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• 02.05.10 01:00 pm

Yo, what took us so long to get a new radio show up? You really want to know? We were raped. You happy now? Way to pry, guy.

Das Racist hype man Ashok “DAP” Kondabolu, rapper Himanshu Suri, and rapper Victor Vazquez (he’s the one in Boy Crisis)

Yo, what took us so long to get a new radio show up? You really want to know? We were raped. You happy now? Way to pry, guy.

We should warn you: this show sucks. We like Das Racist too much so you’re really listening to a bunch of goofs riffing inside jokes and stepping on each other’s jokes. This show also sucks because most of the songs are played from YouTube and MySpace which is like hearing them inside an empty beer can that was used for smoking pot because nobody could find the one-hitter.

Vampire Weekend – Cousins

Boy CrisisL’homme
Kool ADI Zimbra
This is the song that inspired the Das Racist’s “Combination Pizza Hut & Taco Bell.” Hey, you know what’s kind of a trip? The guy who does Die Antwoord is really called Max Normal and he sounds exactly like Das Racist: let’s call it White Whine Rap (even though Victor’s only a halfie).
Das RacistFake Patois
KRS One wanted to kill them for this which is scary because that guy follows through. He punched PM Dawn in the face just for being a shitty band.

LKJ – Inglan is a Bitch
Apache Indian – Chok There
Macka BIndian Chick

During this set, Victor called out all three bands because he wanted to get some beef started. He later rescinded the Jay Reeatard one.
Sleigh Bells – Ring Ring
Soft Pack – Answer to Yourself
Jay Reatard – Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge on Seattle

Project Pat feat Juicy J – Twerk
The Game – Let’s Ride
Chiddy Bang – Danger Zone

We wanted to end with Neon Indian’s “Deadbeat Summer” but Hima is managing these guys so he gets what he wants.
Keepaway – Yellow Wings


Special Thanks to Ted over at Gay Beach for fixing a bunch of mistakes.

  1. NippleDick says:

    Just listened to that “OzzaHut/Taco Bell” track….you owe me 3 minutes of my life

  2. Maxipad says:

    Im gonna make some pancakes now.

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  4. Der Duden says:

    it’s “Der Rassist” for fuck’s sake

  5. pingpong says:

    i was entertained all the way through. awesome show great job!

  6. Ah so says:

    ^^You know your German better than I do.

  7. Barl says:

    Apache Indian in the back of a cab with 2 young boys in that video. Odd choice.

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  10. yo says:

    yo whaddup wit this second version shit, gimme that real deal joint dawg

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