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Chris Brown may be the hottest thing in hip hop and R&B right now but like Skrillex and Dave Grohl, his roots are in punk and hardcore (and thrash). After the booming viral success of our last interview, we sat down with him again to discuss his feelings on the founders of anarcho-punk. 


Street Carnage: You a big Crass fan?

Chris Brown: You know this ain’t a Crass hoodie, right?

Yeah I get it.

It’s just like, a shout out to they logo.

I know Chris, I’m just asking.

All right, all right. I ain’t trippin’. Just wanted to make sure because if you know Crass, you know how they are with all they rules and shit. You gotta watch it with those cranky old anarchists (laughs). They got a lot of rules about not having rules!

Again, are you a fan?

Sorry (laughs). Of course I’m a fan. Actually…hold up. You wouldn’t really say that about Crass. They don’t really do “fans,” if you will. They one of those rare artists that don’t want you to be they fans. They a mirror. They say, “It’s about you.”

I’m not sure I follow you.

This was way before my time but I remember hearing a story about this shorty who wanted to get [Crass drummer and founder] Penny [Rimbaud]’s autograph on some 7” and Pen goes, “What’s your name?” The kid tells him his name and Penny holds the kid’s hand with the marker still in it and writes the kid’s name on the record. When I heard that, I was buggin’ out. I was like, “What?” That one act says mad shit about them.

What’s the biggest misunderstanding about Crass?

Hold on, hold on. I ain’t finished. That’s what Crass was all about. You being you. If you a nerd and shit, be a nerd. Don’t let anyone tell you how to be. You think it was easy for me growing up in the hood as a black kid into punk rock? In fucking Virginia (laughs)? Crass made niggas keep it real. You know, “If you don’t like religion/you can be the antichrist/If you’re tired of politics, you can be an anarchist.”

That’s why Penny called himself Rimbaud. He’s an existentialist. If a black kid from Virginia can hang out in the pit and mosh, and then take over the charts like I be doing right now, anyone can.

I get that, I guess, but I think you’re basically who you are from birth.

Yo, I feel that. I feel that. Identical twins separated at birth turn out the same and shit and gays is “born that way” as Gaga says. How about this? Check this: Even if you ain’t down with the existentialists, he could be saying, “If you meant to be a dancer but you in a cubicle crunching numbers, get out.” You feel me? You don’t have to change who you is. You have to be who you are.

That’s a good point. Existentialists say anyone can be anything and you can change your destiny, but Crass’s lyrics are also relevant to people who have been forced into to something they weren’t destined to do.

Yo, we getting mad serious. You trying to put everyone to sleep? What was you asking about “misunderstanding?”

What people get wrong about the band’s message.

Oh yeah, oh yeah! OK, on some real shit? I think the problem with a lot of the people who talk about Crass is a lot of these niggas hate big business so much, they end up being pro-government. And I’m sorry, that ain’t “ANOK” to me.

You got all these “socialist anarchists” who think Crass is just a mad loud version of Billy Bragg or some shit. Crass don’t hate money makin’. They hate the government. They more like Big Boi than Bragg.

Big Boi is an anarchist?

Ha! Not quite but he libertarian. You know that nigga voted for Gary Johnson?

I did not know that.

Yeah, and that’s who Penny Rimbaud would probably vote for if he gave a shit. He want the nigga that’s going to do the least politickin’. Look at what Crass did with they logo and shit. They never made shirts. “Take our logo. Make your own shirts. Go for it.” What did they say about Marx? “Their ideas of freedom are just oppression now.”

I find it hard to believe Penny Rimbaud is into big business.

I’m telling you. I wouldn’t be surprised if he did a Gap ad right now.

Are you completely out of your mind?

(laughs) Well, I don’t know the Gap or how they operate. But if they don’t got sweatshops and shit? Yeah! He’d do it. He’s pro gun too. You know that?

I refuse to believe that.

See? That’s what people don’t get. Crass was about you doing you. You think they want the police to be the only people with authority? Hells nah. “There is no authority but yourself.”

I know [bass player] Pete Wright hates guns and big business.

And how’d things turn out with him and the rest of the band, huh?


That’s because that nigga is a fucking communist! Check this out, “Be exactly who you want to be/do what you want to do/I am he and she is she but you’re the only you.” Communism is the opposite of individualism. It says we all one. I ain’t you. You don’t even know me. How you gonna talk to me like you know me? You don’t!

When I was coming up, all this shit was “anarcho punk” but today, as a grown ass man, it’s closer to “libertarian.”

So you’re a libertarian?

What? You trippin? I voted for Obama, nigga. He the man!



  1. Crasshole Bob says:

    Gavin, you fucking rule…-

  2. Sniffy says:

    I’m sniffing because I’m crying laughing right now. GOLD! BTW, who the fuck keeps dressing him up in this stuff?

  3. Dogboy says:

    Much as you would love to align your love of cool punk music with your conservative politics, anarchists are not libertarians just cos they like, hate the government. For libertarians property is everything. For anarchists, it is theft. Nor have I heard many anarchists applaud the state funded use of violence in foreign countries. Unless I missed the Crass song on how cool it was for US soldiers to piss on dead Afghans.

  4. RED says:

    Libertarians are against foreign wars.

    As far as Crass goes, I think you’re allowed to be flippant about a people who treat women like second class citizens and want gays to die.

  5. The thing about that “property is theft” thing is that it’s wrong. The only thing that’s theft is property tax.

  6. raymi says:

    Jesus this is real? Wow. “You gotta watch it with those cranky old anarchists (laughs). They got a lot of rules about not having rules!” HAHAHAHHAHAHA

  7. lester says:

    I fully accept Chris wearing Crass gear.

  8. First off, this is the one of the most intelligible Chris Brown interviews ever (the other one being your last one). I don’t know how he tops this. Slayer? Burzum??

  9. Chapter After says:

    Enjoying the fuck out of this.

    By the way, did you have to promise not to ask any beating-the-shit-out-of-Rihanna questions?

  10. Dudebro, the market anarchist says:

    > Property is theft
    > doesn’t realize that without property rights you can’t have proper pricing mechanisms
    > no price signals
    > no production
    > no modern markets

    Property rights have an emergent function in society that allows for progress and technological advancements. Your anarcho-communism doesn’t work here, bud.

  11. Proudscratcher says:

    Politics and big business….that`s all i`we heard from this guy.

  12. Septic Skeptic says:

    It isn’t a Crass hoodie. It’s a hoodie for toy collectors magazine Super 7 International Toy Pirates using a Crass logo.

  13. Skeptical Punk says:

    If this is real it is surprising. However, I don’t know who Crass and beating women can coexist. Then again, maybe I’m a gullible idiot who’s blind to satire.

  14. Fish in a Box says:

    A load of unintelligible hogwash about a counterfeit shirt which mirrors the counterfeit comments in the interview.

    So let’s clear this up .
    there is NO brand here, no great Symbol to get into ! Its an anti symbol to remind you all to wake up. If you want to wear it then get an official CRASS one at the official site search on, please no more of this fake meaningless attempt to brand and make money on a way of life that lives outside of commercialism.

    This Hoodie and the interview there on are tantamount to what can only be described as People in the system would par on a level with a Blasphemy against those that reject and fight to stay clear of the insidious and highly distasteful political / commercial pornographers of religion and state.

    But please take into account the fact that I’m a person concerned about social justice but who also desperately needs deodorant.

  15. Fish in a Box says:

    …..They make safety-pins of silver and gold, The bustuds who buy them they know what they’ve been sold….. (Major General Despair CRASS)

    A person concerned about social justice but who desperately needs deodorant.

  16. Skeptical Punk says:


    There is only anarchism and libertarianism. Anarcho-communism is anarachism. Without communal properties lack of government simply results in a state of nature closer to Nietzsche’s overman. Lets face it, that is simply social darwinism applied differently. At the end it is no different than capitalism because it is all about self interest. That is not anarchism.

    But please take this with a grain of salt, as it’s already established that I’m a gullible idiot who’s blind to satire.

  17. “you write with your hand but it’s rimbaud’s arm”

  18. jeff says:

    Geezer knows as much about crass as most of you fake asse punks out there wearin there ‘symbol’, get of ya soap box. fuck the lot of ya.

  19. Mike Smith says:

    He seems to know his Crass but he seemed to have skipped the non-violence and equality aspect.

  20. glenn says:

    hang the fuckin ritch feed the hungry make the world a better place execute a politician. Because, as we all know, being a loser automatically makes you a moral person. And forget about the fact that I’m probably too stupid to be rich and too charmless to ever become a politician. I mean, it’s not like part of the reason I’m not rich is because I don’t even know how to spell the fucking word.

  21. Anonymous says:

    The dude has no clue about anarcho punk rock.

  22. Robert from SIEGE says:

    ” Don’ wake mee up-up-up-up-up-uuuupp !! “

  23. Greg I says:

    Crass Brown

  24. Kai says:

    This is literally the worst thing I have ever read.

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