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• 09.27.17 11:02 pm

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All you fools do know Wu-Tang ain’t still together or cool no more, right? That shit is pretty much done with, now.

I know you motherfuckers like to think of the Wu as some sort of timeless commodity, like the Beatles, or Elvis, or whatever other dead, lame-ass, white musician you people continue to worship but that’s not how this shit works. There’s thousands of dead black artists who are millions of times better than any of those other guys but do you really hear any of us talking about them or see any of us driving around with murals of them painted on the side of our rides? Hell no! That’s because their time is up and unfortunately, so is Wu-Tang’s.

I don’t know how y’all haven’t realized this already. You people are always on your phones or the internet. So, you must’ve seen some of these gay ass memes. You honestly think some badass niggas out there have a cute sense of humor and are making those things? I don’t think those types of dudes even exist. The only type of people who make that sort of thing are nerds and little white girls and I do not think that is who you wanna be jockin your shit from. A lot of you already look like it but I know you can’t be doing that on purpose. Some of these silly ass motherfuckers who wear Pikachu winter hats all season long are probably cool with that look but if you want to be gettin’ that good pussy, you gotta be following in the footsteps of grown ass men who know what’s good and Wu-Tang ain’t no more.

This has been going on for a while now but there’s just too many pussies reppin’ them these days. Wherever you look, there’s always some skinny white nerd with a sticker of theirs on they computer or some little kid wearing one of their shirts, like that’s all they listen to. When in reality, they probably couldn’t name ten of their songs. Let alone recite one, word for word, with no fuck ups. Maybe if they could and there weren’t so damn many of them, things would be different. But probably not.

Trust me, I love the Wu but it’s gotten to a point where listening to their music in public has become a guilty pleasure. It just doesn’t feel right taking credit for putting one of their songs on or singing along to that shit with the homies. I mean if I am gonna be doing that, while cruising around, I’m either drunk as hell or I’m turning down the volume and putting the motherfuckin’ windows up. Don’t get me wrong, pulling up to a red light with the speakers about to burst on some hood shit and seeing white dudes on the sidewalk try to act like everything’s cool is the best. Doing that with Wu-Tang ain’t the same though. As a matter of fact, it practically turns into a fuckin block party. Dudes will even try to get your attention and show you they’re “cool” with it.

All this probably sounds like it has everything to do with race but it doesn’t. It’s probably the same thing with how you artsy faggots feel about Joy Division: they’re played the fuck out. Same thing with Wu-Tang. There’s nobody out there, who knows what’s up, who’s gonna call Wu-Tang or Joy Division their favorite group. Just like they won’t call Bob Marley their favorite and that’s because they’re all the same now.


  1. braindamagedhomo says:

    thank the heavens for fake black screen names bitching about Dave Chappelles favorite rap group. I feel corrected now and will go back to listening to Run DMC and senile manbaby approved 80s bullshit.

  2. Ooga Booga's Disenfranchised Penis says:

    You can say what you want about these groups but I’m just gonna say this..

    Juggalo’s for Life!!!! Mutha-fuckas

  3. Yung Poon Tang says:

    I glad to see cousin Wu is honor by Mare-can peoples. He good fawdah to his ritter dawtah and son.

  4. OogaBooga says:

    Awww, shit, they fired American hero Philip Giraldi for writing the truth. Oh, well, I can still post it here, right?

  5. Pootie Tang says:


  6. Bart says:

    Look at the guy the pic… if he doesn’t epitomize hipster douchebaggery then I don’t know what does. Hey everyone, look at me, I’m a big goofy looking white dude and I’m “down” with the bros for my refined musical taste in the Wu.

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