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• 03.09.11 12:21 pm

New York cops, firemen and other old school Brooklynites call hipsters marshmallows because they’re soft and white. This is hate speech so I got together with a bunch of incredibly famous people, like the mom from Bob’s Burgers, the Hipster Grifter and the dude from Michael Cera’s band, and had the word killed dead.

New York cops, firemen and other old school Brooklynites call hipsters marshmallows because they’re soft and white. This is hate speech so I got together with a bunch of incredibly famous people, like the mom from Bob’s Burgers, the Hipster Grifter and the dude from Michael Cera’s band, and had the word killed dead.


  1. Anonymous says:

    carles pwnd that noob!!!!

  2. brononymous says:

    @ Anonymous no he did’t

  3. snooze sauce says:

    Trouble ANdrew

  4. ZZzz-tastic says:

    cut 30 seconds from the intro, 30 seconds from the street-reporters banter, and the remainder will make a decent chuckle.

  5. luke says:

    haha. love it.

  6. you all like "Fergie" says:

    It’s getting harder and harder to justify coming to this site. Maybe I should just read takimag for the Jim Goad stuff and call it a day.

  7. luke says:

    Wait, what percentage of people are mad about the politics here and are going to quit coming, and what percentage are mad at the stuff like this and are going to quit? Hard to keep up with all the whining.

  8. Anonymous says:

    What song is in this video and who is it by?

  9. iwontslowdown says:

    this was about 4:27 too long

  10. Mel says:

    I;m going to quit coming here until I see Gavin’s bag again.

    That was the only reason came here in the first place and the site has gone down hill since Gavin quit posting vids of his bag.

    I’m really upset about this and am considering switching over to NPR to get my news from now on.

  11. blaahus poopus says:

    i’m just mad because my poutine does not have enough cheese.

  12. pogi says:

    What do they call Blipsters then?

  13. miss appalachian says:

    cop was hot

  14. jake says:

    Who, the cops? Niggers, obviously.

  15. farts says:

    what was that song?

  16. SadSackofballs says:

    I know that Scottish people are absurdly stingy but if you are going to make a comedic video you should deny your heritage for a while and not be stingy with the jokes.
    And why didn’t that cop have a badge?
    And I also do not like the term “marshmallow” to describe hipsters in BK. I think that we should just go back to calling them pussies.

  17. hagenshape says:

    that was hilarious! awesome thanks!

  18. This nonsense needs to stop says:

    Aww Gavin, is someone still touchy because in Canada the Mounties had to stand guard like ridiculous Dudley Dorights as he and his fellow marshmallows got bussed into the newly intergrated school?

  19. C and the MS-13s says:

    Thank God the Hipster-Grifter doesn’t have that boyish pixie cut. She’s kind of cute now.

  20. ummm says:

    fucking stupid

  21. crowie says:

    I think Im straight up getting too old for this website. I don’t even get this.

  22. Baby Rik says:

    I believe the song is “Lullaby” from Shawn Mullins’ record “Soul’s Core”. Enjoy.

  23. Meme-a Minute says:

    @crowie, you’re not too old, you haven’t studied, is all:

    In October 1967, as the Summer of Love turned into a zoo of filthy runaways, drugs, and media sensationalism, the “Diggers”, who were the original-type Haight-Ashbury hippies, buried an effigy of a hippie in the Panhandle to demonstrate the end of his/her reign.

  24. you all like "Fergie" says:

    For the record, I’m fine with the political stuff but this video is a waste of everybody’s time. Someone disagree with me….

  25. Japoney Girl Japon Japoney Apple says:

    Lauren FUCKING LOVES food.. always has, always will. It started out with her family see, they were always eating, and she thought “well fuck me” and her dad often did “well fuck me if my family is going to keep eating all this food then yesiree bob so am I”

  26. wtf says:

    Not bad. Better than that last vans clip. That kinda sucked.

  27. Round eye says:

    Funny shit… I fucking hate pixie cuts, especially on Asian chicks, it makes them look like somebody took a ruler to their forehead

  28. Kat C says:

    oh.. did the cop take of his badge cause he didnt want to be recognized later?

  29. Taeil says:

    “Hipster” might die out.

    But “marshmallow” is forever.

  30. not published or required says:

    i stopped the video after “its like having somebody cut open the” fuck……. listening to those jokes was like having what you described happen or something like that

    maybe its just the ‘Action Sports Industry’ tie-in, that shit makes me want to fucking puke

    you should put ‘Bam’ in there lighting firecrackers in his moms bedroom that shit would be hilarious and also edgy.

    for the record my favorite things on this site are some of the articles about stuff, i like things about bands and art that i dont know about, the political stuff is a boring publicity stunt and that old arguer guy is losing his mind so whatever, i mostly like nice people so i like Arf’s column and i like when people say sensible things in the comments. what else i think the do’s and donts are shit, i never watch tv carnage althought thats not to say i dont appreciate it, what else i like other things that teach me stuff that i dont know about and i like writing shitty things sometimes at the end
    thats me, peace

    one of my favorite ones was about that guy talking about writing for tv and there was another one that was informative where he talked about tim and erics awesome show great job i liked that one too

  31. ??? says:

    What’d you pay for your apt?

  32. Meme-a-Minute says:

    also if you cook a marshmallow in a microwave for like 3 minutes it expands to like 4X size and it gets so hot in its gooey nuked core that it would stick and burn your skin like fucking napalm. this is the sort of thing that probably every male knows/has experimented with firsthand, but few females have heard about it.

  33. narcos says:

    the song is “run hide” from the santogold/diplo mixtape. it’s scary that you probably had a budget for that video that would pay my rent for a month.

  34. what says:

    The reason the stereotypical hipster is loathed is because he is so incredibly self-involved and many believe that everything he thinks, says, and does should be nurtured and lauded. This video doesn’t really do much to combat that notion.

  35. newnumberorder says:

    Oh I get it! it’s just like when the buried the n-word! you so funny guys!

  36. no says:

    I feel like buying a pair of vans

  37. trying so hard not to be negative but says:

    my goodness.that was atrocious.really?

  38. Anonymous says:

    @meme a minute

    The same thing happens to frogs and birds and babies and even action figures.

  39. L. Kill-B says:


  40. Arv says:

    @Everyone Asking About the Song:

    It’s “Run Hide” by Trouble Andrew; more on Trouble Andrew here:

  41. flickin'beans says:

    the bagel store is really good. bacon, egg, and cheese bagel…not bacon, egg, and cheese ON a bagel…but the bagel itself is flavored like bacon, egg, and cheese. fucking america rules.

  42. //@R is heaven says:

    Derrick was amazing

  43. Bongo Bob says:

    Focking brilliant! They got Vans to buy this crap… like the Das Racist song “You can sell anything. You could really sell anything”

  44. Aki says:

    @ Narcos tänks mään.

  45. not published or required says:

    i also like the guy singing the “marshmallow marshmallow” song at the start or maybe i just like the song and the part where he goes in slow motion, more of him please

  46. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, who needs cops and firemen?? What positive impact do they provide to the community? On the other hand, the world could totally use more spoiled hipsters that live in fantasy worlds fueled by their rich parents (that they rebel against in every way except for taking handouts) or celebrity lifestyle. I side with them!!!

  47. starchieclunker says:

    If they’re soft it’s because they’re not from New York and did not grow up in NYC. I make friends with a lot of people in my neighborhood who come from small towns, but my friends and I who were actually born here or grew up here as kids certainly don’t respect most people that move to NYC, especially those that front or ride over here on their parents checkbook. The softies put up a front, but when it comes down to it they are certainly not New York bred and it’s easy to tell. It’s these out of towners that are primarily responsible for this “marshmallow” term.

  48. Townie McDouchenstein ^^^^ says:

    So you’re a bad-ass because you still live close to the womb? Yeah man, I’m sure that when cops see you sashaying down the road in your tight pants, the first thing they think is, “Now there’s a real Brooklyn tough guy. Born and bred. Just like the old days before all these muthafuckin mahshmellas moved in, huh?”

  49. S'mores of Steel says:

    Hey I’m not in or from The City, but I have little doubt that 1) a native would lay down a steer-clear vibe in the first place. Then 2) if some actual shit was going down on an actual street, your average native City guy would react way tougher and smarter than just about any suburb-raised hipster. He’d reach down under his skirt and pull out his mother tongue “Don’t FUCK wit’ me!” And he’d get home in one piece. Whereas a marshmallow would just fall apart and pee himself in those tight pants. Word.

  50. Anonymous says:

    fuck all you anonymous commenters, this site is a marshmallow.

  51. not published or required says:

    ^^^ haha, true is that

    i would beat that faggot cops ass

  52. starchieclunker says:

    I had to lookup sashay and now I wonder why you know what this word means. What kind of a guy uses ‘sashay’ as an insult? Nevermind, I just answered my own question. And we don’t have roads in NYC we have streets.

  53. sashayclunker says:

    take that! you poopypants, you!

    signed, tuffy mcsnuffy

  54. Anonymous says:

    Can we still call cops pigs?

  55. Hyperbole says:

    Funny stuff. Well done.

  56. vans exec says:

    nooones calling the ad an ad success!!

  57. marlon 62 says:

    what do you call a english person giving oral to a hipster?… A FLUFFER-NUTTER! HA! HA ! GET IT? LOL! TEE-HEE!

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