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John Pittsley
• 01.26.16 10:28 am


Now that the Academy has caved to ridiculous demands and unnecessarily changed its voting process, it’s about time our rhythmically blessed brothers and sisters listened to our cries for acceptance and made the Soul Train Awards more diverse.

We always hear how racist and unaccommodating this country is towards blacks. Yet whenever they get their panties in a bunch, us crackas seem to bend over backwards to appease their demands. If only they were to look in the mirror and reflect on their own insensitive behavior, they may realize how inconsiderate THEY have been this whole time.

Since its inception, The Soul Train Awards have been an unapologetic celebration of everything black. It may have gone unnoticed to the untrained eye but to the people who abolished slavery and ended segregation, we saw how homogeneous the awards were. Seeing only one race needlessly celebrate themselves, while purposely excluding others is just too offensive for our taste. That’s why we’ve boycotted it from the beginning. Unfortunately, the creators, award winners, and fans have payed no attention to our subtle yet obvious refusal to watch, and continued what is now a racist tradition.

It sickens me to think that those who participate in this painfully uninviting ceremony are aware of how melanin abundant it is. If they noticed, then surely more whites would be incorporated into the production, no matter how little soul they had. Not doing so would be hypocritical. And the event certainly wouldn’t be broadcast on a network with a racially insensitive name. They wouldn’t allow a man of no color to be booed and mocked, only to be brought back twenty-two years later to perform some twisted white-face act, either. They, of all people, would know how hurtful that could be.

The problem must be with us. We’ve been too polite and quiet in our protest against their intolerance. We must be louder and more proactive in letting our black brothers and sisters know we don’t watch the Soul Train Awards. Simply turning off the TV, changing the channel, or not even knowing when the hell they are is no longer enough. We must let it ring from the mighty mountains of New York, to the snow capped Rockies of Colorado, to every hill and molehill in Mississippi that we don’t watch the Soul Train Awards. Then and only then can we truly work towards a world where we can all join hands and sing in harmony.

Maybe they haven’t learned to accept and we shouldn’t blame them for it. This country is still young and there’s plenty more growing up that needs to be done. But the day blacks learned to listen to ridiculous demands has finally come. Or maybe, they’ll realize it’s just another fucking award show, just like the Oscars, and none of this shit actually matters.


  1. Daveo says:

    I was always offended by Jet Magazine and their lack of any hair styling tips for middle aged blonde straight haired white guys… i want my hair to smell like coconuts too :(

  2. Black Pharaoh says:

    The inferior white man must validate me now!

  3. DonsCornholio says:

    Say what Whitay ?!&@!!!
    We wasn’t booing Vanilla, why we was saying, HEY BOO.
    They’re such a confused sub-feces of Sapien. Look at JET or BeyoncĂ© or Mariah or Berry and it’s, HELLO !!! (((HIGH * YELLOW)))
    They, on average, have almost a quarter (25%) European ancestry and that’s again the average. The “Hellen’s of Trojans” beauty’s that are their goddesses are on average, with the eye-test, most definitely more than (50%) Whitey, so I guess that makes them inclusive by default.
    The genetic Soul Train made a lot of stops on its way from NIGER to your local Niggerhood.
    I wasn’t raised a racist, but I’ve become one, and I mean a RACIST, not a racialist. To know them, is to want to get away from them.
    I’ve also soured on the idea that democracies can accommodate multi-racial-ethnic-tribal groups. I call the dissonance – “Tower of Babel”.
    The Awards Shows are just the latest fault line in the breakdown of democracy. It’s all IDENTITY politics now, and if you don’t become group-minded, you’ll be as vulnerable as a prisoner who doesn’t affiliate with one of the racial/ethnic gangs that rule Prison.
    Only group in this country that hasn’t figured it out, is you know who, US.
    America can keep its Haagen-Daz, I want VANILLA.

  4. ChimpOut!!! says:

    Can you picture Howard Stern reprising his old black-face routine and being invited to be the Chris Rock counterpart in the Award Wars on the Soooooooooooul Train Awards Show.
    He’d pass out bananas to the winners and from time to time during the show fling out poo to the audience.
    The judges would be on a Dias side-stage with score cards, and the audience would be supplied with coconuts to pelt them with when they don’t agree.
    That’s just about the way it is now, with all the fights that break out at those kinds of Music awards shows, that go World Star on the regular.

  5. Sacheen Littlefeather says:

    It’s funny, in this business sometimes I wish I were African American because they bash a lot of gash. Oh well time to convert to Islam!

  6. ScoreKeeper says:

    The score for today’s entries stands at Gavin (24), Pittsley (6).

  7. Mark Henry's Hand Baby says:

    I demand they give Robin Thicke a lifetime achievement award immediately.

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