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Street Carnage is dead. It’s been dead for a while, actually but websites don’t rot so it’s not like there’s any rush to get the body in the ground. I started this site with Derrick Beckles in 2008 after I left Vice. 

I thought we were going to be like my old company but with totally uncensored content that wasn’t beholden to advertisers. We’d combine my hilarious DOs & DON’Ts with his brilliant TV Carnage and we’d also shoot sketches in a makeshift studio like Tim & Eric. None of that happened. I couldn’t even get the name DOs & DON’Ts and was forced to call them “Street Boners.” Nobody cared. I was basically doing my old job after I had left my old job for a good reason.

We went from trying our balls off to dialing it in to using the site as a kind of Twitter acct where we’d announce various events or list new projects. Actual Twitter is much better than this. There were some good times. I met a good network of millennials who have a bright future. Editor Arvind Dilwar comes to mind. Jim Goad was also a great editor. As far as content, what really sticks out to me is “Wasted Pushups” wherein a guy named Sam would various drugs and then try doing pushups. He even tried heroin which really pissed off Derrick (we’ve both had a lot of friends OD). Sam demanded we take all those down. Millennials do that a lot. They’re not great at culpability.

Eventually, it became clear that Derrick’s future was making real TV in LA rather than just making fun of bad TV on his couch in New York. My future was starting a bunch of other careers and getting fired. I’m going to leave the site up for now because it’s part of my email address and there’s a ton of old content here it seems wrong to just delete.

Anyway, it was real. It was fun. But it wasn’t real fun and the moral of the story is you gotta keep throwing shit at the wall to see what sticks. This didn’t stick.

  1. MoistAngst says:

    Well, it was fun while it lasted. Onward and upward…

  2. Ooga Booga says:

    Leave the pictures of the girls up. I have needs to fulfill.

  3. Honez says:

    Was here from the beginning

  4. KinkyKelli says:

    RIP/Best wishes from a former Street Boner circa 2011 or 12. Thank you.

  5. OogaBooga says:

    Ah, fake me, you rushed here only to come in second. What a perfect metaphor. What will you do with your meaningless life now? Ah, ok, just for old times sake, here ya go:

    “Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world – only to serve the People of Israel…. In Israel, death has no dominion over them… With gentiles, it will be like any person – they need to die, but [God] will give them longevity. Why? Imagine that one’s donkey would die, they’d lose their money…. This is his servant… That’s why he gets a long life, to work well for this Jew.. Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi and eat… That is why gentiles were created.”
    –Ovadia Yosef, Chief Rabbi of Israel

    Yosef’s funeral was attended by 1 Million citizens of The Jewish State, making it the largest in that country’s history. All of Israel’s leaders attended and sang his praises, including Bibi, who considered Yosef his spiritual mentor.


  6. ARS says:

    Goodbye. Ehm.

  7. Waskior says:

    Thanks for the closure.

    What will become of John Pittsley?

  8. Anthony 'Antonio' Cumia says:

    I never would have fired you Gavin. You left to join that Christ-killer Hyman Roth….I mean Mark Levin. I know it was you, Gavin. You broke my heart. You broke my heart.

  9. AvocadoCheddarPepperAndSalt says:

    Go fuck yourself you bigoted piece of trash. Your old friends Shane and whats-his-face won, they’re billionaires with the TV deal. You will be forgotten (unless you go murder-suicide, which I’m putting at about 40% odds). You lost all your old showbiz friends, your wife hates you. You didn’t get the Fox gig. Go die, pig.

  10. crazaur says:

    Face it, the only shit you’ve ever thrown at the wall that managed to stick was Vice, and it’s the only one that ever will. And even that would’ve never stuck if it wasn’t for Shane’s business and sales savvy. He was the ray kroc to your mcdonald’s brothers. I would say the moral to this story is more, don’t be such a flaming asshole in life and maybe keep most of your insane reactionary political beliefs to yourself (something you seem to have no problem doing with regard to race realism by the way, which it’s obvious you believe). You’re a funny motherfucker wth some real talent, and if you’d just done that, you’d at the very least have a shot at a legitimate entertainment career. And if you’d just held on a little longer at vice, you’d be richer than god himself.

  11. Dave says:

    Geez, I discovered this site today and it’s one day dead!

  12. OogaBooga says:

    Jesus, AvocadoCheddarPepperAndSalt, project much? The pathetic entity you intern for, Vice, is a sad joke–the now-failing liability of soulless corporate overlords, and everyone knows this. In perfectly ironically humiliating fashion, the beta-male pansies who run Vice are dying by the #Metoo sword they attempted to wield with their limp wrists.

    Oh yeah, and also, your President is named Trump. That is to say, the guy in charge of your country–your boss–is DONALD TRUMP. You got your ass kicked in the election. Hillary was defeated, humiliated, and she still might end up chowing box in lady prison… unless she officially comes out as a transgender male. Which, I’ll admit, she definitely is. Your side got trounced, Gavin was part of the reason why you got your ass kicked in such humiliating fashion, and now you are reduced to trying to goad him into suicide. I’ll give you this much–morally speaking, you really are the epitome of the progressive left.

    To paraphrase your failed goddess, who crowed and fist pumped after she learned that Gaddafi just got sodomized to death:

    We came, we saw, your SJW dreams died.

  13. T2d says:

    crazaur said it perfectly. Gavin was a one-hit wonder who’s bitter because he cashed out too early. He would’ve had a much better life had he stayed out of political commentary altogether.

  14. ImStillWithHerAndStuff says:

    OH MY GOD GAVIN! You are the worst!!! If you had of just built a time machine you could have gone back in time with a grays sports almanac and now you would have been a billionaire!

    You aren’t as wealthy as your ex business partners and thus all your political beliefs are invalid. Hillary Clinton was the best!! From one multi millionaire to another let me just say a final FUCK YOU for falling to the right of Karl Marx.

  15. Tim Smith says:

    OogaBooga, ass kicked and trounced? Hillary Clinton *won* the popular election.

  16. Tim Smith says:

    OogaBooga, ass kicked and trounced? Hillary Clinton *won* the popular election.

  17. The Donkey Whisperer says:

    Alas! No more Hebe hating rantings and ravings by the no-life OogaBooga and his Cock Muppets? No more “””QUOTES”””!!! Say it ain’t so Hymie.
    We the Hasbara of his Holohoax wet dreams will miss the ole’ troll who never failed to fetch upon command. If Gavin leaves the site up though, as he stated, then we can imagine OogaBooga will haunt the old posts with new entries as he shuffles endlessly through the only meaning to his pathetic life. Bye bye loser. 💋

  18. botbot says:

    The Donkey Whisperer is a kike.

  19. The Donkey Whisperer says:

    See what I mean. In just one minute one of his alter-ego Cock Muppets made an appearance. “Here boy, fetch.” Good boy.

  20. botbot says:

    Gavin is a lazy faggot. He figured out he could get on a four drink buzz and be more entertaining than 99.5% of the population and rode it. Big deal. I’ll take the live version at the 93 percentile. He’s capable of a lot more but he’s a cowed faggoty coward. He could channel Louis Theroux but do it much, much better. Watch some of those BBC financed piles of shit and imagine Gavin demolishing the scene instead.

    Gavin got his stupid $15mm or whatever vice bucks lottery ticket and chickened the fuck out about ever really trying again, and tried to worm his way into broadcast TV for some insane reason. That was plenty of capital with his talent to be a huge fucking deal on the internet. He could with not too much effort have been a huge presence right now. Cumia is a moron. The Jews he’s taking checks from now are ridiculous and will fail. A really shitty blog like streetcarnage wasn’t going to cut it, though. Good lord, he might have had to figure out that he wasn’t so good a internetting and hired some $120k people full time. Sooo hard to do with a spare $1mm lying around. Much better to waste a decade worming your way into the media establishments built by people with actual balls. And spout retarded nonsense about working your way up for cheap. Sorry, good people cost money.

  21. OogaBooga says:

    “OogaBooga, ass kicked and trounced? Hillary Clinton *won* the popular election.”

    Yeah, Tim Smith, you’re right. And a month earlier, the World Series was declared a tie because the Indians scored the same total number of runs as the Cubs in the 7 game series.

    You fucking idiot. The only stat that matters in a presidential election is the electoral score. Here it is again, because you apparently fucking forgot:

    TRUMP: 304
    HILLARY: 227

    That’s a good old fashioned ass kicking. And it will haunt you, William Kristol, and the fat homosexual Zionist basement dweller hasbara who has devoted his life to sophomoric, failed attempts to besmirch the real Ooga Booga’s reputation. The glorious legend of the Oog will live on. 4eva.

  22. Omega Man says:

    Snoooooooze…..So this is it. It ends in the forest with no one around to hear it. Fitting that that the resident lurker figures so prominently in the last post comments. As an act of charity I second the above suggestion leaving the dead blog open indefinitely so that OogaBooga doesn’t become homeless. Poor Pitts, just as his writing was evolving from moronic to imbecilic…….. Raymi will continue to age before our eyes on her mausoleum web site…… Thanks Gavin and best wishes.

  23. A Big Pile of Meh says:

    “What will become of John Pittsley?”

    Jesus, that’s like asking what do soup kitchens do with their soggy saltine crackers?

  24. Me Chinese me play joke says:

    How will I know what is gay as shit without pittsley’s commentary on what is gay as shit? How about you go all Wikipedia on the site and let all these assholes that have been commenting post their own garbage. It could be a terrible and unholy display of unsensored content.

  25. OogaBooga says:

    Goddammit, you ignorant fuck–“uncensored” is the word you’re butchering, while trying to make yourself feel superior.


  26. 010100101101 says:

    OK, fine, but don’t delete the site and its archive.

  27. BeheadedInCongo says:

    Is it too late to order a white on black Street Carnage t-shirt?

  28. truth says:

    .. so whens the next blogn****r post?

  29. Bernard Breslaw says:

    Sad news for sure, but I think its for the best, god-speed and thank you for entertaining me all these years SC!

  30. Lunchin' says:

    Glad you guys started this website. I think it’s worth all the effort. Hope you and DB are on speaking terms these days.

  31. Whatever says:

    I didn’t know it at the time but the only reason I liked vice in the first place was because of Gavin. I remember getting the mag from Respect Records (rip) in Seattle and thinking the DOs and DON’Ts were hilarious. Ever since he left it’s sucked. Which brought me here. Liberals suck and are trying to ruining everything. Its like some weird self sabotage. Whatever. It is what it is.

  32. White_Hispanic says:

    I want a goddamn t-shirt! Where is blognigger :(

  33. pingpong says:

    I’ve been lurking for 10 years, what a great run! Wasted Pushups was the best and its a shame that it was taken down. I got laid to that summer mix tape with Cerebral Ballzy and Cults on it. Thanks Gavin!

  34. Sheriff Lobo says:

    Really sad that Beckles is always going to have his name associated with you. It’s easy to understand why Vice is worth what it is today knowing that Shane Smith had the foresight, not just to give you the boot, but to completely scrub you Stalin style from the brand way back in 2007. I hope your wife is smart enough to divorce you and get some cash before a proud boy goes on a shooting spree and you lose everything in a lawsuit.

  35. meloveyoulongtime says:

    Leave the site up. It’s a time capsule of how things were awesome during Obama

  36. So many Questions.... says:

    Anybody else consistently get up to piss three times a night? It might be a health thing or maybe I’m just emotionally stressed over the SC coming to an end.

  37. Maxiwaxi says:

    I worked with S.C for a while and gotta say it was very exciting when it kicked off. From 2009-11 it was the most exciting times ever. It was like picking up a Vice Magazine from 1998 though with new wave of millenials instead of baggy echo kids, with a touch of cobrasnake-esque to it. The sites hits were at one time pretty much on par with Vices. I was even publisher for a brief while to get the magazine going, it never did though that’s a good thing, why go back to 1998? Why go back to something you did before? Time to move on. Though I rub people off in the wrong way, so does Gavin. Though now I feel like it’s the end, Gavin will make it in other ways, being himself I guess. You’re cheap and narcissist though whatever is clever for you. Good luck sonny Jim. Beckles too.

  38. Janae says:

    I worked with them too for a while (2010-2012?). Gavin’s a funny dude, but he’s also deeply unpleasant and considering how much he whines about the free market it was illustrative seeing that he took over a year to pay me everything he owed me. On the upside, it made me realise that a media “career” would never work out for me and I needed to go to grad school and get a professional qualification. There were some great articles on here in the early years for sure.

  39. Getting cucked by a Russian psy-op was pretty sad. Blaming Antifa for all the worlds problems was just being a whore for shitfucks like Hannity and Gutfeld. How did you allow that to happen? Gutfeld is a lipless reptile repugnant to even look at. Antifa never really existed. And Hannity, with his black soulless eyes, probably isn’t even human. At best he’s a mind controlled propaganda slave. You should have gone to Malheur to live with and report on those folks first hand. That was your rebellion and you let it slip away. Imagine if you, Goad, and 500 or 1000 Proud Boys showed up in rural Oregon. You would have made the history books. Shit…They were all aquitted too. Thanks for all the laughs though. I hope you land on your feet with whatever you do even though I don’t agree with your politics.

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