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• 11.20.09 11:00 am

What do you get when you convince Tobey MaGuire, John Stossel, and Eva Mendes to get nude and fight each other? Well, you get a pornographic romcom about post-millennial intercourse in a world where gender still matters.

This video is on the DVD Gavin McInnes is a Fucking Asshole.”



  1. frenchy says:

    fizzzzzzzurst. wow. hadnt seen gavins asshole before…

  2. desboobs says:

    hahaha holy shit.

  3. shadowy figure says:

    Who is the brunette on the train and why isn’t there just a video of nothing but her?!

  4. felicia says:

    fuckkkkk yeah

    that pole work? god I respect you.

  5. Jello Biafra says:

    Probably could have done without the taint…probably.

  6. Julia says:

    That’s me, licking Gavin’s nipple and getting kicked out the club. Classic.

  7. lester says:

    that’s what its really like for me :(

  8. Ty says:

    Yep. Best thing ever.

  9. james says:

    that was the fuckin best…

  10. Amazing Larry says:

    I can see your polyps from here.

  11. I’m pretty sure this is the most advanced piece of visual comedy of 2k9. I have a feeling it’s actually from 2k10aint. Just want 2 lay some creased bills in some upsidedown dudes 4 christmas.

  12. Beefy McManstick says:

    Wow! Who woulda thought? Get rid of Blog-what’s-his-face and the site gets good again…weird.

  13. Fucko says:


  14. poopsmear says:

    holy shit that was hilarious. you should make it embeddable so people can share it

  15. HOMO says:


  16. lol@u says:

    geezus dude, you’re a freak. nobody wants to see that shit.

  17. taco truck says:


  18. Duncman says:

    That was great dude. Did you raid my dads closet for the short shorts and ratty old Chucks you wore in the train scene?

  19. Sally says:

    Sorry about your tattoo.

  20. jesus christ i can taste your fucking breakfast from here… 😉

  21. dirtynickels says:

    poor lesley had to see that. still, you’re the heavyweight champ Gavin. i don’t think the hollywood jews would know what to do with you. bravo.

  22. uncle sherm says:

    hilarious & disturbing. well done.

  23. tweak says:

    crazy taint action.

  24. Dork says:

    I like the centrifugal force stretching out his weiner. Science!

  25. homeless. says:

    hahahahahahah you sick fuck

  26. Ed Hardly says:


  27. Sal says:

    That was very awesome. Street Carnage is back baby.

  28. huge douche says:


  29. zzzzzzzz says:

    That was probably the best thing that will happen to me today.

  30. fighting women is easy and fun says:

    go go go

  31. Vane$$a says:

    Hmmmmm…well done. You’re finally starting to get it.

  32. Chachi and the MS-13s says:

    Dug it.

  33. Donkey Kiz says:

    Vane$$a you’re a fuckin idiot. BN was right about you

  34. N8 says:

    “show me your tongue” killed me

  35. brooklynchimp says:


  36. mark "k-punk" fisher says:

    all the people complaining about gavin’s seeing private areas are closet fags (yes, ESPECIALLY the chicks)


  37. Julene says:

    This may be the single best video in existence. Excuse me while I post it everywhere.

  38. canada says:

    fucking hilarious!! thanks streetcarnage for getting this friday started

  39. Vane$$a says:

    Why is it that whenever I compliment someone at this site I end up getting raped by some anonymous dick! Blognigger likes me! Right?

  40. Super Dominant Male in a 50s Greaser Uniform says:

    Shut yer hole…Vane$$a. This is Gavin’s time to shine. I wonder if he’s upset that no one has mentioned his “length?”

  41. Street Boning says:

    Best I ever had.

  42. Brian says:

    Wow, that was Gavin McInnes’ fucking asshole.

  43. fuck BK says:

    YOU PENIS IS NOT YOUR FUNNIEST ORGAN. I swear to go dude, seriously.

  44. the nacho chip says:

    uhhh NSFW. seriously. But seriously, this is hilarious.

  45. Erik says:


  46. Sharon says:

    My favourite part was when flicked your dink up and down and up and down.

  47. dan-o says:

    thumbs up. your ass.

  48. Kitten Washer says:

    Surprisingly funny. And some day your kid will see that. That’s my favorite part.

  49. Columbo says:

    Wow! That’s the first time this site has made me laugh in months!
    Really great stuff guys.
    I noticed something a bit off-putting during the train scene:
    Gavin I recommend using iodized salt. It’ll clear that goiter right up!

  50. ann richards says:

    oh man that was so good. you put everything into perspective. can you imagine us ladies dressed up as construction workers and heckling dudes on the streets? yeah, in another universe.

  51. KFC man says:

    You have just redeemed yourself for the decade!!!

  52. Bruce Straightsteen says:

    goddamnit my penis just retracted back into my body.

  53. cuntvomit says:

    Nice worm.

  54. no. thanks. says:

    amazing. amazing. this is just good because its seriously on a whole other path from what ever the fuck vice was on. this is on a whole other unique level.

  55. moosewood says:

    Sorry but while you were swinging your dick around I really wanted to laugh but I was still busy thinking about the brunette on the train and her sweet sweet looking breasts.

  56. Anonyourmom says:

    Sweet tats. This post rules.

  57. MaltLikkaSippa says:

    good work!

  58. 10/10 says:

    ahahaha… nice job

  59. a4awesome says:

    hahaha “show me your tongue”

  60. Toilet Punishment and the Human Response says:

    I hope this is the last we see of the black hole.

  61. bull says:

    i will fly to nyc from toronto just to be in the next video

  62. Charles says:

    I feel like some sort of threshold has been passed. That was the last truly funny taboo joke that has ever been done. Seeing male anus and taint will not be funny in future versions of that joke. So what’s left? From this juncture, I can only foresee a listless future of people who are comfortable with their sexuality.

    That’s it. Society has finally passed into the last epoch of pure reason before the redescent into barbarism.

    If God wasn’t dead I’d pray for him to help us all.

  63. Sewer Rats says:

    The past couple weeks of Street Carnage have been bliss… worth enduring that bullshit through the summer.

    This was amazing.

  64. DR. DRANKENSTEIN says:


  65. Hey Charles says:

    ^^^ I think I have a crush on you. CALL ME!

  66. animaldance says:

    fucking brilliant!!!

  67. harth says:

    worth it for hooters/angel joke

  68. blogderogatorytermforanasian says:

    i hope drake sues you

  69. zzzzzzzz says:


    If the male anus is still that scintillating to you, you should probably stop talking about “thresholds” that need to be crossed.

    If god wasn’t dead, your first-year philosophy class…

  70. Anonyourmom says:

    Again, this is great and all but WHERE THE FUCK ARE THE WORD ON THE STREETS?

  71. tigerclit says:

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  72. yikes says:

    Awesome!!!!!!! Great work. Very funny and true and great and awesome!

  73. The President of the United States of Full Blown Aids says:

    Didn’t we all agree that male taint should never be photographed?

  74. c'mon says:

    it doesn’t work for me because I doubt many women lust after a guy who looks like a disheveled hobo

  75. BRO says:

    Legit just busted a nut. Thanks, gav.

  76. mark "k-punk" fisher says:


    way to miss the joke shitwit

  77. DDT says:

    the (deliciously ironic) cherry on top of this gavin-sundae is that you’re are too preoccupied with the drooling girl to understand when gavin moves in for the kill on the dancefloor! like when a school nurse hits you with the needle before the countdown is over and your mind is elsewhere and you just feel the pain as an afterthought, like “ow, that hurt. I feel betrayed”.. except in this case, the nurse is hitting you with a new nitrous oxide-compound and everything is forgiven.

  78. melsa says:


  79. jambajuice says:

    fuck everything else…Gavin’s cock is bigger than I thought.

  80. Anonymous Too says:

    Your point is covered in the opening when he says “men want to fuck everything that moves.” In this analogy women would even want to fuck a disheveled hobo like him. He says they only want to fuck y mama tam bien types and she disagrees. Then he proves it. Now do you get the simplest joke ever?

  81. jones says:

    Should tidy up the bar scene at the beginning, that shit is so repetitive. And the whiskey/meth diet rocks, but it’s making you look extra old and haggard dude. Either shave or grow the beard back. You look disgusting.

  82. Gideon Yago says:

    Yup, Gavin has a really nice unit as well…

  83. gavin mcinnes is the new iggy pop
    gavin mcinnes is my fucking herrooooo

  84. :) says:

    I wonder if he employed a fluffer and some viagra just to get himself that “hard.”

  85. Hairy Potter says:

    hahahahahahahaha that shit made my week. Way too much cocknballs but funny.

  86. Taeil says:

    I’m willing to share some things to show for the world of the internet. Someone laying down a dollar bill on me entire package is not one of those things.

  87. Taeil says:

    Apparently I can’t spell on the internet.

  88. B&J says:

    Pretty funny man.

    Now just add characters and a plot line and you have a TV series or something.

    If you know that girl at Pot Psychology can you please ask her to release it on dvd?

    Are you there Gavin, its me BJ

  89. PINK TREAT says:

    gavin got dem sweet ass moves down

  90. Cunty Baws says:

    Wow, Gavin has some nifty lapdancing moves. I particularly like the one where his cock dangles down and almost touches the floor. Sexy.

  91. SC says:

    Has officially jumped the shark. With no more gimmicks to pull out of your ass, does the site go back to lame posts by Arv and your retarded bloated brother?

  92. Anonymous Too says:

    Not sure if the best post in the history of the site is the ideal time to discuss “Jumping the Shark.”

  93. dola says:

    “Not sure if the best post in the history of the site is the ideal time to discuss “Jumping the Shark.””

    The best post in history of the site is this hacky collegehumor one-note shit? Too bad.

  94. miss appalachian says:

    lesley you look good.

  95. stoops says:

    jesus man.
    you know how to please.

  96. Emily says:

    I would totally go to a strip club to see guys that look like gavin swing their dicks around. Gavin quit trying to act like you’re not hot. I’m going to masturbate to this video out of spite and lust.

  97. Gavin and the Fonz says:

    I think it totally jumps the shark. The site is on its way down. The only posts anyone gives a shit about are Gavin’s and he has to show his asshole to get any reaction. Jumping the shark was a sensational attempt to save Happy Days. This is SC jumping the shark. Unless Gavin is going to take a shit on a midget live, we have seen SC’s swan song.

  98. Arv says:

    I love how everyone who has seen this will now think of Gavin’s taint every time that Drake song comes on.

  99. Arv is the worst says:

    you should stop posting at all.

  100. Vane$$a says:


  101. fucking legendary

  102. Anonymous says:


    and yet you’re wrong. you miss it completely. it’s (desire and becoming easily turned on/aggressive/objectifying a group you are attracted to) based on gender roles and societal constructs. you don’t think diesel dykes do the same things to female strippers? they sure do, because they’re in touch with being “male.”

    fantastic video, wrong conclusion. women are just as predatory and as often as men when they embrace the male persona. but not many understand that their passivity and inhibitions are not innate. not many at all.

  103. Anonymous says:

    really nice video. :)

  104. GiZZz says:

    That was dirty. Ew

  105. Gosh yer wrong says:

    Swan song? Ha! Gavin is positioning himself as the biggest asshole around (look how mean he is!) to become the king of the massive untapped Schadenfreude army on the internet. Jumped the shark? No sir. Street Carnage is heading like a rocket through the stratosphere.

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  107. Um, holy sh** — I wasn’t expecting this video to take the turn that it did, but it is f’ing hilarious … hats off to G.M. for, um, manning up … physical comedy takes a new step in its evolution — bye bye Chris Farley dancing and Will Ferrell streaking bits (no longer funny compared to this).

  108. where's my phone? says:


  109. Lips says:

    That beer looked damn good.

  110. gay dude says:

    This was awesome. I would maybe like it better if you cut the bar intro/outro that explains the joke. It gives it a sort of SNL conventionality you probably don’t need to lean on. It still works with it, though.

    You also got me into that song in a big way.

    Nice moves and nice dick.

  111. Munnersby says:


  112. Anonymous says:

    if that’s a grower, that’s got to be one heck of a dick when it’s hard.

    could you do a part 2? something like you and the bespectacled guy (he’s fucking adorable) doing a softcore photo shoot? maybe stroking your shafts and doing faux-gay moves on each other. that’d be swell.

  113. KESHY says:

    let’s hear a big hurrah for gavins arsehole.

    i think it should have it’s own username.

  114. cream says:

    1. titties girl on the train

    2. lesley’s face

    3. gavin’s dick looks like mine.

    loved it

  115. giggles says:


  116. Drake says:

    hahaha Now every time I hear that damn song on the radio I think of Gavins upsidedown cocknballs.

  117. Francisco says:

    i just copied this to embed.

  118. RHEK says:


  119. Ra Ra Ra says:

    I will now be going to my masterbatorium… with my computer…. be back in a while.

  120. NaNa says:

    Ahahahahahahahahahahah! Oh shit,I just wet myself…
    Fucking Brillant!

  121. samantha says:

    Show me your tongue bit was so on point it was kinda scary.

  122. caldecott says:

    hilarious, but not a complete inversion because all the girls were hot.

  123. sarahann says:

    hahahaha “thats right, show me your tongue”

  124. i shit my own dick. froze it into a shildo. then fucked my pussy with it.

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  127. nuty professior says:


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  129. imyar says:

    omg how have i not watched this before awesome. i like that you write in penis parts specifically for your horseick. way to go!

  130. max says:

    DAMN who is that second girl on the subway in the pink top?!

  131. mmmm gurllll says:

    i don’t know if i needed to rewatch that sans the black bars

  132. hong kong phooey says:

    best i’ve ever EVER had.

  133. Buttstache says:

    I just had to watch that again for the 30th time-truly,the fuckin’ best I’ve ever had.

  134. Nacio says:

    Gavin 1, the Rest of Human Civilization 0

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  136. lady says:

    i was touching myself during the pole scene.

  137. Manooshi says:

    Dude. The question is: why were you reading The New York Post on the subway? I didn’t picture you being a New York Post reading on the subway kinda dude… unless you “read it just for it’s killer sports section.”

    Very funny vid. You have balls, man. *cough*


  138. giovanni marks says:

    he is the king.

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