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Christi Bradnox
• 12.16.08 04:50 pm

This guy named his kid Adolf Hitler Campbell which is fine if you live on a different planet 300 years ago, but here on earth, they’re running into some problems. For example,

This guy named his kid Adolf Hitler Campbell which is fine if you live on a different planet 300 years ago, but here on earth, they’re running into some problems. For example, the local grocery store refused to make a cake that said “Happy Birthday Adolf Hitler” for the toddler’s third birthday. The father says he is not phased by this and points out that as long as his son avoids dealing with banks, money, the media, movies, comedy, and the military industrial complex, he’ll be just fine.

Here’s some pics from their home.


There’s a Nazi skeleton escaping from inside my car door.

Again with the backwards swastika. Wait, there’s a cover-up next to it. What could this guy possibly be covering up? He named his kid Adolf motherfucking Hitler!

See? It’s true.

  1. At first I thought this was just some stupid libertarian trying to show how America isn’t truly free. But I guess he’s a neo-nazi? Isn’t the backwards swastika thing from India or some shit? Need more data.

  2. An Idaho Senate candidate legally changed his name to Pro-Life so his name will appear that way on the ballot:

    There’s also this kid that kid in England who changed his name to: Captain Fantastic Faster Than Superman Spiderman Batman Wolverine Hulk And The Flash Combined.

  3. Loomis says:

    Here’s my theory with the swastika: he makes them all backwards because the sticker on his car is backwards and he figures that must be right because it’s a sticker made by a company and they don’t fuck up that kind of stuff. You with me?
    Ok, now, the sticker company fucked it up because they’re made in China somewhere and the workers there see backwards swastikas every day. In Taiwan it’s how you know where the Buddhist restaurants (veg) are. So they workers there may have gotten the correct swastika in the sketches or whatever and “corrected” it themselves. Nobody fixed it because nobody noticed. And on we go.

  4. Michael says:

    The caption from the second photo is priceless.

    “Young Adolf Hitler Campbell will be getting a cake from Wal-Mart this year.”

  5. Vane$$a says:

    Uhhh, what’s a backwards Swastika? Call me an idiot, but I always thought that Swastikas were like circles, the message is the same no matter how you look at them. Oh well, at least he has a birth certificate.

  6. @ Loomis: You sir, are a detective. Good day.

  7. Beefy McManstick says:

    retards. all of you.
    Beefy McManstick out.

  8. j gilmour says:

    Nazi dads suck. Still, I don’t hate him for giving his kid a shit name. I hate him because he will be the subject of some cry-baby segment about ” race in America ” on CNN. Thanks Von-Asshole.

  9. imbored says:

    in the photos in the link he has a swastika on a WWII poster that is not the backwards buddist one. You’d think he’d figure it out.

  10. RD says:

    Who gives a shit. Anyone who cares about nazis is already dead. Must have been a slow newsday in Brooklyn

  11. Jim Goad says:

    The “Campbell” at the end tends to ruin the effect. Makes it sound like a Nazi-flavored soup.

  12. Jetpack says:

    Of course he’s not married to his child’s mother. Broken homes, broken dreams. And Nazism.

  13. Kronster says:

    2 words FUCKING DICK.
    The amount of shit that kid will get is off the scale,my brothers name is Gideon and he got so much shit that in the end he told everyone in his new school his name was STEVE.
    My brother is a dick though

  14. srsly says:

    I for one hope for a day where we can reach consensus on what is, and constitutes, a proper swastika and move forward from there- this is important stuff!

    thank you little adolf hitler thank you!

  15. ew says:

    i like how there’s a can of campbell’s tomato soup behind the ties in nicely.

  16. Mark says:

    Re: the backwards swastika – this douchetard is either making some sort of “iconoclastic statement” or he is so fucking stupid that he can’t even get his offensive symbols right.

    By the time that kid is able to beat the shit out of his loser dad, that fuck-head father will be sitting incoherently in a pile of his own shit at some retirement home for aging nazi fucks. By that point, pounding the fuck out of daddy will be useless.

  17. zeb. says:


    Useless, but probably still sublimely pleasant. You know this kid is gonna be either raw as shit or a next level genius, mostly thanks to his name.

  18. Cap'n Glitterfuzz says:

    Is that a fucking VCR?

  19. dominic says:

    see the mantlepiece, above the VCR, dude’s got one of those lighters in the shape of a hand flippin’ the middle finger.

    I guess they’re his Totem Objects Of Power

  20. Mark says:

    I’m trying to think of some positive alternative name choices for Heath to call his son in case he is forced to change young Adolf’s name for legal reasons:
    Here’s a few possibilities:

    Rape Me Campbell

    Fuck Your Mother Campbell

    My Father Got Passed Around The Jail Cell Campbell

    Hey Shithead Campbell

    A Boy Named Cunt Campbell

    Ellen (Sue is already taken)

  21. Vane$$a says:

    Hatred of Nazis is about as played as Nazis themselves. Don’t we have more modern genocidal fish to fry? Can’t think of anything else to say? Talk shit about Nazis. zzzzzzz…

  22. Rhiannon says:

    Swastika’s used to have really good connotations and were used in a lot of religions, Hitler saw his first swastika in a church and thought it’d be a great logo i guess. so… where its from.

  23. of course he's from NJ says:

    You misspelled Adolf motherfucking Hitler.

  24. of course he's from NJ says:

    and the children should be punished for the Holocaust.

  25. Cap'n Glitterfuzz says:


    The pool is shallow and you’re well aware of it. The cynical nightmare you so frequently embody best enjoy itself some Nazi bashing.

  26. Assron Melmac says:

    What kind of self respecting neo-nazi can’t make their own cake? What a gay man.

  27. Mike Farmer says:

    I can’t help but think about the fact that GG Allin’s birth name was “Jesus Christ Allin”. I see this kid in that mold except instead of punching women and throwing shit, he plays recorder and does macrame.

  28. Funny says:

    That sticker is totally ripping off the powell ripper logo and I had no clue neo nazis play wii. Maybe because it’s the only game console that’s pure white? I don’t know maybe they like the hula hoop game.

  29. You know, I do see a resemblance.

  30. srsly says:

    nazi’s like to play the wii? but still have vcrs?

  31. Todd says:

    Holy shit that kid lives in Raritan Twnshp…. like 15 minutes from where I grew up

  32. Vane$$a says:

    Oh Glitterfuzz, you’re always so dead on with your analyses, especially if you apply them to your saucy self.

  33. Mr. Dark says:

    I say the kid grows up to become the Chancellor of a central European republic.

    Daddy love.

  34. ILsa says:

    This poor child would have been better off aborted than dealt the poor fate of being raised by his cuntcock of a father.

  35. idk says:

    am I a nazi sympathizer? that dagger tattoo is wicked bad 4real. I really hope he’s got a Tazmanian Devil tattoo somewhere.

  36. happy mondays says:

    looks like that germs poster without the mohawk.

  37. dom says:

    that kid is WHITE!

  38. ask and you shall shut up says:

    vanessa, you’re an idiot. and what’s worse you’re a total dog and you made up a schizo brother cos you have, like, ZEERO personality. do die!

  39. lol says:

    this actually happened in my county (Hunterdon, New Jersey). They are currently sueing the Shop-Rite for denying them. Sometimes I wish we did live in a totalitarian government just so we can tell people like this what fucking scum they are. At the same time, if we treat some people as scum then we open ourselves up to being treated the same. So I guess we gotta placate these fucking Kraut mother fuckers. I’m gonna go play with my WWII tanks and blow up some Tigers

  40. homeless says:

    i’m with loomis on this one.

  41. Vane$$a says:

    This post is nothing more than subtle advertising for Valkyrie, designed to make you feel that spending $15 on a piece of shit movie “is just as important now as it was back in 1933.” Every last one of you is brilliant. I stand in awe before the unvarnished sanctity of your modern minds.

  42. @Vane$$a says:


  43. Ty-Juan Brisbee says:

    I name my pit-bull Mugabe. What the fuck you white hipster ass gonna do about it? Get mad? You even know who Mugabe be? No.

  44. Elle says:

    What a stupid thing to do.

  45. SEPT POL says:

    @ Assron Melmac, seriously, if he wants a cake with a swastika & “happy birthday Adolph Hitler,” why the fuck doesn’t he learn cake decorating & do it himself? But he makes these cake requests because he knows it annoys people. This dude is trollin’ — with his own kids!

  46. Kronster says:

    These people should not be allowed to procreate.

  47. lol says:

    I spy with my little eye… two… two mullets… mwah ha ha

  48. LizDexic says:

    “not phased by this ”

    (That would be “fazed”.)

  49. LizDexic says:

    The story about this in the news was that no one would make the kid a birthday cake that had his name on it except WalMart.

  50. says:

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  51. onepen says:

    The “backwards swastika” is actually a holy symbol in eastern spirituality. The Nazis used this symbol displayed at an angle. This fucked things up for a lot of people. Now Hindus can’t even put this smbol of peace on their wedding invitations or they won’t get mailed (in India, too!).
    Why this dipshit who is willing to name their son after Hitler wants to kinda hide that he keeps swastika symbols…. I don’t know… maybe he’s just so stupid he can’t even get the one racist symbol correct.

  52. WORLD WAR DREW says:

    is that the cyberskeleton from super contra?

  53. boopy says:

    man, this was on the local news last night, nobody mentioned the awesome fact that the dude named his daughter Aryan Nation. that’s way crazier than Adolph Hitler, at least Adolph Hitler is an actual name for a person, unlike “Aryan Nation” which isn’t even a real thing.

  54. Pork Rind Pete says:

    “Wah-wah-wah bad evil dad, wah wah wah evil mean dad.”

    Fuck you all with Martin Bormann’s beer belly. The kid’s three years old and the dad’s still around.

    How many black three-year-olds sleep in the same house as daddy?

    Real talk. You know it.

  55. bryan says:

    you people are soooo stupid. get your facts straight and learn your history:
    The swastika (from Sanskrit: svástika ???????? ) is an equilateral cross with its arms bent at right angles, in either right-facing (?) form or its mirrored left-facing (?) form. The swastika can also be drawn as a traditional swastika, but with a second 90° bend in each arm. Archaeological evidence of swastika-shaped ornaments dates from the Neolithic period. It occurs mainly in the cultures that are in modern day India and the surrounding area, sometimes as a geometrical motif and sometimes as a religious symbol. It was long widely used in major world religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism.

    Though once commonly used all over much of the world without stigma, because of its iconic usage in Nazi Germany the symbol has become controversial in the Western world.

  56. bryan says:

    Pork Rind Pete Says:

    Hey Pete, shut up you stupid white trash racist scumbag, See what happened to pete! His dad raped him when he was 5 and named him pork rind because he drooled like a pig when he took it in his can

  57. Pork Rind Pete says:

    Stunningly sophisticated rejoinders, “bryan”!

    Second grade has obviously been very challenging for you.

    So you think it’s “cool” that over two-thirds of black babies are born to “fathers” who won’t even marry the mom? And do you honestly believe that in the long run, this statistic doesn’t lead to more social dysfunction than some isolated loon in Jersey who names his kid Adolf Hitler?

  58. Can't leave name to keep job says:

    For Pork Rind Ass Fucker Pete …
    I have worked on the actual government census. Your “two-thirds of black babies do not have fathers” line is REALLY bullshit. Grow up and read the news – not just hate websites with wrong information.

    And naming your child after the worlds biggest delusional loser in the past few thousand years is like putting horrible deep scars all over the kids face and sending him out into the world hoping he makes it. That kid will have the shit beat out of him everyday of his high school years and his super-scrawny-wishes-he-were actually-tough dad isn’t going to be able to do anything about it.

    (Why is it that a lot of the neo-nazi losers are scrawny men hiding behind their bigger friends? They are too small and scrawny to start their own club (like we did when we were 11) so they become followers?)

  59. Pork Rind Pete says:

    It’s clear you couldn’t flame if you had a blowtorch and a can of gasoline. You insert “ass fucker” into a screen name and consider that a witty comeback and a bold blow for racial justice? What a maroon!

    You obviously worked on the wrong governmental census, hombre. But OK, since you gobble black cock like you’re at Golden Corral, here’s a black guy saying the same thing:

    The US Federal government’s stats for 2002 state that 68 percent of black babies were born to unwed moms. That’s actually a tad HIGHER than two-thirds. Sorry for being inaccurate. It’s also a tiny bit down from 2001 and down from the peak of 70.4 percent in 1994.

    It’s a fairly well established figure. Nothing you could say in your limp-assed comebacks could change this figure. And ALL of you faggots know it…and ALL of you know it’s going to create an insane generation of rootless psychopaths…but you’re ALL too chickenshit to say a peep because you’re scared shitless of being painted with the “R” word.

    I’ve noticed a tendency among leftist fags to merely SAY something’s bullshit and then consider the argument over. If the two-thirds illegitimacy rate is “bullshit,” don’t just SAY it is…PROVE it.

    The black illegitimacy rate wasn’t always this high. Back in the 1940s, it was actually lower than the white rate.

    And don’t talk about hiding among bigger friends, either. It’s clear that “the crowd” is on the side of the anti-racists these days, and a lot of conformist weaklings who would have been in the Klan 100 years ago are now posing as anti-racists because that’s where it’s safe to hide.

  60. betenoir says:

    @Ty-Juan Brisbee- so you’re going to name your dog after a man who has caused the suffering, of his OWN people through starvation, cholera and terrorization? are you sure you’re NOT a sarcastic white hipster?

  61. vyvansetruskow says:

    What a sick fuckin’ loon. I hope when he lands himself in prison he gets ass raped by his own Aryan Ass Pirate Brotherhood right before they sell his ass to the Crips for a few cartons of cigarettes.

  62. Butcher says:

    He’s a fuckin retard with all the backwards swazis… that shit doesnt even mean white power. Stupid fuckin cunt

  63. n.k says:

    heil campbell!

  64. daniel says:

    i heard tom Waits talking about in the 30’s, Campbell’s alphabet soup actually had noodle swastikas with the rest of the alphabet. Tom Waits is notorious for lying and not answering questions properly. Has anyone else heard of this from someone who isn’t Tom Waits?

  65. IHateYourFuckingGuts says:

    all of you fucking dipshits against nazism can go eat a dick and die

  66. ?????????? says:

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  68. Maxwel says:


    I don’t think so.

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