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John Pittsley
• 05.31.16 10:59 am


The boss has already covered some of the shittiest things about comment sections before but after trying to keep the comments free from garbage and seeing the temper tantrums that would follow, I figured it might be best if we go over a few things again.

This place may be described as “a site that features mean old guys making fun of stuff” but it’s really a domain for free speech. It may not be a site with as much class and professionalism as Takimag or TheRebel but “saying whatever you want” is at the heart of StreetCarnage. That’s what made it kinda difficult deleting some of the moronic comments. It was easy to come to terms with though, once it dawned on me that these wastes of internet space weren’t so much ‘free speech’ as they were the psychotic ramblings of a handful of lonely idiots screaming for attention.

I never really understood the importance of comment sections. It seems like the internet would be better off without them and the lonely trolls, who spend all day on them, would be better served without them too. I can’t imagine someone twisted enough to not visit a site they enjoyed simply because they couldn’t post a comment no one will ever read. But it does make a whole lot more sense to have a space for dummies, who don’t have the attention span to write an entire piece, to post in than having to go through their emails every morning. That doesn’t change the fact that comment sections should be a spot for people who are genuinely interested in the topic to discuss and argue. Instead, they’re all Crazy Alley where numbskulls hold up their “God Hates Fags” signs and scream stupid insults at one another. Even this one, and it’s a fucking bummer.

I can appreciate a good a zinger as much as anyone else but why waste it on an anonymous loser who hangs out at his computer all day? You should be using that shit on your real friends when you’re hanging out, laughing, and fucking around. Typing out a one-liner, sending it off, and then wringing your hands as you wait for a teenager to respond is certified psychopath shit. Do you morons think you’re gonna get discovered in the comment section and get some ridiculous PewDiePie webseries? You’re not. The only people who read the comments are the ones who care enough about the subject covered to add their two cents. And when they see your retarded bickering about each other’s shitty usernames they say, “Eh, never mind.”

If you want to insult another commenter, go fuckin’ nuts. Just make sure you include something about the article or comment in your ‘sick burn’. That way it’s relevant and you don’t sound like an inbred Rich Kid of Beverly Hills. I know it’s hard not to hide behind a screen name and call out SpaceKook12 for getting fucked by his dad and really being KookZilly69, but wouldn’t you rather use your real name to shit on his ridiculous views and tell him to get a life? It seems like it would make you out to be the bigger man and it would definitely piss him off more.

Maybe I’m the delusional one here but I’d like to think of StreetCarnage readers as a cut above the rest. Dickheads, sure. But still better than most. What the fuck are you doing spending so much time hurling lame insults back and forth for? They’re not even good ones. The short-lived The Comment Section didn’t pick out a single one of your fuckin’ burns. That was embarrassing. You shouldn’t be pissed when your comment gets deleted, you should be embarrassed and grateful. We’re helping you and your stupid username out. Take a hint and make your comments better. Or, write a piece and send it in.

I know you guys have all the time in the world, you’re replying to comments 24/7. If there’s something you really want to say take some time, think it out, write it down, and send it in with your real name on it. Don’t be a fucking pussy. Wouldn’t you rather be a writer for the site, or do you actually tell people at ‘parties’ you’re a commenter on StreetCarnage?


  1. OogaBooga says:

    I actually tell people at parties about my online commenting, though “regale” is probably a more accurate term.

  2. dick lubin says:

    “If there’s something you really want to say take some time, think it out, write it down, and send it in with your real name on it. Don’t be a fucking pussy.”

    so no one told you gavin has been known to write articles using pseudonyms?

  3. insickness says:

    Comment sections are like the ‘door close’ button in an elevator. It does absolutely nothing but makes people feel like they aren’t helpless pieces of shit at the whim of a giant machine.

  4. Internetscreamer214 says:

    Regale this ooga booga obviously your a racist BIGOT!!!!???!!!

  5. Internetscreamer214 says:

    If only there was a like button so I could see who was reading my post

  6. The REAL Ooga Booga says:

    Let’s be honest. Without the chance to smart off and go wild sometimes, who would read all this stuff on here?

    Don’t think of it as some kind of obnoxious mental graffiti, think of it as being ….


  7. 6079 Smith, W. says:

    Once again, a “professional” writer phones it in with a piece raking the commenters across the blades.
    If you turned in THIS pooch expecting to get paid, you CERTAINLY can’t be called a PUSSY, eh?
    Not with THOSE balls, NAWSSUH!

  8. Jiani Deppp says:

    I was just at a gathering with some real folks, who all agreed that “Jean Pittsley” is a real name to watch, for paint-drying (or pants-) experience. The above is contributed in reference to HTML hyperlink “The Comments” by Jon Pinkeye, at 05.31.16 10:59 am on the domain by Carne Asada Industries, 2016. I am consulting the 7:14 pm edition but your librarian may be able to assist you with caching it and rerouting the encryptions. If you do not have a computer you may send a SASE to — the return-service instrument is necessary for the comment confirmation QR code you will be granted. Mellow Greetings to my fellow humons

  9. Harambee the late gorilla says:

    Pittsley: If I were there now, I would “protect” you from these commenters– knowhaddayemean

  10. KookZilly69 says:

    reagan was a democrat!

  11. raymi says:

    This piece is just asking for it.

  12. OneBadStud says:

    Being anonymous allows people to speak their mind with a modicum of protection from being swatted.

  13. Sniffy says:

    Ever just wanna sniff?

  14. Hatcher -16 points says:

    How about upvotes and downvotes?

    Gaze upon your future:

  15. Regular Guy says:

    Street Carnage 2010.
    Different universe than today’s SC.
    Very busy place with a multitude of voices of a mostly leftist persuasion.
    Compared to today it was a thriving metropolis, whereas today it’s a very very small circle jerk of cranks, with a visitor here and there poking their head in to observe the money shots. That comment thread was like a Left-wing Taki on Acid. There was one voice among them that sounded familiar; “Oligarch funded freak show” that I suspect is the same voice in all its manifestations that dominates today’s SC discourse (manifold monologue).
    Thanks for the SC look back or not as it makes this place look like a one room padded cell by comparison.

  16. SpaceKook12 says:

    John P. can censor all he wants, but it don’t erase the truth, fluffer boy.
    Nice to be lectured by “a retard who writes dumb shit about stupid crap.”
    “Deleting moronic comments”–???
    Start with your own posts you fucking MORON. And shave that scruffy beard off.

  17. wert34 says:

    1) “Free Speech” in the way of unmoderated comments doesn’t work on any forum that presumes to even slightly take itself seriously. This was discovered on the internet about 15 years or so ago now. It’s amazing that there are still people who don’t know. A lack of moderation results in a shitshow of trolls, cranks and various personality dysfunctions. The people who have something to say leave.

    2) Stop with the MUUUH BUT YOU DON’T POST UNDER YOUR REAL NAME!!! bullshit. Gavin himself has used “weaponized Google” to tear down that crazy mentally ill chink that was harassing him. Did the wong deserve it? Yes… but it’s a pretty classic fucking example of why using your real identity on the internet is like wandering through a shitty neighborhood in a Snoopy costume. Some people might think it’s ‘cute’ but the potential negative consequences vastly outweigh whatever absolutely worthless “value” there is in having internet nobodies evaluate your commentary higher because you used your real name. Most people with opinions that matter are savvy enough to know how naive that is. Using you identity to credential yourself is relevant to public figures. Not private ones. Since John Pittsley is Gavin, I can say His/Your thesis on that is retarded.

  18. wert34 says:

    What I’m talking about, for the late-comers.

    Now that fuckers life and employability is essentially ruined, forever.
    Again, he indeed provoked that response but the response itself illustrates why having your real identifiers floating around out there can fuck with in your ways that naive, dumb guys don’t comprehend until it comes crashing through their Google footprint and they start getting an unusual number of “Sorry, job’s been filled” replies to job interviews that seemed to go so well…

  19. Ground Control To My Big Dong says:

    I don’t have enough “fuck you” money yet so I’ll stay anonymous for now.

  20. Arie says:

    😀 ck. ck. ck.

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