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• 10.26.16 04:00 pm

The “Black Jeopardy” skit on the most recent episode of Saturday Night Live shows that America¬†finally gets it.

  1. TWalsh2 says:

    One of the better ones done by SNL recently, obviously a low hurdle. I’ve never seen a redneck back down from a black dude though. We grew up with ’em, played football, baseball, basketball with ’em, partied with ’em – still do for the most part(went fishing the other day with twelve pact of High Life and joint of homegrown with a black dude I’ve known for 30 years). They’re not some exotic beings due awe and reverence, they’re our neighbors, friends, co-workers, kids’ coaches, kid’s teachers, etc, etc, etc. Same as we are to them.

  2. Jimmy the Geek says:

    Gee, you make them look human. Meanwhile in realville……..

  3. raymi says:


  4. Dave says:

    Now for some words of wisdom:

  5. Sheriff Arpaio for Chief of Border Patrol Committee says:

    Ah yes a blast from the past. Thanks Dave. Crazy thing is that easily mocked racist redneck was right. The big arrogant obnoxious New York Jew acted according to stereotype and the black Muslim sow was just as stupid as they come. Poor studdering John was Howards inside goy joke to amuse his fellow kikes with. It must scare the wrinkles on the 6 noses to see the rise of the Alt Right after decades of having fun with the few buffonish backwoods hillbillies they could find and call the 2nd coming of Hitler. This movement, even if not organized, is nothing they can easily turn into SPLC propaganda, and unlike the mythical legions of KKK out terrorizing poor church going black folk they claim even to this day, these enemies are for real, not false ops, and very capable communicators in the art of persuasion and agit prop – thank you Saul Alinsky.

  6. Jeb's Bush Wears The Britches. says:

    Get what ? That skit (the entire skit) was more of the same dumb Southern Redneckus Ignoramis except they were able to make it seem more “fair and balanced” by showing that poor downtrodden blacks have a lot in common with the racist scum bags. The underlying subtext was that the bigots shouldn’t be thinking they are so high and mighty when in fact they’re nothing but a bunch of inbred Forrest Gumps who sound stupid but have no excuse cuz they have Whitey privilege. Oh I know they didn’t just come out and say that, but that’s the way blacks get it and if you don’t think so then you just might be a Cuck.

  7. JR Wirth says:

    Let’s mock and stereotype the Trump supporter. And how would a Hillary Clinton supporter be mocked by SNL? She wouldn’t.

  8. Bling Bling for Ho's Tyrone says:

    Black jeopardy would have the answers in the Urban dictionary and be spoken in Ebonics. Instead of Alex it would be Tyrone. The days winners can boast all they want and twerk in the faces of the losers. This show would be a winner in today’s idiocracy and would out parody SNL in keeping it REAL. Even Wiggers would be allowed as contestants so long as they wear black face. The audience will scream World Star every time a contestant gets the right answer. The wrong answer gets a resounding round of “dumb Ass nigga!” Tyrone aka Alex, the World’s smartest nigger starts and ends each show with a grab of his crotch and screams “bitcheeeees!!!”

  9. Greg Gutfeld and Shep Shepard are Gerbils who live in Murdoch's ASSHOLE. says:

    ^Jeb’s Bush
    It’s official, Gavin’s a Cuck. Too think that SNL skit was positive when it was in fact a big FUCK YOU to Trump supporters, and was the equivalent to Hillary’s Deplorables, is yet again another proof that Gavin is a irredeemable CUCK.

  10. Zaman Fu says:

    People who yammer on and on about “cucks” are the fucking worst. Go to hell you POS’s.

  11. Turd from Hell says:

    ^Back at you bitch! Now pull your face outta my crotch – Cuck!

  12. Pat says:

    Can Gavin even vote?
    I swear, if it turns out that he’s been living here long enough to turn his green card into a passport but hasn’t done it yet, then his Cuckness will be confirmed and undeniable.

  13. Pheobe says:

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