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• 11.26.12 03:26 pm

On Saturday, it was announced Andrew WK was headed to Bahrain to represent the U.S. on some kind of cultural thingie. His trip would include visits to schools and music venues “all while promoting partying and world peace.” 

Then today it was announced the whole thing was canceled due to Andrew’s “Wild oeuvre.” What oeuvre? He’s the most apolitical guy around. After 9-11, “I Love NYC” could have become a polarizing anthem but the lyrics sound like “Take the Skinheads Bowling.” What the fuck does, “Move on corners, move around
Talk no talk, breaking you down” mean?

So why did they bail on this awesome idea? His wife is originally Iranian but she does a lot of pro gay stuff. Did that freak them out?  I don’t think so. People in Iran love Freddie Mercury and you’d have to have your burqa on backwards not to notice he was gay. His band was called QUEEN for fucksakes!

Was it Andrew’s love of partying? He never includes booze and drugs in the party talk and always makes it clear it’s just a state of mind. Did they just chicken out because they got a bunch of calls and nobody wanted to get in trouble? Ginger Spice represented the United Nations and she made her fortune with a song about fuckbuddies. Is this just another example of the pussification of America?



  1. Content Lover says:

    Shia’s in Bahrain will riot and hate on anything western these days, WK would not be safe there, even if teaching peace. They want the Sunni government out, who are every western and laid back by the way and want peace. You cant win over Shia’s on Bahrain with WK preaching, its unfathomable which is a shame. Im sure the government wanted this to happen, though they then thought about the Shia’s and them causing riots over this. Due to his image, lyrics and even wife supporting gays would be effect the Shia’s.

    Freddie Mercury is a very important point in the middle east, many love him and his music. More importantly they wont denounce him, even though they will hang you up in Iran if you are gay and even dress like him. Bahrain is not quite there yet, though Shia’s there will react on this all also.

    Point finale Shia’s wont see WK as a good preacher, he’s too new and young for now, maybe in 20 years if he kept deliver the world music. Elton John or would have better luck there preaching right now.

  2. Bahrain Is That Shithole Where We Park Our Boats, Right? says:

    Who the fuck knows, but maybe it WAS because of his wife’s Iranian heritage. (You know Bahrain’s monarchy justifies its terror campaign against its own second-class Shia citizens with a bunch of anti-Iran hoopla.) Their fuckwad royals- or the American PR companies they’ve put in charge of their international brand image- could imaginably have nixed it for that reason. Promoting world peace my arse. Fucking circus.

  3. Bahrain Is That Shithole Where We Park Our Boats, Right? says:

    @Content Lover- They may seem “Western and laid back” compared to some of their neighbors, but what is “Western” about a religious monarchy in 2012? What’s “laid back” about shooting unarmed demonstrators dead and torturing the organizers? I think the degree to which Western countries should be willing to compromise their principles to curtail Iran’s influence in the Gulf region is a question that desperately needs to be addressed in public discourse, but sending in a guy who’s all “party party party” to distract people from our allies’ human rights abuses should strike anyone of conscience (especially a conservative, I’d add) as obscene.

  4. Content Lover says:

    @Bahrain Is that Shithole

    Agreed though this all comes down to Sunni’s and Shia’s fighting against each other. Ok the royal monarchy is in control, though Bahrainians are mostly of Iranian descent and Shia’s due to immigrating there. That doesnt mean that the whole place belongs to them. I have to say Sheikh Isa ibn Salman Al Khalifa was a peacemaker, his son who know is ruling, Hamad is also a peacemaker, though they are Sunni’s.

    These shots and torturing are isolated events, if you have a few people causing shit and protesting in protest, sure they are putting themselves in danger, though this monarchy is not out to destroy Shia’s. Bahrain is not Iran. Bahrain is Sunni all the way, the Monarchy have their right to be there forever. Iranians and Shai’s can argue all they want, the fucking Portuguese were there before them. Its like Indians in the UK demanding to get rid of the Queen.

    Here we go again on Monarchy’s and removing families religious monarchy’s from countries in the middle east. The thing is im sure if the monarchy was removed it would be a fucking shit show in Bahrain. I lived there for seven years, it at one time was a great example of how countries should be in the middle east.

    Andrew WK to promote peace is not a good idea, you need someone of more power in their content and history. Freddie Mercury would of been ideal , seriously.

  5. CJ says:

    I thought they just liked Queen because Freddie Mercury looked Iranian.

  6. Bahrain Is That Shithole Where We Park Our Boats, Right? says:

    @Content Lover
    There’s ample evidence that the shootings and torture of peaceful protestors and their supporters are not at all “isolated events”, and one doesn’t need to look far to find it. Which makes Hamad Dirka Dirka Al Khalifa a pretty damn shitty peacemaker if there ever was one. Look, nobody is suggesting that the monarchy is out to “destroy” the Shia- only to maintain their status as second-class citizens by reminding them that stepping out of line, even peacefully, will result in their being put down with live rounds. Your claim that Bahrain is “Sunni all the way” is right in the sense that Sunni’s have a death grip on power (having a token few Shia in government and none in the military or police force sure helps- Saudis, Jordanians and other Sunni foreigners provide adequate help with the head-bashing when needed). Given that the citizenry is roughly two-thirds Shia, however, saying it’s “Sunni all the way” is otherwise laughable. Your analogy about Indians in Britain demanding to “get rid of the Queen” might be illuminating if the population of the UK were two-thirds Indian, the Queen held absolute political power, and said Indians were often shot and clubbed by Her Majesty’s all-white military. And yes, it might very well be a shit show in Bahrain if the monarchy were removed, but it is a shit show RIGHT NOW for two-thirds of Bahrainis. But above all, it should be THEIR shit show, not ours…except that we need somewhere to park our boats, so call Andrew WK (or whoever), pass the roast camel, and let’s get this peace promotion party started! Seriously thought, it will be interesting to see who they send instead of AWK.

  7. Content Lover says:

    @Bahrain is a a shithole.

    Respectfully, I agree on most though its really hard to say on what happened on these isolated events and protestors getting killed. The sad truth is when ever there is protest in the world where 100k and more people are protesting, someone is going to get killed, especially in the middle east. The fact that there are more (two-thirds) Shia’s in a country through immigration, does not mean that the country is theirs, at all. It has been Sunni since 1700’s. And these Sunni’s have even let Shia’s into their country, its not laughable, its called biting the hand that feeds you.

    This stupid war, thats killing all of us even though were are not there is B.S, Shia’s, Sunni’s Israeli’s. Truth is they are all the fucking same people, fiction (religion) is killing them. Hamad is not like other leaders, if he was there would be an absolute massacre. he is a peace-maker like his father. I respect him because he is an animal that is painting the country red with Shia’s blood. Bahrain was the place where people looked at with admiration, of how say, the middle east should be. Shia’s are religious fanatics, immigrate to Iran if they want a place thats their own, not Bahrain.

    As for the replacement of AWK, I think that there will be nobody for now, because it will back fire on them, the Shia’s are not ready for anyone to preach to them about peace, especially AWK. Think about it, what can he offer?

  8. Content Lover says:

    Let me guess Shia’s will want Dubai next?

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