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• 09.12.08 01:00 pm

Just finished a two-year documentary about my daughter that we’re submitting to festivals. Hope you like it!

Just finished a two-year documentary about my daughter that we’re submitting to festivals. Hope you like it!
PS: If Flash no workie try YouTube.

  1. 54321dave says:

    teeny wheelchairs are adorable

  2. Street Boning says:

    Gavin has a tramp stamp.

  3. haze says:

    i hate miracles too

  4. KTB says:


  5. tommy gun says:

    so funny ahahahaha. even if it was staged that doctor’s face had me rolling. and really cute kid btw man

  6. erm says:

    really made my whole week


    inspirational and i hope it gets selected for sundance or banff or whatever they is

  7. Vane$$a says:

    The real miracle? Gavin did something funny.

    But it’s still too long. Try one more round of cuts.

  8. A Dena says:

    Hahahahaha, so funny Gav, nice return to form!

  9. Nadia says:

    Sheeet! I just did a spit take at work and everyone knows I don’t do anything but look at the internet. That movie may have just lost me my job.

  10. david says:

    You beat Wired to this two year old story. Congrats Gav!

  11. Sumach says:

    Can i get a copy of one of those fliers?

  12. Vegetable Lasagna says:

    Nice use of “mellon colie and the infinite sadness” haha

  13. neezy says:

    sponsored by Fred Perry

  14. Deli-icious says:

    no kidding. enough with those fucking shirts.

  15. Lindsay says:

    Heartwarming and breathtaking. Your daughter is so brave; she doesn’t seem to be aware of her disability at all. My prayers are with your family.

  16. fuckface says:

    Not funny. Just wasted 6 minutes of my life. Damn.

  17. david says:

    All I can think of is whatever happened to cloth diapers?

  18. jab says:

    if i were the parents, i would be more concerned about my daughter being strangled by that dangling cord near the sofa…

  19. pbrain says:

    i had the idea of babies in wheelcairs maybe 2 weeks ago and am extremely excited to see it on film.

  20. Smarmy Cokehead says:

    That was fantastic. Well played sir.

    Though my shitstain kid was walking at 10 months… I blame your shitty genes Gavin.

  21. notian says:

    whoa, the whole baby wheelchair was abit over the top. Carry the damn baby, lazyass! Why are you taking a baby to the bar???!?!? no wheelchair access??!?!

  22. Laura says:

    I was born running. neener.

  23. Jana says:

    this is BRILLIANT!

  24. majella says:

    sheer brilliance

  25. jane says:

    WONDERFUL! This is so great. She’s so cute. I love it.

  26. cecil seaskull says:

    Ha! Loved it! Gavin! As always you are so funny! Hope you are so well!

  27. jane says:

    also, is notian being funny or just really dumb?

  28. prehistoric says:

    why does it feel like watching the last 5 minutes of Chinatown seeing gavin with his kid?

  29. […] Sophie Can Walk is a tour-de-force of cinematic advocacy greater than An Inconvenient Truth and a Michael Moore montage combined — a film that speaks out bravely, albeit in a cute little googoo voice, against the prejudice faced by baby-Americans born without the ability to walk. Above, the YouTube low-rez; here’s a better quality version. (thanks, Sepideh!). […]

  30. […] Sophie Can Walk is a tour-de-force of cinematic advocacy greater than An Inconvenient Truth and a Michael Moore montage combined — a film that speaks out bravely, albeit in a cute little googoo voice, against the prejudice faced by baby-Americans born without the ability to walk. Above, the YouTube low-rez; here’s a better quality version. (thanks, Sepideh!). […]

  31. hellahyphy says:

    fisher price?
    fancy diapers?
    you guys submit this as a commercial idea for target.

  32. Cuntegonde says:

    Inspirational and heartwarming. One can dream!

  33. chancho says:

    The internets is the new idiot box!

  34. Alexandra Bilodeau says:

    I don’t really understand why they put her in a weelchair? They just have to take her in their arm no? I don’t know but I have begin to walk like at 3 years old… I know it’s old but my mom said that is because i didn’t want to walk … wathever the documantary is cute but I don’t get the point… Someone explain to me without insulting me thanks!

  35. Anonymous says:

    I don’t think this is very funny.

    Have you ever considered the fact that there are parents who really have to suffer through day to day life with their children in wheelchairs and diapers for their entire lives? What would you say to a parent whose child will never be able to move his own head, let alone walk?

  36. Poopy butt wiper says:

    Seriously. get those blind strings tied way up high. Or just break down and pay the $30 for drapes at Target. You can donate the blinds to the old people who have no taste home. You don’t want her to grow up thinking a house with blinds can ever be a home.
    Where do you even buy blinds now? Isn’t woolworth’s closed?

  37. Mark says:

    This is mean and insensitive and unfortunately it made me laugh — just a sucker for cute kids I guess.

  38. steamer says:

    what’s the deal with ‘comments’?

  39. umm... says:

    I always thought Gavin was funny, but a lot of his material has been mediocre. This, on the other hand, is genius.
    You look like a really good father, to boot.

  40. Alex says:

    That wheelchair is ridiculous! so is this two minutes shit.

  41. peeps says:

    I guess I don’t see why y’all are so freaking sensitive, he is wheeling her into bars and into bodegas to buy cigarettes! She’s in a mini-wheelchair and not a stroller because he doesn’t get why she doesn’t come out walking like horses do! You are retarded. And yes, thats mean and insensitive too. wahhhhhhhhh!

  42. […] Sophie Can Walk is a tour-de-force of cinematic advocacy greater than An Inconvenient Truth and a Michael Moore montage combined — a film that speaks out bravely, albeit in a cute little googoo voice, against the prejudice faced by baby-Americans born without the ability to walk. Above, the YouTube low-rez; here’s a better quality version. (thanks, Sepideh!). […]

  43. mark says:

    Some of you are a tad too sensitive about other peoples’ comments. odd that you should find it okay to make a joke about handicapped people, but that you take offense when someone points out anything that remotely resembles criticism about that joke? wahhhhhhhh! this video is dark humor. it’s supposed to be somewhat mean spirited, or certainly it allows itself to be somewhat mean spirited. if i didn’t enjoy that style of humor i wouldn’t come to this website. i will spell out what i was saying for those of you unable to recognize irony. “i enjoyed this video, and while i recognize that there are people who might be offended by this (myself not being one of them) it still makes me laugh.”

  44. fred flintston says:

    jeesus, you really see how bad this site is getting when this seems funny in retrospect. boring and mediocre man, whatever.

  45. Kool-aide-mustache says:

    It’s almost as if the babies are instructed in the delivery room that they cannot legally walk until age one. Like they’ll lose their inherent cuteness if they violate this law. Sorry, kid, keep it to a swift crawl or we’re revoking your rights to live. Maybe it’s for everyone’s safety and well being. Being the law abiding child she is, my daughter held out until her actual first birthday to walk. To the date. From then forward she was motoring all about like it was no longer prohibited. Well, God speed, sophie, you’ve put in your time and earned your wheels.

  46. caroline says:

    As the mother of a child who couldn’t walk until after a foot surgery at four and has cerebral palsy, I found this documentary to be worse than just tasteless. Couldnt the asshole donate the money he wasted on this to the pediatric rehab institute????
    The issue of what the medical community does or doesnt do for children with developmental disabilities is a serious isssue. The issue of self absorbed parents who cant deal with children’s needs is another.

  47. […] baby wheelchair cute-ness click! […]

  48. love baby wheelchairs says:

    thats my pediatricians office! what were you doing in white plains, ny?

  49. babies says:

    i suffered from this very same disability when i was born! thank you for making a film that lets others know of this!

  50. Flog says:

    Gavin has never looked more like Donald Sutherland.

  51. lol says:

    Caroline doesn’t get it.

  52. Emily H. says:

    Recently, I lost my ability to walk. I found out I suffer from the late-onset version of this disability. Insensitive people in my life have told me to “just wait until the hangover goes away,” but that’s not good enough for me — we need to find real solutions!

  53. Pierre says:


    your daughter is a saint for putting up with your cracker ass.

  54. a 17 year old says:

    baby wheelchairs!! gavin, your movie was so cute and funny. haters to the left!

  55. Kim says:

    The music MAKES it for me.

  56. Jim Goad says:

    This was, by light years, the funniest and most clever thing ever posted on this site,

  57. You guys are geniuses.

    Please check out:

    T Patrick

  58. Ry says:

    Michael Scott is lame

  59. Bertram Settlemires says:

    Awesome video.

    Also, where did all these loser idiots come from?

  60. iik says:

    That movie is sentimental stupidness.

    Gavin has turned into the “new parent” DON’Ts he used to go on about. Irony’s a bitch.

  61. Jorge Negro says:

    YES!!!!!!!!!! I love a good laugh… Oops, I’m sorry I shouldn’t laugh… Oh well, I’m going to hell anyway, might as well enjoy what I can now!

  62. No Poops says:

    As a mother of a 9 month old, I found this eerily disturbing, but intriguing at the same time. Who the hell wants their child to come out walking anyways? It’s a godsend they can’t walk at birth! At least you have a few months to prepare before they start trashing your house and everything in it. Oh wait, you don’t have a boy!

  63. pepita says:


  64. Donut says:

    Fucking funny. Very funny. I want that wheelchair.

  65. STOP THIS says:

    Dustin Hoffman should have his Oscar revoked for insulting autistic people in Rain Man.

  66. […] so he dec­i­ded to tak­e ac­ti­on­. He m­ade a shor­t do­cumen­t­ar­y­ abo­­u­t h­is family’s ride­ to­­ infant […]

  67. Mr.Wilson says:

    Eye of the tiger baby!

  68. Craig says:

    self indulgent 1st world white trash.
    my daughter never walked (CP) – but she brought more love and laughter to the world than this insensitive binary filler ever will

    Caroline understands – you’ve never lived.

  69. Nelle Nostika says:

    First time I’ve ever laughed and cried at the same time. What a brave baby.

  70. Bonnie says:

    I have handicapped family members. this is still humorous to me. this site is not for the sensitive types for sure. the asian dr, reaction is priceless. like, OBVIOUSLY most babies aren’t BORN walking. cute and silly.

  71. bizzie wascal says:


  72. Ron Jovi says:

    This was lame. My Uncle had polio as a child and is less lame than this. Maybe you should expand your asshole and let the truth/sun/radar machine in?

  73. But... says:

    As with all comedy, this film offends me as a human being.

    Why, just yesterday, I was watching “America’s Funniest Home Videos” on my television set. I couldn’t believe how many insensitive people thoughtlessly laughed — LAUGHED! — at the sight of an obese man falling into a swimming pool while wearing his Sunday best. Think of how many people throughout history have suffered far worse a fate than winning $10,000 by falling into 5 feet of water. The drowning! The wetness! The splashing! The humiliation! Oh, the humiliation!

    You, Mr. Gavin, should be ashamed of yourself. I pray one day your daughter learns to run, so she may run away from your cruelty.

  74. confused says:

    if i was a baby with cp i’d be really bummed if my mom was sitting around reading websites called streetboners.

  75. jeffery lyons of internet comments says:

    really, really funny. my favorite thing on this website.

  76. Spanky McTony says:

    fuck walking, baby needs to pay some billz_

  77. Henry Fool says:

    its uncanny how much he looks like rip taylor

  78. mateus deiter says:

    This is so funny! This is the only funny thing Gavin’s ever done, but it makes up for it. FUNNY!

  79. benazir bhutto banton says:

    absolutely adorable

  80. […] just watched this short documentary, “sophie can walk,” about a father who defies all medical wisdom and vows to help his daughter walk within the […]

  81. snowpantz says:

    i am an infant teacher at a university lab school. we constantly are challenged with these sorts of doctors and popular beliefs about the capabilities of children. thank you for sharing your experience with us. it is very inspiring.
    – snowpantz

  82. Why am I Fredo? says:

    Oh man! The second I “got it” my mood did a 180! I went from bored and confused to an explosion of laughter. ;D This is super, super funny and I wish you the best in finding a distributor. And I agree with the first poster: Teeny wheelchairs are adorable! Awesome work.

  83. Liv says:

    This made me pee a little.

  84. SEA OF RATS says:

    Your child bound to a wheelchair because she couldn’t walk was absolutely adorable.

  85. quotefingers says:

    there should have been at least one physical-therapy-using-parallel-handrails-scene. but that aside, this is golden.

  86. pedro.martinez says:

    I think this is stupid! why would you want your kid to walk at an early age? They are still growing, developing, learning. Why rush them? They are babies!! let them be babies!! I feel sorry for their next child who has parents who won’t even hold them and are NOT happy because of this stupid idea of why kids can’t walk when they are born. Get over yourself!

  87. Jakob says:

    What? Hvordan fandt du denne side, du forstår jo intet!?

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  89. J Gilmour says:

    “It’s like they hate miracles…” Best line ever.

  90. UtitteCrove says:

    Site really resource

  91. Jules Trump says:

    LOL. I guess.

  92. Joy Honsen says:

    I like what you said. Kudos.

  93. Anne says:

    We love your stuff. You are hilarious! Good luck with the festivals!

  94. Anonymous says:

    I have a beautiful little girl with cerebral palsy and I was offended by this piece. I do not think that he would have made it if he had a child with cp or loved a child with cp.

  95. Anonymous says:

    Oh, I got to this website because it is the first link provided by a researched affiliated with the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, where my little girl receives therapy for cerebral palsy. With the link and the title, I thought that it would be an uplifting story about a child overcoming a disability.

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