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Street Carnage
• 04.12.17 01:35 pm

Parents need to learn that no one gives a shit about their children. Maybe immediate family members are able to give half a turd about them but the rest of us couldn’t give a crap. Most can put up with looking at baby pictures for a couple of minutes but no one wants to be bored to death with stories about a miniature human who can’t do anything yet. The worst is having to deal with the little brats in person. Not just because the conversation is constantly centered around them but because the little pieces of shit are always interrupting. This becomes an even bigger pain in the ass when you try to have a nice evening out and someone brings their little bundle of joy with them. Gavin explains in this video.

  1. srsa says:

    Obama was the one who got Bin Laden. If you ever see him, buy him a beer and thank him for doing so.

  2. Printy says:

    If anyone should be buying Obama a beer is Bill Clinton for letting his ass (Bin Laden) go…

  3. Your "Real" Father says:

    Parents should stop bringing their children to work. What a bullshit “learning experience”. The kids end up eating snacks all day long, “learn” how to use a stapler and get uncomfortable when they realize their mom or dad’s co-workers think that their parent is an asshole

  4. Ghetto Defendant says:

    You signed up for the Catholic Church, which bills itself as tending to the needs of all, that includes the poor, the meek, and the children (yeah they tend a little too much to the children, with their grubby pederast hands, but that’s another topic for another day). In all seriousness, Catholicism might not be the brand of Christianity for you, you seem much more of an Anglo Christian, than a Celtic one, in your values and outlook. Catholicism’s philosophy of outreach and public works goes against your own views of self reliance, and self sufficiency, which are very Protestant values. You might try Protestantism for awhile. You seem to be trying to shoehorn yourself into Catholicism and it ain’t jiving with you. Protestantism’s determinism, and “you get what you got coming to you” views, seem to be be more of a religious system for you. You’ve got too much of the Protestant work ethic, and “the poor are poor because of their weak character” ethos, to be a good Catholic.

  5. Rigby Reardon says:

    Hey srsa, Barry would most likely prefer a wine cooler or an orange mocha frappuccino along with an “over the pants HJ”.

  6. Wizardly Wheeze says:

    The kids like the fairy stories.

  7. Dee says:

    thats life krybaby holy fuk when are you going to be over it do you want them to hire a babysitter bekausse you kant hear

  8. Barry Goldwater says:

    AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This video is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. !@#$ says:

    Slap scream slap scream slap scream slap scream slap scream slap scream gooooood boy thank god

  10. !@#$ says:

    atheist abort atheist abort atheist abort atheist abort atheist abort squat on steeple ahhhhhhhhhh

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