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• 04.30.10 11:35 am

Here’s the footage from the Carson Daly show that aired last night.

Here’s the footage from the Carson Daly show that aired last night.
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  1. Dork says:

    And not a single shot of your penis? Gavin, you are slipping…

  2. no.thanks. says:

    good job. tame. good job.

  3. JuCÍFEUR says:

    Should have done a bump the size of a golf ball prior to the interview…

  4. aesk47 says:

    Carson was drooling all over you… I think he’s in love with you! No homo!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    way to reuse the “apple in the back of a car” joke both times on Carson…

  6. fredMS says:

    damn, i dvred this for no reason.

  7. stoops says:


  8. bolo says:

    so how come you can wear white chucks after 30, but not black ones?

  9. Anonymous says:

    “I masturbate to a huge myriad of photographs back at my tiny apartment…”


  10. fizzlebottom says:

    they cut your dig at Juliette Lewis and love of white leather chucks

  11. basically says:

    try to wear clothing that enhances the person, but remember that no one gives a good god damn about you or your interests … can you wear a Sports shirt? Like a Brooklyn Dodgers Jersey? Or does a Brooklyn Dodgers Jersey fall under the No-“band shirt” clause?

  12. a4awesome says:

    HAHAHA!! I like the transformation from hipster to acceptable.

  13. Bitch Made says:

    luv how 15 years later so many people still miss the point of this shit

  14. basically 2.0 says:

    is a Jackie Robinson Jersey shirt acceptable? He was cooler than a lot of bands and if your white then it shows you are into Legacy, not simply color lines.

  15. Gavin is so gay says:

    just look at his fucking twitter

  16. d. vincent says:

    gavin…you funny!

  17. CG says:

    Bitch Made, please fill us in then.

  18. Radtooth says:

    can I wear anyfucking thing I want to whenever I want and not really give a shit?? Oh right thats what I do daily, but the captions are funny.

  19. douchebagsfrom heaven says:

    Carson Daly is a douchebag.

  20. scorch says:

    “I think it’s time we gave up on the wigger shorts”

  21. ElmSkreet says:

    That lady in the skittles ad was in donnie darko.

  22. flickin'beans says:

    i like how a some fucking meatball edited that piece and thought it looked good. because it looked like a fucking turbo fuel maximum chug contest.

  23. Tigerclit says:

    Love it. Fucking hilarious and spot on.

  24. Dink says:

    does gavin darken his hair now?

  25. Mike W says:

    Thanks, dude. I was just complaining about how stupidly big shorts are everywhere.

  26. Chief Crazy Cack says:

    When do big shorts become baggy knickerbockers?

  27. bizarrewick says:

    I just cut a pair of shorts the other day to look like how Gavin’s was in this viddy. We are on the same wave length. Good interview, but flickin’ beans was kinda right about the Turbo Fuel comparison hahah…

  28. newnumberorder says:

    I would actually wear the cap if it wasn’t fucking baby blue.

    I do agree with the shorts thing.

  29. Benji says:

    Guys have been wearing short(er) shorts for a good half-decade now. Where the fuck have YOU been, Gavin?

  30. Azrael Arden says:

    I just can’t get over what a corny faggot carson is. NOT saying I wouldn’t suck his dick if the occasion should ever arise..i mean HE IS famous. regardless good for you dude your on tv and shit without sucking dick.

  31. VIET DONG says:

    I gotta say that short shorts have been the thing for dudes since about 2002. And yea, the editing of that video was like some Axe Body Spray shit.

  32. HA HA says:

    HA HA! Hilarious!

  33. fik says:

    well done ~

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