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This is our second peek at the Street Carnage Book debut Sanza Haza. Today we focus on Batista.
This is our second peek at the Street Carnage Book debut Sanza Haza. Today we focus on Batista.
Named after the wrestler not the dictator, Batista is 17-years-old and lives at home with his parents who are both police officers. He was really quiet but we realized later it was a “walk softly carry a big stick” deal because every time there was a playfight, he would win with ease. He was also the best looking guy in the group and the girls liked him the most.

Batista at home in Soweto, South Africa’s largest ghetto.

Performing a “20/20” which is walking hand over hand along the side of the train while in full motion.

Here’s some Batista footage from the movie…

PART 1 of the SANZA HAZA teaser.

The full movie (starring all three) will be gracing festivals shortly and the photozines are available at:

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MANHATTAN: St Marks Bookshop, 31 Third Ave.

BROOKLYN: Spoonbill and Sugartown, 218 Bedford Ave.

PARIS: Collette, 213 rue Saint-Honoré. La Photo Librairie? 49 Avenue Villiers. The Lazy Dog, 2 Passage Thiéré. OFR 20 Rue Dupetit Thouars. Yvon Lambert?, Rue Vieille du Temple.

LONDON: No one, 1 Kingsland Road.Magma, 117-119 Clerkenwell Road (and all other locations).

BERLIN: Departmentstore, Quartier 206 Friedrichstrasse 71. König Taschen – im Museum für Fotografie Jebenstraße 2 ·

  1. Red says:

    This and that shit they do in Paris where they jump from building to building just makes me think the culture is not taking advantage of a great resource. Can’t we have these guys fighting wars or being ninjas or something?

  2. To Red says:

    You mean Parkour “the art of movement”? That shit’s so played. They’re trying to get it put in the Olympics I heard.

  3. To Red says:

    how can you write about drepression.


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