status due to that knowledge to fake their way into matters they’re not expert in. Not to be overlooked is the opportunity to be paid for these opinions.
    Michio may have started as a serious scientist but has now gone into crank speculation on some very fantastic ideas. He’s being rewarded with money and fame but he’s not to be taken seriously anymore.

  9. frank says:

    > Michio Kaku

    Another guy who just happened to be near the NYC tv studios.

    The fundamental problem here is that NYC is a fairly dumb city. You have a lot of people who aren’t very smart but think they are because they often have money. This infuses the national media, which is based there.

  10. Kram says:

    Can we add Jim Cantore to this ever growing list of pseudo science mega celebrities. The man who stands outside in the snow storms divorced his wife with Parkinson’s disease.

  11. Wiener Von Brawn says:

    Add Bill Nye to the list of diarrhea of the mouth guys. This “genius” compared Climage Change and its skeptics to terrorism, to add to the previous Leftist slur of “deniers” with its Holocaust implication. He’s also made an argument for abortion on a scientific basis that’s positively autistic. I Look forward to his coming defense of Eugenics based on preventing Right-wing child birth.
    Lack of humility and seeking the spotlight undermines the alleged quest for truth these secular priests claim to pursue.

  12. Your daughters next boyfriend says:

    Some racist shit on this blog. I’m sure Tyson gots more smarts in his Ass crack than all you crackers put together. You all are threatened by a smart black man and think using big words makes you smart. This blog is a tiny little echo chamber of like minded droolers and knuckle draggers with too much unemployed time on your Asses. Get up and go dig one of Obama’s shovel ready jobs, booooyz.

  13. Vicki says:

    He’s a mere actor, and affirmative action science spokesman:

  14. John Thomas says:

    Funny how these skeptic guys are cool unless you’re skeptical of anything they say (see: climate change).

  15. John Thomas says:

    How did Michio Kaku manage to land a gig as a token? We already knew Asians were smart.

  16. Hop Sing says:

    Physician heal thyself.
    It was foretold in his fortune cookie.

  17. Neil deGrasse Tyson says:


  18. ChiTownPlayaHater says:

    ^Hop Sing
    You self-hating chink.

  19. Angelo Dummy says:

    Tyson be the apex of Homo-Negroid evolution. Unfortunately it’s the AA-DNA that gives him his relative smarts. High Yellow injections from Massa blood turned a certain % of West African slaves into parrot like imitations of humans. When you look at a pure 100% specimen of Congo groid like a Harriet Tubman you are face to face with unadulterated authentic Negro. These half-breeds are examples of animal husbandry just like the great but misunderstood anthropologist “Jimmy the Greek” explained.
    Let’s celebrate this freak of nature Tyson and remember his greatest fights when we think of our simian cousins!!!

  20. John Thomas says:

    Really, you deleted that? How am I supposed to know whether “You’re daughter’s next boyfriend” is one of your friends or just a white girl pretending to be a black guy?

  21. Kibbutz Mayhem says:

    Ha ha tee hee welcome to the club. Can you blame him. Even if it’s an overreaction It’s not as if he hasn’t been conditioned by certain eruptions of sheer lunacy. Certainly you’re aware my dear fellow. We must behave.

  22. OogaBooga says:

    Fags are still posting under other guy’s name, I hear.. Soooo gay.

  23. gran mer dada says:

    Well but at least Tyson’s some sort of a scientist in the first place.
    Wanna talk assholes who need to be bullied into oblivion? Anthony Bourdain.
    That douche is a fucking cook and he “tackles” everything a cook (and most people) should just stfu about: the Rust Belt decay, organized crime and whichever social issue is considered trendy.
    He’s the perfect example of the current era, ANYBODY who’s slightly known starts the believe that he/she has carte blanche to give their 2 cents on everything.
    When I read (it was an ad on yahoo I don’t look for the guy) that he went to Gaza, of all places!, and was contributing to the Israeli-Palestinain issue I felt the urge to shout at my laptop: “GO MAKING KEBOBS YOU MORON”.

  24. gran mer dada says:

    I’m from Quebec.
    I’m passionate.
    I can’t spell.

  25. gran mer dada says:

    Even thinking of him upsets me and makes me write like shit

  26. Kram says:

    We must also list the insufferable Bill Maher. Former comedian now a smug expert on everything

  27. John Wayne Gacey says:

    It speaks to the matter of identity. How many names can dance on the head of a needle. Age old theological question that monks and rabbis with lots of time on their hands pondered.
    It also reminds one of the demon called legion who was commanded by our Lord to vacate a poor possessed soul. Talk about overcrowding. And that my friend is why these celebrity “experts”/commentators are the equivalent in that they impersonate within themselves so many roles which they know nothing about, but by sheer deceit convince the unsuspecting that they are greater than the sum of their parts. The Tysons and his equivalent in the blog-o-sphere are frauds but quite entertaining to those who enjoy solitaire monologues.
    The dull mind has a quill of lazy slurs that land short and limp. Toodles.

  28. John Thomas says:

    Thomas Sowell has a book on this.

  29. Bozo says:

    Sowell the proverbial IKAGO and 1% of 1%.
    Hint: Cloaked meaning meant to address the criticism.

  30. Samantha says:

    GAVIN please do a response to Bill Nye’s bullshit planned parenthood propaganda video…also, I think it’d be very interesting to see you do an interview with Bishop Barron (word on fire). Love you!

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  32. LOL says:

    Really good writing Seth. The one-liners were awesome. You know which ones they were. (also can’t b arsed copy pasting – you know how it is)

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