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• 08.24.17 12:42 pm

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This will be my last column for Takimag. It’s been almost exactly ten years at about 1,000 words a week. That’s half a million words or the equivalent of half a dozen books. I’m so thankful to Taki and his daughter, Mandolyna, for giving me the opportunity to make better and better columns. The early ones are so bad, I’m glad they’re offline. More here

  1. JewsRock says:

    So you left Taki, Compound and Rebel – to go somewhere that you cannot even swear or say whatever you want?

    Hope the money is REALLY good.

  2. Waskior says:

    Oh Gavin is going to swear plenty at his new job – swear that Judaism is the greatest religion in the history of the planet!

  3. Disinterested Third Party says:

    Okay, catch me up here. What is “Taki”, the George Takei fan club newsletter?

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