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Street Carnage is dead. It’s been dead for a while, actually but websites don’t rot so it’s not like there’s any rush to get the body in the ground. I started this site with Derrick Beckles in 2008 after I left Vice. 

I thought we were going to be like my old company but with totally uncensored content that wasn’t beholden to advertisers. We’d combine my hilarious DOs & DON’Ts with his brilliant TV Carnage and we’d also shoot sketches in a makeshift studio like Tim & Eric. None of that happened. I couldn’t even get the name DOs & DON’Ts and was forced to call them “Street Boners.” Nobody cared. I was basically doing my old job after I had left my old job for a good reason.

We went from trying our balls off to dialing it in to using the site as a kind of Twitter acct where we’d announce various events or list new projects. Actual Twitter is much better than this. There were some good times. I met a good network of millennials who have a bright future. Editor Arvind Dilwar comes to mind. Jim Goad was also a great editor. As far as content, what really sticks out to me is “Wasted Pushups” wherein a guy named Sam would various drugs and then try doing pushups. He even tried heroin which really pissed off Derrick (we’ve both had a lot of friends OD). Sam demanded we take all those down. Millennials do that a lot. They’re not great at culpability.

Eventually, it became clear that Derrick’s future was making real TV in LA rather than just making fun of bad TV on his couch in New York. My future was starting a bunch of other careers and getting fired. I’m going to leave the site up for now because it’s part of my email address and there’s a ton of old content here it seems wrong to just delete.

Anyway, it was real. It was fun. But it wasn’t real fun and the moral of the story is you gotta keep throwing shit at the wall to see what sticks. This didn’t stick.

  1. MoistAngst says:

    Well, it was fun while it lasted. Onward and upward…

  2. Ooga Booga says:

    Leave the pictures of the girls up. I have needs to fulfill.

  3. Honez says:

    Was here from the beginning

  4. KinkyKelli says:

    RIP/Best wishes from a former Street Boner circa 2011 or 12. Thank you.

  5. OogaBooga says:

    Ah, fake me, you rushed here only to come in second. What a perfect metaphor. What will you do with your meaningless life now? Ah, ok, just for old times sake, here ya go:

    “Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world – only to serve the People of Israel…. In Israel, death has no dominion over them… With gentiles, it will be like any person – they need to die, but [God] will give them longevity. Why? Imagine that one’s donkey would die, they’d lose their money…. This is his servant… That’s why he gets a long life, to work well for this Jew.. Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi and eat… That is why gentiles were created.”
    –Ovadia Yosef, Chief Rabbi of Israel

    Yosef’s funeral was attended by 1 Million citizens of The Jewish State, making it the largest in that country’s history. All of Israel’s leaders attended and sang his praises, including Bibi, who considered Yosef his spiritual mentor.


  6. ARS says:

    Goodbye. Ehm.

  7. Waskior says:

    Thanks for the closure.

    What will become of John Pittsley?

  8. Anthony 'Antonio' Cumia says:

    I never would have fired you Gavin. You left to join that Christ-killer Hyman Roth….I mean Mark Levin. I know it was you, Gavin. You broke my heart. You broke my heart.

  9. AvocadoCheddarPepperAndSalt says:

    Go fuck yourself you bigoted piece of trash. Your old friends Shane and whats-his-face won, they’re billionaires with the TV deal. You will be forgotten (unless you go murder-suicide, which I’m putting at about 40% odds). You lost all your old showbiz friends, your wife hates you. You didn’t get the Fox gig. Go die, pig.

  10. crazaur says:

    Face it, the only shit you’ve ever thrown at the wall that managed to stick was Vice, and it’s the only one that ever will. And even that would’ve never stuck if it wasn’t for Shane’s business and sales savvy. He was the ray kroc to your mcdonald’s brothers. I would say the moral to this story is more, don’t be such a flaming asshole in life and maybe keep most of your insane reactionary political beliefs to yourself (something you seem to have no problem doing with regard to race realism by the way, which it’s obvious you believe). You’re a funny motherfucker wth some real talent, and if you’d just done that, you’d at the very least have a shot at a legitimate entertainment career. And if you’d just held on a little longer at vice, you’d be richer than god himself.

  11. Dave says:

    Geez, I discovered this site today and it’s one day dead!

  12. OogaBooga says:

    Jesus, AvocadoCheddarPepperAndSalt, project much? The pathetic entity you intern for, Vice, is a sad joke–the now-failing liability of soulless corporate overlords, and everyone knows this. In perfectly ironically humiliating fashion, the beta-male pansies who run Vice are dying by the #Metoo sword they attempted to wield with their limp wrists.

    Oh yeah, and also, your President is named Trump. That is to say, the guy in charge of your country–your boss–is DONALD TRUMP. You got your ass kicked in the election. Hillary was defeated, humiliated, and she still might end up chowing box in lady prison… unless she officially comes out as a transgender male. Which, I’ll admit, she definitely is. Your side got trounced, Gavin was part of the reason why you got your ass kicked in such humiliating fashion, and now you are reduced to trying to goad him into suicide. I’ll give you this much–morally speaking, you really are the epitome of the progressive left.

    To paraphrase your failed goddess, who crowed and fist pumped after she learned that Gaddafi just got sodomized to death:

    We came, we saw, your SJW dreams died.

  13. T2d says:

    crazaur said it perfectly. Gavin was a one-hit wonder who’s bitter because he cashed out too early. He would’ve had a much better life had he stayed out of political commentary altogether.

  14. ImStillWithHerAndStuff says:

    OH MY GOD GAVIN! You are the worst!!! If you had of just built a time machine you could have gone back in time with a grays sports almanac and now you would have been a billionaire!

    You aren’t as wealthy as your ex business partners and thus all your political beliefs are invalid. Hillary Clinton was the best!! From one multi millionaire to another let me just say a final FUCK YOU for falling to the right of Karl Marx.

  15. Tim Smith says:

    OogaBooga, ass kicked and trounced? Hillary Clinton *won* the popular election.

  16. Tim Smith says:

    OogaBooga, ass kicked and trounced? Hillary Clinton *won* the popular election.

  17. The Donkey Whisperer says:

    Alas! No more Hebe hating rantings and ravings by the no-life OogaBooga and his Cock Muppets? No more “””QUOTES”””!!! Say it ain’t so Hymie.
    We the Hasbara of his Holohoax wet dreams will miss the ole’ troll who never failed to fetch upon command. If Gavin leaves the site up though, as he stated, then we can imagine OogaBooga will haunt the old posts with new entries as he shuffles endlessly through the only meaning to his pathetic life. Bye bye loser. 💋

  18. botbot says:

    The Donkey Whisperer is a kike.

  19. The Donkey Whisperer says:

    See what I mean. In just one minute one of his alter-ego Cock Muppets made an appearance. “Here boy, fetch.” Good boy.

  20. botbot says:

    Gavin is a lazy faggot. He figured out he could get on a four drink buzz and be more entertaining than 99.5% of the population and rode it. Big deal. I’ll take the live version at the 93 percentile. He’s capable of a lot more but he’s a cowed faggoty coward. He could channel Louis Theroux but do it much, much better. Watch some of those BBC financed piles of shit and imagine Gavin demolishing the scene instead.

    Gavin got his stupid $15mm or whatever vice bucks lottery ticket and chickened the fuck out about ever really trying again, and tried to worm his way into broadcast TV for some insane reason. That was plenty of capital with his talent to be a huge fucking deal on the internet. He could with not too much effort have been a huge presence right now. Cumia is a moron. The Jews he’s taking checks from now are ridiculous and will fail. A really shitty blog like streetcarnage wasn’t going to cut it, though. Good lord, he might have had to figure out that he wasn’t so good a internetting and hired some $120k people full time. Sooo hard to do with a spare $1mm lying around. Much better to waste a decade worming your way into the media establishments built by people with actual balls. And spout retarded nonsense about working your way up for cheap. Sorry, good people cost money.

  21. OogaBooga says:

    “OogaBooga, ass kicked and trounced? Hillary Clinton *won* the popular election.”

    Yeah, Tim Smith, you’re right. And a month earlier, the World Series was declared a tie because the Indians scored the same total number of runs as the Cubs in the 7 game series.

    You fucking idiot. The only stat that matters in a presidential election is the electoral score. Here it is again, because you apparently fucking forgot:

    TRUMP: 304
    HILLARY: 227

    That’s a good old fashioned ass kicking. And it will haunt you, William Kristol, and the fat homosexual Zionist basement dweller hasbara who has devoted his life to sophomoric, failed attempts to besmirch the real Ooga Booga’s reputation. The glorious legend of the Oog will live on. 4eva.

  22. Omega Man says:

    Snoooooooze…..So this is it. It ends in the forest with no one around to hear it. Fitting that that the resident lurker figures so prominently in the last post comments. As an act of charity I second the above suggestion leaving the dead blog open indefinitely so that OogaBooga doesn’t become homeless. Poor Pitts, just as his writing was evolving from moronic to imbecilic…….. Raymi will continue to age before our eyes on her mausoleum web site…… Thanks Gavin and best wishes.

  23. A Big Pile of Meh says:

    “What will become of John Pittsley?”

    Jesus, that’s like asking what do soup kitchens do with their soggy saltine crackers?

  24. Me Chinese me play joke says:

    How will I know what is gay as shit without pittsley’s commentary on what is gay as shit? How about you go all Wikipedia on the site and let all these assholes that have been commenting post their own garbage. It could be a terrible and unholy display of unsensored content.

  25. OogaBooga says:

    Goddammit, you ignorant fuck–“uncensored” is the word you’re butchering, while trying to make yourself feel superior.


  26. 010100101101 says:

    OK, fine, but don’t delete the site and its archive.

  27. BeheadedInCongo says:

    Is it too late to order a white on black Street Carnage t-shirt?

  28. truth says:

    .. so whens the next blogn****r post?

  29. Bernard Breslaw says:

    Sad news for sure, but I think its for the best, god-speed and thank you for entertaining me all these years SC!

  30. Lunchin' says:

    Glad you guys started this website. I think it’s worth all the effort. Hope you and DB are on speaking terms these days.

  31. Whatever says:

    I didn’t know it at the time but the only reason I liked vice in the first place was because of Gavin. I remember getting the mag from Respect Records (rip) in Seattle and thinking the DOs and DON’Ts were hilarious. Ever since he left it’s sucked. Which brought me here. Liberals suck and are trying to ruining everything. Its like some weird self sabotage. Whatever. It is what it is.

  32. White_Hispanic says:

    I want a goddamn t-shirt! Where is blognigger :(

  33. pingpong says:

    I’ve been lurking for 10 years, what a great run! Wasted Pushups was the best and its a shame that it was taken down. I got laid to that summer mix tape with Cerebral Ballzy and Cults on it. Thanks Gavin!

  34. Sheriff Lobo says:

    Really sad that Beckles is always going to have his name associated with you. It’s easy to understand why Vice is worth what it is today knowing that Shane Smith had the foresight, not just to give you the boot, but to completely scrub you Stalin style from the brand way back in 2007. I hope your wife is smart enough to divorce you and get some cash before a proud boy goes on a shooting spree and you lose everything in a lawsuit.

  35. meloveyoulongtime says:

    Leave the site up. It’s a time capsule of how things were awesome during Obama

  36. So many Questions.... says:

    Anybody else consistently get up to piss three times a night? It might be a health thing or maybe I’m just emotionally stressed over the SC coming to an end.

  37. Maxiwaxi says:

    I worked with S.C for a while and gotta say it was very exciting when it kicked off. From 2009-11 it was the most exciting times ever. It was like picking up a Vice Magazine from 1998 though with new wave of millenials instead of baggy echo kids, with a touch of cobrasnake-esque to it. The sites hits were at one time pretty much on par with Vices. I was even publisher for a brief while to get the magazine going, it never did though that’s a good thing, why go back to 1998? Why go back to something you did before? Time to move on. Though I rub people off in the wrong way, so does Gavin. Though now I feel like it’s the end, Gavin will make it in other ways, being himself I guess. You’re cheap and narcissist though whatever is clever for you. Good luck sonny Jim. Beckles too.

  38. Janae says:

    I worked with them too for a while (2010-2012?). Gavin’s a funny dude, but he’s also deeply unpleasant and considering how much he whines about the free market it was illustrative seeing that he took over a year to pay me everything he owed me. On the upside, it made me realise that a media “career” would never work out for me and I needed to go to grad school and get a professional qualification. There were some great articles on here in the early years for sure.

  39. Getting cucked by a Russian psy-op was pretty sad. Blaming Antifa for all the worlds problems was just being a whore for shitfucks like Hannity and Gutfeld. How did you allow that to happen? Gutfeld is a lipless reptile repugnant to even look at. Antifa never really existed. And Hannity, with his black soulless eyes, probably isn’t even human. At best he’s a mind controlled propaganda slave. You should have gone to Malheur to live with and report on those folks first hand. That was your rebellion and you let it slip away. Imagine if you, Goad, and 500 or 1000 Proud Boys showed up in rural Oregon. You would have made the history books. Shit…They were all aquitted too. Thanks for all the laughs though. I hope you land on your feet with whatever you do even though I don’t agree with your politics.

  40. T'Challa says:

    This is a message for all of my Black brothas & sistas living in the United States, Canada and Europe. It’s time to return to Wakanda, y’all! Leave the oppressive white countries behind and return to your native Wakanda! We’ve got flying cars and shit! No crime either! Please return to Wakanda and help us build more flying pyramids and shit! Who cares if white property value goes through the roof when you leave those countries behind? We too busy Kangin’ and Queenin’ over here! COME TO WAKANDA!!!

  41. Christian Healy says:

    This was such a bad ass website. Gavin, keep doin’ whatcha do. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  42. D'Annunzio says:

    Site was a graveyard by time I found it, woulda liked to see when it was prime. Gavin rules. I don’t quite get proud boys scene, can’t picture jocks listening to crass, whatever. Tell me who’s cooler than Gavin tho. Fuck those soulless squares at basic ol vice. Holy shit, CRfuckingTV is edgier than vice!

  43. Jesse says:

    First post, last chance. Thanks for the occasional insight and laughs.

  44. dank says:

    u guys must do lsd

  45. Sam Metteer says:

    10 years? Damn, I wish I could see those pushup vids now. Sorry for being such a pussy.

  46. Maxiwaxi says:

    By the way blognigger was Gavin all along if anyone cares 10 years later. Great site for a couple of years. Still Gavin has some funny videos here and there. Coopercab ones make up for a few years of nothing on this site.

  47. Gavin McRimmes says:

    ^ not officially last you cunt ^

  48. Maxiwaxi says:

    Is it too late to shag Leslie Arfin?

  49. The Last Word says:

    This is it.

  50. Maxiwaxi says:


  51. Colton says:

    This was the first website to publish something I wrote. I’ve always hated everything I’ve ever written but I sent you some shit that pissed me off and Gavin wrote me back and asked if he could publish it. I appreciate that more than anything. It’s been a few months since I hit the site so I feel partially responsible for its demise. It was always a good read on the shitter and y’all actually agreed with what I had to say which is rare in my generation. I look forward to what you come up with next you faggot Scottish fuck.
    Ps. Is everybody on this planet a tree planter?

  52. OogaBooga says:

    You blew it, Colton. For all of us.

  53. Vegan Jules says:


  54. OG Lurker says:


  55. constantine millbury says:

    RIP :(

  56. Maxiwaxi says:

    Hey Colton. What was your article?

  57. raymi says:


  58. me says:

    Ooga Booga says:
    02.07.18 at 06:26 pm
    Leave the pictures of the children up. I have needs to fulfill.

    I fixed that for you.

  59. OogaBooga says:

    Children? What do you take me for? Some Rabbi who sticks baby peepees in his mouth and sucks them? I think not. I am a well-adjusted, mild mannered, heterosexual historian and hasbara baiter.

    “The Lavon affair refers to a failed Israeli covert operation, code named Operation Susannah, conducted in Egypt in the Summer of 1954.[vague] As part of the false flag operation, a group of Egyptian Jews were recruited by Israeli military intelligence to plant bombs inside Egyptian, American, and British-owned civilian targets, cinemas, libraries and American educational centers. The bombs were timed to detonate several hours after closing time. The attacks were to be blamed on the Muslim Brotherhood, Egyptian Communists, “unspecified malcontents” or “local nationalists” with the aim of creating a climate of sufficient violence and instability to induce the British government to retain its occupying troops in Egypt’s Suez Canal zone.”

  60. Maxiwaxi says:

    Ooga Booga don’t try so hard. I feel embarrassed for you reading your vapid shizer. Just chill out. Idiot.

  61. OogaBooga says:

    “Shizer”, eh? Aren’t you hasbara supposed to, like, take on goy personas or something? Maxiwaxi? Wayyyyyyy too obvi, boychik. How about something like… “Agrarian Barbarian”? Make the fake-you who posts on the internet a common-sense-loving, pragmatic, patriotic American with blue collar roots who went through a brief and laughable neo-Nazi phase in his adolescence, but ultimately left that scene (because it was so stupid and boring) and had his life-changing epiphany: that the interests of patriotic American nationalists and “Greater Israel” far-right Zionists are 100% identical, and, thus, America should devote even MORE blood and treasure to fight Israel’s wars for them. Even if it causes WWIII. Because dammit, it just feels right.

  62. Jesse says:


  63. John Thomas says:

    Aw, man. Bye.

  64. Maxiwaxi says:

    It’s been emotional

  65. Gavin you are a tedious bore says:

    Gavin you are a tedious bore. Without a website.

  66. Maxiwaxi says:

    Oogabooga sucks his dad’s blue vein pickle.

  67. Bottles says:

    This doesn’t make any sense.
    You, Gavin, created your own platform a decade ago to be off the leash after Vice. Then you started to make a name for yourself all over the place: Virginia Dare, Taki’s Magazine, Fox News, Rebel TV, Compound Media. That morphed your fan base and made you the Alt-Conservative Pop Star you have been until late 2016/early 2017. Unsurprisingly you gradually left all these platforms but, instead of heading back to SC with your earned baggage of followers and contacts, you ended up joining a square, pay-per-view site. Instead of being your own boss on your well achieved turf you are now just a name in a scroll down menu. How sad. What’s the point of having fuck-you money when you don’t take advantage of it?
    Oh, and don’t get me started about the Proud Boys. That gaybro crap bombed big time. Lame as hell. Their online mag is forgettable and toothless.
    With your notoriety you could have easily thrived by going solo. Upload videos on YouTube with disabled comments so that people had to follow the link to SC to start a discussion. Street Carnage doesn’t force us to have log-in accounts and you don’t censor. Both of these features are amazingly rare these days. Jim Goad and other guests could have dropped some gems I’m sure no one else would publish.
    You threw all of this out of the window so that you could be part of a boring clique of boomers who think you’re worth 5 bucks. I’d rather do stuff for free on weekends. And I’m a peasant compared to you money-wise.
    Enjoy your life in the cubicle of sponsored web conservatism.

  68. Maxiwaxi says:

    Bottles in all fairness. Proud Boys are huge world wide and Gavin really is just fine with his work on digital platforms, this is not one of them. He’s more powerful under his Gavin banner than SC. It’s not 2010 anymore. It’s over. As far as conservative movement. Listen Gavin, Milo, Jordan Peterson and occasionally Joe Rogan. They say it best.

  69. OogaBooga says:

    How do you feel about Jim Goad, Maxiwaxistein?

  70. Maxiwaxi says:

    He’s alright. Sucks a mean dick. Good writer. Funny as fuck. Answer Me was a huge impact on the creation of Vice. What’s up with your Jewish fascination? You remind me of this idiot Korean foo guy who was obessed with Jewish girls that used to write for us a bit at S.C. He was a turkey.

  71. OogaBooga says:

    I don’t have a Jewish fascination, I have a fascination with the way Americans allowed their foreign policy to be taken over by the craziest fucking Jews in history. Many sane and moral and articulate Jews share my concerns about these deranged scumbags. I think they have a Masada complex, and I fear they are going to drag America into apocalyptic destruction (at worst) or a terrifically costly shitstorm (at best) based on their diabolically devastating track record. I’m also amused by the hasbara who work tirelessly to bullshit the stupid goyim with “nothing to see here, move along, Israel is America’s best ally, the only democracy in the Middle East, etc. etc. ad nauseam.” while their Zionist brethren are hard at work milking Americans of their blood and treasure to fund their long-con steps toward Greater Israel. You strike me as an amateur hasbara, because you totally suck at it. If a paid pro came up with the lame ass shit you write down, some supervisor would come over and threaten to take away your scholarship.

  72. Jeff Sessions IV says:

    Trump did ass-to-mouth with Emily

  73. Jeff Sessions IV says:

    Emily Jendrisak literally has Trump’s shit all over her mouth

  74. Maxiwaxi says:

    Ooga Booga. This is not the way to go about it all by writing esoteric nonsense the comments section of a closed site. Find a voice and a platform and talk about it. Craft it. You’re really wasting your revolutionary ways here. Last time I tell you this. Habibz. Ciao.

  75. OogaBooga says:

    Thanks for the heartfelt advice, you totally disingenuous, traitorous fuck. You are telling the truth about one thing, though–this site failed, in large part because it pretended to be for freedom of speech, while officially distancing itself from the most pressingly obvious truths of all. Once you sell out to the Zionists, you lose all credibility. The AntiCensorship Pose looks pretty fucking gay on hardworking lackeys for this kind of shit:

  76. nadia says:

    Nice article

  77. Uncle Wah Wah says:

    Boy did I poop this morning! BIG one! Lotsa salad yesterday, I dumped like a field cow!


  78. Maxiwaxi says:

    By hook or by crook I’ll be the last in this book.

  79. OogaBooga says:

    Don’t stop believin’

  80. Maxiwaxi says:

    Ooga BOoga you’re a fucking idiot with waaay too much time on your hands. You’re really embarrassing yourself. Get a life or punching bag, go get laid. Fool. Nobody cared about you hate for Israel

  81. Jeff Sessions IV says:

    Emily Jendrisak just scatted with 15 members of the Proud Boys. Ridiculous.

  82. Sniffy says:


  83. OogaBooga says:

    You care a LOT, Maxi. I got your goat, bitch. Yippie ki yay, boychik!

  84. Doogie says:

    Yah…you’re all a bunch of dipshits.

  85. OogaBooga says:

    Eat shit, Doogie, you low-I.Q. motherfucker.

  86. OogaBooga says:

    Never forget. Hey, I like that phrase/concept. I think it’s gonna catch on.

  87. Anal Adventurer says:

    I seen a young brotha
    coming down the street.
    I said “Man , how do you do?”
    He looked at me, smiled and said,
    “Ooga booga booga booga booga boo”

    I said “Ooga booga booga booga boo???
    What are you, some monkey from the zoo?”

    He said, “Baby, I just do what I want to do!
    “Ooga booga booga booga boo!”

  88. Dork says:

    Dang, I leave for 5 years and this is what happens!!

  89. Jeff Sessions IV says:

    Gavin blocks anyone from Twitter who disagrees with him. His half-squaw kids should be put in cages. His ass-slut squaw wife is guzzling half of the jizz available from the Brooklyn Nets (fact- look it up…). Out for a Rip, you fucking Cuck????????????????????????????????????????

  90. Jeff Sessions IV says:

    Gavin McInnes is not an American. Gavin McIinnnrdd or whatever his unimportant name is a careerist cuckold. so fucking boring. AND- his wife is gettng creampied by NBA players regularly because he is a fucking flopper and terrible father.

  91. Maxiwaxi says:

    Jeff your mother must of been so sad having you as her son. Gavin may not be born in the USA though when you think about he has left more of an impressions in America than you ever will.

  92. TheTrooper says:

    I just got here to find it dead.

  93. Shawn Wilson says:

    Accusing Derrick Beckles of having “an inferior nigger brain” coupled with your white supremacy campaign presented some challenges for the partnership. Street Carnage may have devolved into a private Instagram, but this Fancy Boys thing is really taking off for you. You can’t even buy a tiki torch or black & yellow Fred Perry in major cities anymore. It’s too bad you lost Ezra Levant and his Rebel mob as well. Charlie was misunderstood as well, so don’t feel bad if your raceway doesn’t pay out.

  94. Maxiwaxi says:

    You guys are all stupid if you think he’s a white supremacist. It’s actually laughable now. Idiots.

  95. Derrick Beckles says:

    Muh dik

  96. Derrick Beckles says:

    Oh lawdy! What am it about Gavin dat mek him sucha raciss? Muh dik.

  97. I Love Yelling Out The Word Nigger says:


  98. Eric Andre says:

    I’m not black, I’m a Jew! How do you think I got my TV show? Talent? Also, look at my big Jewish nose.

  99. Da Troof says:

    Hey, Proud Boys! The West = White People. There is no West without White Gentiles. Politics and culture are downstream from race. Got it? Good.

  100. Patrick Bateman says:

    The poor nigger on the wall

    Look at him

    Look at the poor nigger

    Look at the poor nigger on the wall

    Fuck him

    Fuck the nigger on the wall

    Black man is de debil

  101. OogaBooga says:

    It’s been interesting, watching the Proud Boys evolve and grow–knowing their history, etc.–and now reading the fantastical MSM articles about them. Not one of the articles goes for more than two sentences without printing a blatant lie. A multi-racial, gay-friendly group that considers Israel infallible is now being presented by the media as a Neo-Nazi, White supremacist hate group, with quotes by the totally discredited charlatan whorehouse The Southern Poverty Law Center backing them up. Meanwhile, the masked terrorists whose raison d’etre is to violently stop freedom of speech by any means necessary are being referred to with a straight face as “antifascist” idealists–the good guys, in other words.

    I think Trump actually kind of pussed out a little but when he said the following, but it was still heroic:

    “I think there is blame on both sides. What about the ‘alt-left’ that came charging at, as you say, the ‘alt-right,’ do they have any semblance of guilt? What about the fact they came charging with clubs in hands, swinging clubs, do they have any problem? I think they do. You had a group on one side that was bad and you had a group on the other side that was also very violent. nobody wants to say it, but I will say it right now.”

    The fact is, there were some nuts on both sides, but the ‘alt-left’ was entirely to blame for the violence that day. Even the actual Nazis and ‘alt-righters’ were there to exercise their First Amendment rights. Yes, they looked forward to defending that right, and were prepared to do so. But that was also their right. The “anti-fascists” were entirely to blame that day, and every day.

  102. Opie's Buddy, Anthony says:

    I’m shaving my ass today! Anyone want to participate in the podcast?

    Please bring food, I’ve got nothing coming in these days….

  103. The Real Derrick Beckles says:

    I’m dating Eric Andre now.

  104. As a depraved cock jockey, I love how the Proud Boys stand BEHIND me and my other fellow bone smugglers. All of us finnochios are glad you haven’t forgotten that we gave humanity the gift of GRIDS and drug resistant MRSA. Thanks, Proud Boys! Without tough guys like you fighting for the rights of us ring raiders, we wouldn’t be able to keep licking the rectums of other men and contracting stomach infections that had previously been confined to Third World shitholes. I can keep eating all the assholes I want and I know that the Proud Boys will support the massive medical costs I rack up when I’m repeatedly treated for exotic bacterial infections in my gastrointestinal system. Here’s a link to a story about my stomach troubles that are a direct result of my degenerate faggotry. Toodles!…

  105. While this tends to be difficult and awkward for people to do to an acquaintance, it’s damn near impossible to do to a boss.

  106. Opie's Buddy, Anthony says:

    I’m holding a Backyard Carnival in my apartment for MD. Really, I’m at this stage now….

  107. OogaBooga says:

    Might have to fire this site up again after they kick you guys off of social media.

  108. Proud Goy says:

    “Don’t talk about Jews. Don’t talk about Jews. Just…please…please don’t talk about Jews…please.”

    Woke rap:

  109. Proud Goy says:

    Welp! You’ve been deplatformed, Proud Boys. Flushed down the memory hole. Who did this to you? I think you all know the answer but I’ll tell you anyway. THE ANTI-DEFAMATION LEAGUE!!! Yes, THE JEWS!!! Your “greatest ally” just pushed your shit in. You see, social media companies like Twitter and Youtube team up with the ADL to fuck over people like Alex Jones and the Proud Boys. Link: It doesn’t matter if you wave the flag of Israel until your arms fall off. The Jew will always try to shut you down if they see White Gentiles organizing or having any sense of a common identity. Identity and tribalism are for the Jews and brown folks, not for White Gentiles. All of you Proud Boys need to wake the fuck up! The Jew is not your friend! The negroid is not your friend! The spic is not your friend! The chink is not your friend! The faggot is not your friend! Stand shoulder-to-shoulder with your fellow White Gentiles and we will have “The West” again in America. Not by brawling in the streets but by organizing politically and culturally. That’s how the Jews did it. Yes, they’ve forced the White Gentile to play identity politics. Do so or perish.

  110. Proud Goy says:

    And stay the fuck away from the “Unite the Right” rallies!!! That shit is a trap set by the Feds! Doesn’t matter if you brawl to defend yourselves from antifa! The Feds, ADL and the mainstream media will always frame the narrative to go against you! STAY THE FUCK AWAY!!!

  111. OogaBooga says:

    I mean, if you know anything at all about The Proud Boys, you know that they are staying far, far away from “Unite the Right rallies” so… it makes you sound like you’re talking out of your ass.

  112. Mixtape/Mashup says:

    There was a good mix tape or mashup yeeeears ago where whoever made it asked you not to put it up but you did anyway, it had 40 day dream in it somewhere. It won’t play now. Make it play please.

  113. Good Riddance says:

    You sorry piece of shit.

  114. emily jendrisak says:

    Since he was too much of a racist for Twitter, I have to leave my comment here. I’m all set being married to a 48-year old child who thinks fist fighting is “cool”. Taking the kids with me, too.

  115. OogaBooga says:

    Get back on your knees, Fake Emily, you confused beta hypocrite–Don Lemon’s gay erect cock is demanding your mouth again:

    “Sometimes you can’t fight by praising them or being nice to them. You gotta fight fire with fire….”

  116. Opie's Buddy, Anthony says:


    I am having a one man show at my apartment. To be honest, Nobody else wanted to perform and I have to do everything because I can’t afford to pay anybody to help with any pat of it. nobody will probably to show up to watch it. But….


    I used to be on the radio at one time. I was a fucking star!

  117. Kobe Tyrant says:

    You’re nuts have been clipped- no more twitter, no more family and no one pays for GOML. You’re all done. Sad! (and possibly sick)

  118. Anti-Defamation League says:

    Thank you for being such a good shabbos goy, Mr. McInnes. It’s unfortunate we had to shut you down but The Proud Boys are too white and too nationalistic. Being a Proud Boy could potentially be a first step towards a young man familiarizing himself with The Jewish Question. That’s bad for all of us Chosen Ones. We warned you last October that we were going to start shutting things down for the goyim… …Thanks for pointing the finger at the “fascists” and not us. We wouldn’t want the secret of our worldwide caliphate to get out. And we won’t have to worry about our little secret getting out to the masses with good goys like you and Alex Jones misdirecting the public’s rage elsewhere. As a token of gratitude we want you to know that you and the Proud Boys are still more than welcome to come over to our homes on the Sabbath and turn on/off our light switches for us. And thank you for your continued suppport of the ethnostate of Israel. Shalom!

  119. Pat Dixon says:

    Just one question before I have you on New York City Crime Report again. Which hurt more, Gavin? Shoving a dildo up your own ass in a feeble attempt to own the Muzzies or getting your ass pounded by all of the kosher Jewish shmekels you carried water for all these years? Nevermind. Terrible question. I know you felt immense pleasure from both.

  120. Dick Two Bears, Chief of the Ho-Chunk says:

    The Long Nose tribe screwed Gavin good. Now Gavin knows what it’s like to get sodomized by the fork-tongued (((white))) man. Gavin gain wisdom from this. Chief of the Proud Boy tribe learn that rat-faced Long Nose tribe always shuts the Goyim People down. As Chief of the Ho-Chunk I would like to offer Gavin a job as janitor in our Wisconsin casino. I extend this favor not only because the McInnes children are 1/4 Ho-Chunk and that his wife is a 1/2 Ho-Chunk squaw. I also extend this favor because I know Gavin has a high tolerance for the smell of shit. After all, Gavin have his nose so far up the ass of the Long Nose tribe for so long that he probably developed an addiction to the smell of shit. Ha! Ha! Ha! That’s just some Ho-Chunk humor. Think about it, Gavin. As janitor of Ho-Chunk casino you get to smell shit all day. That much better deal than subversive hand-rubbing Long Nose tribe give you.

  121. Eric Andre says:

    It’s crazy being half-Jewish and half-Black. One half of me wants to use the news media, Hollywood, and the banking system to subvert every Gentile country on Earth and the other half of me just wants to steal your bike.

  122. Derrick Beckles says:

    Same, Eric. Same. I too am a half-kike and half-negroid hybrid. People always ask me, “Hey, are you that money-lender lead singer of The Counting Crows?”. I’m the nigga who invented YouTube, nuhgguh!!! I taped stuff off of TV in the 90’s, called it ‘TV Carnage’ and the rest is history. Dat be how I invented YouTube, y’all. We wuz YouTube inventors and sheeeiittt! Anybody wanna buy a TV Carage t-shirt? I still have boxes and boxes of those things in my apartment. Muh dik!

  123. Vernon Chatman says:

    Another weird looking half-Sambo checking in here. I created a really funny show called ‘Wonder Showzen’ which used to air on MTV. Now all the kids go to the Daily Stormer for their cutting edge humor. I find myself wandering the streets these days. Yes, wandering the streets with my half-Jew best friend Louis CK. We ask random women if they’d be interested in having us masturbate in front of them. So far no takers. Life sucks.

  124. Harmony Korine says:

    Remember when Casper raped a passed out Jennie in “Kids”? Yeah, that shit was autobiographical. I used to do that all the time. Still do. I’m just like Roman Polanski. Just another midget Jew who’s angry at all the tall shiksas who turned me down in high school. The ATL Twins’ background is completely made up, btw. They both come from a wealthy Southern family. Nothing “impoverished” about their childhood.

  125. Jack Dorsey says:

    I just want to feel DeRay McKesson’s dick up my ass again.

  126. Opie's Buddy, Anthony says:


    I’m having an autograph / meet and greet / memorabilia sale in my apartment tomorrow.

    Lots of collectibles and rarities from the radio show. I will pose for pictures, sign breasts and do some impromptu podcast interviews if my Skype won’t break. AGAIN!

    Please no sneaking in sub-peonas, overdue bills or admissions of guilt legal forms this time for signature. Ain’t cool, man!

  127. Alvi S says:

    Just come in through a different window.

  128. Kobe Tyrant says:

    Gavin- if you spend most of your time with alt-right cocks in your mouth instead of keeping your house in order, of course your wife is going to leave you… What did you think was going to happen???? Now Emily’s hooked up with a black man who can relate to being a fellow minority. Nice job!

  129. Shane Smith says:

    Call me.

    Lets talk.

  130. Joey Krantz says:

    BA HA HA HA!!!!- Saw Emily in Dumbo QUITE into her new man. Gavin/Ooga Booga you’re a CUCK of all CUCKS!!!! Hope your kids like him!!!!

  131. OogaBooga says:

    Joey Krantz, I saw you with your tongue up Bill Krystol’s stretched-out asshole ONCE AGAIN, you sick fuck! How can you write “Gavin/OogaBooga” and expect to be taken seriously? The great Ooga is enraged by the influence the far right Zionists have on American foreign policy, whereas Gavin loves all things Israel. Polar opposites on that particular issue, you ignorant fuck. Get your tongue back up Max Boot’s booty, you ass sucking slut.

  132. Opie's Buddy, Anthony says:

    I an having Fall Fest this weekend at my basement apartment in my mom’s house. lots of pumpkin foods, pumpkin drinks and autumn fun. I will be speaking on how Opie fucked me over, how Jim Norton abandoned me and why its hard to get phone calls returned now that I’m off the air. No admission, but please bring canned goods and household supplies. Cash donations will be accepted, oh, God, I can use donations!

  133. Mr. McGillicuddy says:

    I thought it was great.

  134. ASIAN says:

    Buying things? Here the link:

  135. Alishy Hawak says:

    Try misunderstood words. This is the prime reason people tune out any subject. Making sure one fully understands everything they are reading or listening to is the key to comprehension and interest.

  136. fixkr says:

    for more information visit our website

  137. Opie's Buddy, Anthony says:

    Okay. Halloween is coming and Gavin and I are going to Trick or Treat. When people answer the door and see us, if they can’t ell that I WAS a hugely successful radio host and Gavin WAS a hugely successful culture commentator, we will scream at them ” DON’T YOU KNOW WHO WE ARE????????? ”

    It will be funny because, well, it’s true….

  138. Frank Mandolin says:

    So how did not talking about the jooz and disavowing white identity work out?

  139. This article gives the light in which we can watch reality. This is in a general sense captivating one and offers absolutely data. A responsibility of appreciation is all together for this impeccable article.

  140. H.L. Mencken says:

    Where were you at the beginning of all of this censorship, Gavin? You were too busy shoving carrots up your ass to own the filthy Muzzies. Too bad you didn’t notice your “greatest ally” sneaking up behind you. You forgot about one of my most famous quotes… “The trouble with fighting for human freedom is that one spends most of one’s time defending scoundrels. For it is against scoundrels that oppressive laws are first aimed, and oppression must be stopped at the beginning if it is to be stopped at all.” Yeah, “scoundrels” include Nazis, you fuckin’ closeted canuck faggot!!! Now you’re a “Nazi” too, Ho-Chunk humper! Or you’re a fuckin’ FED!!!

  141. White_Hispanic says:

    Wuz good?

  142. Opie's Buddy, Anthony says:

    OMG!!!! The Proud Boys were thrown off Facebook! Gavin, you always have a home here with me in my mom’s basement. If you pay my share of the electric bill, I’ll do a podcast with you. It will reach millions! just like the old days!. Maybe Ant will come over to, Jim, really anybody that is reading this.

    Christ, I never realized what loneliness is….

  143. GG Allin says:

    Wanna know what the worst thing about hell is? There’s no place to take a shit!!!

  144. Andrew Kovalic says:

    I got doxxed and lost my job but I still feel that joining the Proud Boys was the best decision I ever made in life. My life is completely ruined in the United States but I know that Israel will grant me asylum because I’ve been Pro-Israel for many years. Maybe the people of Israel can raise some money for me so that I can get back on my feet. You’re our greatest allies, right? You love us Pro-Israel Gentiles the same way we love you, right? I’m not asking for $30 Billion in aid or anything like that. Ha! Who would have the chutzpah to ask for something like that? Anyway, I’m sure you’ll have charitable hearts when it comes to a White Gentile like myself. Thanks and may God keep Israel safe.

  145. Shane Smith says:

    This is all rather sad. Though expected. Whatever it is you’re doing. Good luck me ole cock!

  146. Opie's Buddy, Anthony says:

    Hey, Thanksgiving tomorrow! I’m having a huge fan party in my mom’s basement/apartment/production studio. It’s potluck, so I’m asking everyone to bring something. Maybe a couple turkeys, some stuffings, gravy, cranberries, corn, rolls, pies, wine ( Please, lots of wine) and… baggies and Tupperware so I can keep the leftovers here and then I can afford to eat a few more days.

    God, I have nothing coming in…

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