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• 12.23.09 09:59 am

Next month’s V Magazine will feature a face-off between plus-size model Crystal Renn and lean rival, Jacquelyn Jablonski.

Next month’s V Magazine will feature a face-off between plus-size model Crystal Renn and lean rival, Jacquelyn Jablonski. Although both women have some common features, such as their 5’9 stature and long dark hair, Renn is a size 16 12 [thanks, marilyn] while Jablonski is at fashion-industry standard (probably a 0). The spread features both models donning the same outfits and the results are pretty impressive. Honestly, Renn wins a couple of these face-offs with her curvy figure making you want to eat those thighs.


PS: I thought this picture was boring when I first saw it but I couldn’t stop thinking about it for weeks. The National Average one is irrelevant because midwestern fatsos skew the “figures” but how about the part where women’s ideal is not the male’s ideal? Who are they trying to please?

  1. N8 says:

    Renn looks like way more fun

  2. homeless. says:

    i want her to crush my head between those thick thighs!

  3. johnGEE says:

    ill take PLUS please

  4. thrillhouse says:

    she looks like a crumb drawing

  5. JuCIFEUR says:

    yep MEAT, gotta have that MEAT

  6. Wack-boy says:

    Those socks are terrible.

  7. Anonymous says:

    misleading headline. should’ve said “thin versus fat” and what a surprise that all the guys here would want the heiffer.

  8. marilyn says:

    Article says she’s a British Size 16, which is more like a 12 here. So what, they’re both photoshopped.

  9. Beefy McManstick says:

    I’d be more interested if the pictures didn’t make them look shiny and stupid-looking. I mean, do we really need more coked-out models with sweaty, shiny faces? No.

  10. what says:

    am i the only one who likes skinny bitches? come on.

  11. ha says:

    @ anonymous misleading headline, really, don’t be mad @ her because u haven’t eaten in a month!Big or thin we all need love

  12. no.thanks. says:

    peep game, skinny bitches aint shit.
    fat girls are nasty too.
    now that that is established, any homosexual that thinks the size 12 model is fat needs an greased cock teasing their asshole.

    that said……this shit is boring. let me tell you why, first of all, T. Richardson aint your team, so this is like saying “want to see some hot pictures of my ex girlfriend on her honeymoon?”
    Secondly, I would bet good American Money that 80% of guys (worldwide) would go for the size 12 girl if they saw both women in real life. I dont know if any of you have been around models/size 0 women but its pretty pathetic. It’s like being around a pretty gay twink that just might happen to posses a vagina. Sorry naturally skinny women, there is just nothing about you at all that comes off as feminine. Good luck with the uber dry vag.

    (i think super skinny girls have dry vag’s…….dont ask me why, I just do)

  13. no.thanks. says:

    oh yeah, about the whole size 12 vs size 8 vs size 16 thing…….lot of people in the world are retards.
    There are more women in the world than men overall so by default there are more girl-tards than anything else.


    There may be more women in the world than men, however the standard deviation of IQ is greater in men (i.e. more really stupids and really smarts). Therefore, there are probably more man-tards in the world.

  15. Beefy McManstick says:

    Standard deviations exist on both sides of the average, genius. A larger standard deviation means a more evenly distributed sample. Is that what you mean? Or do you mean that the average IQ in men is lower than that of women? I think that’s what you mean; try to make sense next time.


    I mean what I said. Re-read that shit, fool.

  17. World War Drew says:

    they’re trying to please fags, duh.

  18. quadruple x says:

    Cool idea. I thought the bigger one was leading by a nose until the last spread. That lifting the shoulder move just cost her a thousand points. SKINNY WINS. AS ALWAYS.

  19. Clayton. says:

    Gimme the fat one. And a cheeseburger.

  20. dan dizzle dan says:

    Plus-size wins, every shot. boner time.

  21. imyar says:

    i think they both look lame and rendered my flaccid and yes that women’s ideal vs what mean want is total bullshit. why would men want a doughy lumpy ass over that hot toned tanned bod? LIES.

  22. Vane$$a says:

    renn doesnt look that good by far in real life. they photoshopped her to death so it doesnt count – still i like her better. – and its true she looks like crumbs wet dream.

  23. waaaaaaaaaaaaat says:

    the image at the bottom is british, right? so take all those sizes down by 4.
    it’s size 8, 4 and 12.

  24. you says:

    would bang caroline

  25. Beef says:

    I need ’em bigger.

  26. ew says:

    NO FAT CHICKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    HOW MANY TIMES MUST I SAY THIS!!!! BMI OVER 20 =VOMIT X 1000000000000000000000000000!!!

  27. moosewood says:

    Yeah in that particular photoshoot, bigger bird wins but that’s just because the other one is too skinny. But in the bottom picture Mrs. 8 wins for sure. In most cases, I’m much more turned on by slim girls. I think what they mean by “men’s ideal” is “average minimum standard for fucking”.

  28. flynn says:

    I agree with moose. The “men’s ideal” is a real Trunchbull

  29. Beef says:

    National average and beyond for me. I wanna feel like I might die during a facesitting session.

  30. streetbummers says:

    Plus size is looking like a Robert Crumb fantasy. Wanna piggyback ride.

  31. nuh-uh no way says:

    The plus-size not only looks better in the shoot, she looks like shes both way more fun and lightyears beyond the skinny girl in the sack. The last photo? look at her pullin up that skirt and giving the gasm-face. Skinny broad doesnt look comfortable, much less sexy.

    She isn’t even a BIG lady. BIG ladies would have nasty beerguts and pendulum titties in those outfits. This is a comparison between a sharp-edged zero and a soft, grabbable 12

  32. a4awesome says:

    Renn for sure looks hotter even if she is photoshopped. Also how old are those other pictures of Renn, she may have lost weight. But Jacquelyn is great at making me pay attention to the clothes.

    P.s. I say let those ladies in America be a 12 or whatever plus size it is. Less competition (for those who want slender gals) in the mating game na’ mean.

  33. Vane$$a says:

    its funny how on those blog-comment things guys keep posting that big girls rock, and what theyd do to their voluptuous bodies, when in real life skinny minnies are defs the ones who get the most attention especially in hipster-scenes

  34. total fucking hippie says:

    Renn is hotter but not by much a crumb drawing? fucking hardly she doesn’t even really have curves thick thighs are you fucking serious? not only are they not thick they are fucking weak and toneless

    crumb drawing

    really crumb girl

    Am I like this because I grew up around blacks?

  35. Poo say says:

    ^ word ne$$a
    renn looks hotter but be real guys
    seems like renn wins in the “i’d def fuck” category
    but JJ is the one you’d want to be seen with.

  36. total fucking hippie says:

    wow I got censored and right after I voted for gavin

    was it for this

    or this

    because she still doesn’t look like a crumb girl faggots

  37. total fucking hippie says:

    ok now after I posted stupid shit again my post is back sorry i suck

  38. mouf breather says:

    Okay. This is what I don’t get. It’s not a skinny chick vs. curvy chick thing. I’m sooooo fucking sick of people talking about models like they are oppressing standards of beauty. The 90’s are over! The age of the supermodel is over. The whole point of high fashion modeling TODAY is to let the clothes be the focus. Models are walking hangers so the consumer isn’t destracted by how sexy she is. I mean, curves=sex appeal. That’s why girls with T&A may be seen as vulgar when they where some skimpy shit. If you see a skeletor wearing it, the first thing you think is “cool frock.”

    The skinny bitch is a better model (you see the clothes), and Renn is a better piece of ass. END.OF.STORY.

    And umm, perhaps the other thing is age. Because so many models are so young, curvier fashion models would make the industry no more than pornography.

  39. The Answer says:

    Duh, we would all obviously fuck both of them. Guys are saying they prefer the fatty because it would take twice as much effort to get with the skinny (hotter) girl. Dudes are lazy.

  40. Beef says:

    It’s funny how girls will never understand the minds of men and they just base their assumptions on absolute nonsense and very poor perceptions of the world around them. Focus on handbags and we’ll focus on being awesome.

  41. man says:

    I don’t give a shit about any of this but if someone doesn’t give Tille my number, I’m gonna burn you all to the fucking ground. Also, my “ideal” isn’t an ugly chick with her hair tied up in a bun. Christ.

  42. gregor says:

    women -here’s all you need to know about body image -the vast majority of dudes will gladly fuck the shit out of anything with a heartbeat and a limb*.

    *not manditory

  43. Lady Friend says:

    Fat girls look like theyre having more fun than skinny girls. They just have more energy.

    But fat girls have all those issues and thin-resentment.

  44. xina says:

    this entire article is offensive, but this takes the cake: but how about the part where women’s ideal is not the male’s ideal? Who are they trying to please? THEMSELVES, ASSHOLE, THEY ARE TRYING TO PLEASE THEMSELVES. god forbid a woman do anything other than try to please a man with her appearance. oh and many women prefer women to men, too. you are a pinhead.

  45. Vane$$a for Real says:

    I’d dick down any choice, front-line cheeseburger fattie in a heartbeat. My fattie fucking schedule goes as follows: First, slam the snatch combined with a choke fuck, move over to the poo poo to get juiced, then finish in her pie-hole. Remember, they’ll snack on anything that even slightly resembles chocolate. Regarding skinny chicks, I like to get them all hot and bothered only to bring the pain by denying them the dick. As they sob, I taunt them for being stupid enough to try and impress their fellow females, i.e. the bitches who don’t pay the bills. I also tell them that unless they increase the cushion, they’ll wind up bone dry fag hags riding washer/dryers while their hubbies are off smoking poles in pink lingerie. Fattie for the win.

  46. miss appalachian says:

    the big girl is so much hotter. 100 times hotter.

  47. riv randall says:

    i don’t understand how the tan chick in the middle is a size 8. is that british sizing or something? she looks like an american 4 or 6 tops. or is it just the tan?

  48. yacki says:

    caroline, size 16, looks like a chubby fergie.

  49. Bottom line, if she’s hot, who cares if she’s packing a few.

  50. Ted Danson says:

    This photoshoot is like some magic eye shit – you cover either girl up and the other looks great, but see them together and it’s confusing and weird. I say they both look good in different ways – the thinner model wears the clothes well, but the larger one looks DTF.

  51. KESHY says:

    why must it always be one extreme or the other?

    what about inbetweeners?

  52. am a girl says:

    i’ve seen that ideal sizes thing before and it’s a british poll. which means that that’s the uk national average and that all those sizes are different from us sizes.

  53. Anonymous says:

    the unfair thing about the naked picture is the the skinniest one is just the hottest one all around, face, everything. i call misdeal.

  54. Vane$$a for Real says:

    I love how this whole body size debate is man’s revenge against women for the penis size thing. Or is it vice versa?

  55. Vane$$a for Real says:

    why do you keep moderating my comments? whatever happened to 100% censorship free?

  56. The Spelunker says:

    the thighs win. the prize is boners.

  57. Cunt Baws says:

    I take it by “Men’s Ideal” they actually mean “Pig-Faced Skank”. And that “plus-sized” model in the main article is anything but the sort. I’m seen more fat on a pork chop! What a load of shite.

  58. NATE says:

    It’s all well and good to look at them, but honestly, if the pussy’s not kosher, then what’s the point?


    I like the larger ladies but that being said anyone who find’s me attractive is good enough.

  60. Sergian says:

    I’ll take Tillie there any day of the week.

  61. efffat says:

    here’s what is unattractive to me. the health issues that come along with being a voluptuous woman, and how men seem to love having junk in the trunk and DD’s. well it’s not healthy. maybe women do this for themselves so that in the end they don’t have a heart attack or end up with diabetes.

  62. general surgen says:

    ok so both girls are attractive. The skinner one looks awkward in all of the shots since she is all limbs. The more realistic sized girl shows people what an average sized person would look like. If everyone learned how to dress, size really wouldn’t be an issue. You can look beautiful no matter what clothes you wear. Runway models, Models, and Super Ultra models get paid to be skinny and work out all day long. Us mere mortals have lives that can not fit a five hour work out. Efffat real skinny girls also can face health problems such as anorexia and bulimia and a bunch of other heart problems too.

  63. marrd says:

    why does it matter? if you want to be fat be fat. If you don’t then don’t. Not a big deal. To people complaining about obesity as an issue? Get over it. Its not your body. If someone wants be eat what they want and die 10 years younger let them. Its their prerogative. Not your’s.

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