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John Pittsley
• 10.31.14 09:22 am

Feminism has come a long way since its early days. What was once a noble cause, dedicated to giving women equal rights and letting their voices be heard, has turned into a whiny movement struggling to find things to bitch about. And now, they may have found the most annoying thing to be upset about: street harassment.

Usually when a stranger attempts to strike up a conversation with you in public, you ignore them and continue on with your day. If you live in a major U.S. city, then it probably happens to you a couple of times a day. And if you’re a sane human being, then you’ll probably forget about it immediately. However, if you’re a deranged feminist, desperate for an ‘injustice’ to get worked up over, then you’ll use it as evidence of how sexist our society is.

I’m not going to pretend to know what it’s like to be a woman. But I have to imagine it’s not all that bad. I guess it would get kind of old catching people checking you out all the time. And maybe getting compliments or smiled at constantly would get pretty annoying after a while. Having tits can’t be the worst thing in the world though. I’m not saying women don’t get harassed on the street. But i don’t think we need to include smiling, looking at, or giving a genuine compliment to a stranger as harassment.

Just because a man gives you a compliment or attempts to talk to you in public, doesn’t mean he’s sexually harassing you. He’s trying to pick you up. If you don’t like it then ignore it or say “no thanks.” You don’t need to flip out and go on some tirade about how women aren’t sex objects. We were put on this planet to reproduce. And it’s pretty hard to do that without striking up a conversation. I think it’s actually called rape if you don’t talk to them first.

I know some dick heads take it to far. But despite what some feminist organizations would lead you to believe, they’re not most men. Street harassment isn’t an epidemic of male chauvinism. It’s a small minority of assholes, who weren’t raised right by their fathers or didn’t have one to begin with. Whistling at women on the street or yelling lewd and crude things at them is a shitty thing to do. Everyone knows that. Of course there’s going to be some idiots who don’t realize it or care. But no non-profit or campaign to raise awareness is going to change their behavior.

I don’t doubt street harassment exists. I know it does. We’ve all experienced it. But including greetings, smiling, and making eye contact as forms of harassment is taking it a smidgen too far. And we don’t need any campaigns to raise awareness of people acting like dicks. If anti-bullying PSAs make a cause seem faggy, then we probably don’t need it.



  1. Gavin says:

    These guys aren’t “assholes.” They are healthy American males with a normal libido who find a beautiful woman attractive. This is ultimately about class. The men in the video are black, hispanic, and working class whites. These guys didn’t take social studies in college so they have the same culture we all had 50 years ago. When you see black and hispanic chicks get catcalled, they smile back and say something like, “You wish” or “Maybe one day.” They get it. Middle class white girls don’t understand this. They see the male libido as threatening. They only feel safe around the beta males they’ve castrated (a group of men they’re secretly disgusted by).

    Look at her. She’s a 9. She’s also wearing a skin tight t-shirt that shows off her gigantic, perfect tits and pants that are basically painted on with a gigantic eagle spread across her butt cheeks. Nobody said, “I wan to hate fuck you” or did anything remotely violent. They all praised her beauty. When Puerto Rican women see kids, they say “God bless.” It’s an effusive culture that probably comes from being so cooped up in tiny apartments that you end up treating NYC as your living room.

    In short, this is yet another example of white people not getting black culture. They pretend they like blacks but what they really want is Bill Cosby types listening to NPR and wearing leather elbow patches on their blazers.

  2. prince paul needs a haircut says:

    What I hate is how racist she is…I mean, where are the white street harassers? Why did she have to only show men of color harassing her in the video? Perhaps she should go by an office building during working hours and walk through a cubicle farm to show how the white men harass her, instead of racistly accusing our vilified men of colors to be the main culprits of such sexist street harassment.

  3. Eric Jacobus says:

    A straight man needs to do this video in the Castro.

  4. vw says:

    keep in mind she walked around nyc for 10 HOURS!

    if my male white ass walked around harlem or downtown brooklyn (looks like thats where she was) for 10 hours i would get harassed as well.

  5. TWalsh2 says:

    These guys suck, they’re not even trying. Cheech, now he could cat call – Hey baaaby, come on don’t be so stuck up, let me clear off a place for you to sit down. That’s how you cat call.

  6. Dad Religion says:

    this is what happens when a girl who has “an ass so big you can see it from the front” parades around harlem and the relatively un-gentrified areas of brooklyn. i don’t get it. didn’t we all know this already? also, what laws are being broken here?

  7. president, Bloor Felony Club says:

    This chick has her head up her fine, fine ass. Girls love attention and they want real men. I live in a severely candy-assed enclave of feminine bearded beta twits and women relentlessly check me out. If i didn’t take my marriage seriously I could nail a girl a day. I’m not some PUA clown either, just a dude who doesn’t wear orange skinny jeans. After this girl dates a few more betas she’ll revisit the same neighborhoods in this video with a much more open mind.

  8. corey says:

    getting called beautiful is not the same as some guy yelling “fag” at you.

  9. zee says:

    all this vid proves is that minorities can’t control themselves around white women with fat asses. coming up after the break: water still wet.

  10. Tim Lewis says:

    They are not called rape apes for no reason.its all about muh dik , or muh possie with them.

  11. ChiTownPlayaHata says:

    What Gavin said in the first comment nails it. Nice to see this kind of blowing up in in their faces. Feminist entitlement vs. minority protections. Love it.

  12. ChiTownPlayaHata says:

    She is not a 9, though. 7.5 maybe.

  13. Gavitron says:

    the first Gavin is on point. But I think there’s another point to be made here – How does a normal, healthy male introduce themselves to an attractive healthy female to whom they have not yet been introduced through some form of cotillion or other selective social function? I’ll answer this rhetorical question: By attempting to begin a conversation with said stranger. I concede that some of the men in this video were not appropriately aged to be striking up a conversation with a buxom young lady, but that’s on them. Further, would the woman in this video be equally outraged if rich white men in $10,000 suits were the ones making these attempts at ice breaking?

  14. Lunchin' says:

    The guys that follow her are definitely harassing but the rest of it’s pretty normal street behavior. She looks so put-upon but that’s what i imagine would be the case if you walked around with a morally superior imperative. On the other side, there has to be some part of her that is privately fascinated by the power her presence had and the reactions it elicited. The video was almost like a vulgar display of power.

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