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• 07.26.17 05:07 pm

It’s probably about time Hollywood stopped focusing so much on diversity. Not so much because it pisses people off but because it keeps them from doing their real job, making good films. Gavin explains in this video.

  1. Ground Control To My Big Dong says:

    Hollywood will keep doubling down even if these movies start to lose money. They’ve been winning the culture wars for the last 40+ years. They’re not gonna give up now. The Right, Alt-Right, Alt-Lite, Maul-Right etc. has no power in finance, fashion, politics, the “innernets” or pop culture right now (although there’s progress). Maybe we’ll finally start making some headway and start knocking those darned “Scots” out of power in places like Hollywood and such and such. Those fuckin’ damn “Scots” are always making PC movies! Subversive ammadans they are!

  2. Ground Control To My Big Dong says:


  3. Ground Control To My Big Dong says:

    Be wary of the mouthes that sing or whistle this tune for they are the ones who make the PC movies…

  4. Ground Control To My Big Dong says:

    I really wish Hollywood (DAMN SCOTS!) would bring back punk rock to their movies. All of the action movies in the 80’s and early 90’s featured multi-ethnic gangs as the enemy. Example: ‘Death Wish III’. Every single educated person knows that the multu-ethnic punk rock gangs caused a large spike in violent crime during the 70’s, 80’s and early 90’s. They’re doing so this very day. TRUTH!!! STAY WOKE, Y’ALL!!!

  5. Ground Control To My Big Dong says:

    “I don’t give a shit about any of that!”. Yeah, you do. Don’t be afraid. Keep swimming to the right… the water’s fine.

  6. Rex Reed's Limp Cock says:

    EVERY time I see a new movie now, I say “Is this film about a comic book character? It is? Then fuck it…”

  7. Spaced Out says:

    Here’s something for ya all.

    White people are weak and dress horribly on an averege. Black people on an averege are cooler, make more advanced music and have more fun. They are also to a lesser degree easily scared crybabies who sit in their cars afraid of crime or whatever.

    Whites are spoiled, lazy and don’t get things done.

    I want whites to feel the pressure, the knife to their throat, being mugged. So that they actually do something. Oh immigration wah wah… Something good from it is some pressure and competition.

    Many of the old Greeks prefered living in Alexandria (taken by the turks), because there was constant danger and some idiots attacking which sharpened their minds.

    And African Americans in movies are apparently getting lesser.

    Which may be bad from a commercial perspective, since African Americans go to the movies more than whites.

    But when you have a group with many fun people that are cool and dress cool (I mean hip hop in the eighties was like the baroque era upper class but streets and 80’s or something), of course you are going to see some of them on the telly. Africans and Afro Amercans also tend to be less negative and more passionate about cool things than many whites, which is certainly an advantage. And this positive spirit makes many from this group appreciated at companies. And it is probably a great advantage for the USA.

    Maybe this positive spirit comes partially from not having it too easy. I don’t know.

    Stop being weaklings, whities, move to the bronx and beat up africa bambaataa (cause he’s a suspected peodophile) together with some cool black dudes.

    Have fun and do something!

  8. Spaced Out says:


    And regarding Hollywood making PC movies. I mean how much black people do you see in a Woody Allen Movie or Steven Spielberg movie. It even seems like they are underrepresented or something.

    And regarding hot African women in movies. Maybe some dudes regardless of cultural background think they are hot? I mean a lot of African women are hot and fun.

  9. Spaced Out says:

    If you want to have a saying in culture, yes to some degree it has to do with money, but with the new technology and DIY, there is always a way.

    Hip Hop was like ten years on smaller labels before the majors took notice.

    And a lot of them had great careers.

  10. Spaced Out says:

    And the difference between a major and indie record label is like payola, and people (so they often have like versatile knowledge on melody, ) and more money and knowledge how to make a high quality product (i.e. fancy studios and more money for the production and recording). And the major steal steal steal.

    And they pay a lot of payola to the radio.

    Universal was ruled in court in NY for it.

  11. Spaced Out says:

    And of course it is distribution and manufacturing (conversion, vinyl, cassette) knowledge. Dsitribution is easy.

    And 30 % of the music sold is by indies.

  12. Spaced Out says:

    And it’s like a lot of white people relax now with Trump (who does great thing by the way).

    It was the same with Obama, for a lot of African Americans. The president was part African, so now everything was allright. Well in fact it became worse. African American music became less innovative and areas where alot of Afro Americans live had increasing problems often.

    It is the same now. Having a president from ones community will not help you make great art or great things.

    Shure, lowering the taxes will help people who start businesses and all that, but American taxes are not that high now either. But of course lower taxes will help and this administration has a lot of good strategies.

    And maybe I expressed myself in a hurry. Some white people dress fine. It’s just that there is no new culture at large by anyone. It’s all old news and a lot of retro, I mean rock is like 67 years old and hip hop is like 30 or 40 years old. And maybe football hooligans in Europe dress cool, but that’s like late 80’s fashion (probably partially inspired by hip hop).

    And maybe it is not that I actually want people to have a knife to their throat, crime is bad. But look at the 70’s new york, crime rates were very high, but a lot was done in culture by people from different communities (hip hop, punk, disco…).

  13. Spaced Out says:


  14. Spaced Out says:

    Do the Jump Up. Get Hype. Cloudeddddd. Boom Fun. New will come soon!

  15. Christian Healy says:

    Super true, although I disagree with some stuff, I don’t know why there is so much bitching about being under-represented when color has nothing to do with talent! Its about the skill of the character, not the tone of the skin.

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