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• 12.27.14 11:35 am

My favorite line in this Stossel special we* did was when he tells the Supporting Transgender & Gender Creative Youth Editor Elizabeth Meyer, “[Your son]┬ásounds like he’s living propaganda – garbage that you’ve indoctrinated him with.”

How does this woman have a job? She is unteaching teachers the truth.

It’s at around 21:15 and the show re-airs tonight at 5PM EST on Fox News.


*Really pushing the definition of “we.”

  1. Time Man says:

    My favorite line was when Stossel told you, “It’s not *that* funny.” Lulz.

  2. Tom Brokeoff says:

    Cool you like to attach yourself with a new Geraldo, gay.

  3. Daniel of the Mole People says:

    I thought I was a dinosaur when I was 5, stupid parents wouldn’t let become the next Lizard Man.

  4. vw says:

    the loose tie is not a good look.

  5. Ground Control To My Big Dong says:

    Good shit. In the 80’s, if some kid came riding down our block while wearing a bike helmet we would’ve pointed, laughed and pelted him with rocks. Then we would’ve taken his bike so we could do a little ghost riding with it. Also, I hate that fuckin’ bitch who was offended by the word wussyfication. She’s the living embodiment of that term. I also hate the gender-neutral parents. I hope their kids grow up, murder them and then burn their house down. I do like those monkeys. I’d totally do that one chimp who was playing with the doll. Hey Raymi, you’re totally invited to join in and make it a threesome.

  6. Ghetto Defendant says:

    The scariest thing about sending your kid outside to go play unsupervised, is that there’s no other bored kids on the block sitting outside for you kid to wander over to and make life long friends with. These parents live a life of working themselves up about the worst outcome at every instance. This is why the work place has put a moratorium on hiring millennials, they grew up without developing any coping skills.

  7. angry al says:

    This is so insane and part of why I wont have kids. You’ll get arrested if you don’t watch your kids 24/7? I was running around on my own or with my brother when in grade school. Fuck this shit.

  8. dick lubin says:

    “let me tell you what to do and how things should be because im a libertarian”

  9. dun says:

    That Doc Ruskin lady seems like an insane hysteric. She’s a great mouthpiece for that side of the argument

  10. Jim Smith says:

    Ignore these shows. They are directed to a particular audience with major cultural and ethno-religious anxieties as well as a weird relations between husbands, wives, and children. Really. You have to understand the cultural context.

    These “free range kids” articles are excrescences of deep subterranean anxieties in the urban Jewish psyche. Jewish husbands go along with what their wives want. The wives control the children. The wives are over-educated. Combine this with being an urban Jew living in a predominately gentile city, being suckled on Holocaustiana from birth, being wealthier that the gentiles around them, having only one (two at best) kids to raise and send (unscathed) to Harvard/Yale/Princeton/Stanford, and you have a firestorm of paranoia. Not to mention the fact that their wives have way too much time and money on their hands.

    I know whereof I speak. I worked as a lawyer in a Midtown law firm for years. I have hung out and partied with Jewish lawyers, bankers, and academics, both married and single (as well as hung out with their nannies and au pairs) on the Upper West Side and Upper East Side.

    A caution, however. You don’t see these stratospheric levels of paranoia and existential angst among Israeli Jews. You don’t see this infantilization and cocooning of children well into adulthood in Israel. Israelis have a much healthier society and way of thinking. Hell, all Israeli Jewish kids join the Jewish Army at age 18-19. Israeli Jews HAVE to be normal if they are to survive.

    But your typical Urban Jew in America, living in Exile, is a weird psychological basket case in many ways: husband/wife relations, parent/child relations, Jew/greater society relations. And shows like Stossel’s are merely the psychological leakage of these weirdnesses into public view.

    Don’t believe me? Look up Stossel’s experts’ names and addresses. Look up the producers’ and writers’ names and addresses. See the pattern?

    Go to any small/medium/large (i.e. gentile) town in America. Every kid is a “free range kid”. Breaking an arm falling off the monkey bars or crashing your bicycle is just a part of life. It is not a disaster. So ignore these shows. They have no more to do with America and Americans and the lives we lead than the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

  11. stanky stanky says:

    “Gender creative”? Tha fuck?

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