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TV Carnage
• 09.29.08 11:51 pm

In a world of big cities and bright lights , codes for getting drugs have always been essential and have always mutated and adapted like a virus to keep one step ahead of the law. So we at street carnage recommend the latest in codified terminologies to acquire your desired poison. “Tell Rosie to cook me up some steak and eggs” means you want to score and the number of eggs you want represents the amount of drugs you want, in grams. It has already been shortened to “Electric Shatner” for anything that induces palpitations and ” Hot Tub” for mellowing substances such as weed which, more specifically is referred to as “Green hot tub”. Additionally, there is “delivering a baby on the beach” which means you are going to go to go home to take a dump, a shower and then come back out to party all night and get laid. If the night goes down and ends in failure, the last thing you say before staggering home is “reverse turbo” which means “erase the night”. Now you know.
PS This segment is compliments of the TV CARNAGE drug “When Television Attacks”
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  1. Cobra Clutch says:

    Weirdly enough, we spent one summer calling a gram of blow a “squirrel melt.” The evening usually started with someone stepping into the room and saying “why not squirrel melts!?!?!!?”

    Thinking back, it doesn’t make much sense because I’m pretty sure eating an actual squirrel melt would knock you out and ruin the whole weekend.

  2. sensible says:

    This is classic TV Carnage. I knew it was only a matter of time before Baywatch was on here.

  3. kat says:

    i knew redneck folk who swear squirrel melts are great. actually.

    it’s my friend’s dad (old, trained up to the level of normal society by extensive university education) and in high school if we were just hanging in her kitchen being like ‘let’s eat something’, he’d wander by and say ‘won’t be as good as a squirrel melt’.

    do redneck folk also think coke is great? maybe? fuck i dunno where’s my coffee.

  4. imbored says:

    Crack in nanaimo is “pancakes” as far as i’ve heard

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