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• 12.19.08 12:00 pm

I called Paul Stanley up and asked him about poon tang, New York City, and shitty bands. This episode is 29 songs long because I have had to take a Hit Shit since longer than my musical bowels can remember.

I called Paul Stanley up and asked him about poon tang, New York City, and shitty bands.

This episode is 29 songs long because I have had to take a Hit Shit since longer than my musical bowels can remember. With all due respect to the likes of Billy Bragg, Gang Gang Dance, and the Virgins, they don’t exactly come with an iPod full of contemporary superjams.

Paul had no interest whatsoever in choosing the songs. As he says on the show, “It’s not my responsibility to endorse any particular band. That’s the public’s job.” Paul is really on a proletariat kick these days as his art is selling in the millions but the critics are not buying it.

So yeah, my balls were bluer than a Buddy Guy song (he’s our next guest) and I just ejaculated all over your speakers. When I was stoned I had fantasies of kids playing this set at huge Christmas parties and laughing with their drinks in the air as tears stream down their face.

Or maybe some gay weirdo in some tiny town is sitting in his bedroom listening to every track with a pencil in his hand and vowing one day to get out of this “rock and role hole” forever.

When the pot wore off I realized the vast majority will just see Band of Horses and Vampire Weekend on the list, go “B-0-o-o-o-o-Ring” and then listen to their own playlists. Which I guess is good too. Just know there is some mad shit in here that only hours of marijuana can make happen. Like, when we finish Adam & the Ants’ “Car Trouble,” Paul starts talking about Detroit and then goes into how the Midwest met him “with open legs.” The band after that is Women. Trippy, eh?

Anywhore, I started out the set with Ace Frehely because he is the greatest asshole of all time and Paul has been his babysitter since the band began. I once saw Ace play with his band Rock Soldier when I was in college and every song started with some retarded racist joke. The best one being, “What do you call two Vietnamese in a Trans Am? Gooks of Hazzard.”

Here he is with Tom Snyder making a complete ass of himself. Paul and Gene do an excellent job of explaining what it’s like to be in Ace’s universe.

Gene and Paul were real mensches about Ace’s terrible behavior. Ace collected Nazi memorabilia and would goose step into their hotel rooms dressed as an SS soldier and call them “The Two Jews.” He even snuck the SS letters into their logo.

I asked Paul what he thought of Ace’s song “Back in a New York Groove” and you can tell he’s not the hugest fan.

Ace Frehley “Back in the NY Groove”
TV on the Radio “DLZ”
Empire of the Sun “Walking on a Dream”

Cerebral Ballzy “Shitrag”
Harlem “South of France”

White Denim “Shake Shake Shake”

TI (feat Ludacris & BOB) “On Top of the World”
Three Six Mafia “Tear da Club Up”
Bun B (feat Lupe Fiasco) “Swang on Em (Snippet)”
Danny Diablo “Livin’ by the Gun”
Conflict “These Things Take Time”

Paul Stanley “People, Let me Get This off my Chest (Stage Banter Snippet)”

Band of Horses “The Funeral”
Jay Reatard “My Shadow”
Telekenisis! “All of a Sudden”
Yo La Tengo “Little Honda”’
Adam & the Ants “Car Trouble”

Women “Black Rice”
Rogue Wave “California”
Bon Iver “For Emma”

Chairlift “Bruises”
Ladytron “Ghosts”
The Sounds “Song With a Mission”

Foals “Balloons”
XX Teens “Darlin’”
Cold War Kids “Something is not Right With Me”

Little Joy “No One’s Better Sake”
Vampire Weekend “Kids Don’t Stand a Chance”
Noah & the Whale “Five Years Time”

  1. srsly says:

    ace frehley probably gets drunk cos he hastes glam rock, all the make-up and crapola

    Anywhore, this is a good list of tunes

  2. sophie says:

    fucking sweet! ny groove is my favorite jam.

  3. dilsnick rambutan says:

    thanks for this, it kicks ass



  5. man plus says:

    paul’s all man and his paintings are boss!

  6. zephyr weatherbee says:

    a drunk kid could get used to this!

  7. fartz says:

    This is a lot of fun. I esp. love the stage banter bit. Of all the dinasaur types. I would still go see Kiss in a heartbeat. For free, however.

  8. Marshall says:

    Why would you discuss “poon tang” (vagina) w/ a gay man? Just because he looks like an old woman doesn’t mean he actually has a vagina.

  9. real bluebeard says:

    The CD of Paul Stanley Stage Banter is one of the best things I own. Hilarioussssss

  10. Red Ninger says:

    how do you download these shits easily again.. view page source is too fucknin confusing I always forget.. hook up the links I’m seriously too stupid to figure it out.. “HELP!” *agiggle*. seriously would it hurt you to put an angry spider on the surface of your eye and blink hard over and over

  11. Mitch Mitchellstein says:

    Dude its obvious that Paul doesnt like any bands, he’s a self-himself-only wanker, boring cheap Jew! Look Im not antisemit, though its bands like this that make me want to go spend a million dollars of my own money. And I got it! I was a college drop-out and now im a Millionaire yo! I wanna buy myself a jew-fro or something.

  12. Marshall says:

    He couldn’t name a song recorded in the last 25 years if he tried. I hate Paul and Gene for being such greedy old jews that they keep choosing to take dumps on my childhood memories.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Paul Stanley? Buddy Guy? OK, it took another night with my bong and Casual Fridays to finally get the joke. Good job. Might I suggest Tom York?

  14. gerry says:

    Ever see that awesome cable access prankcall footage ? At one point, a guy calls in and says NY is so violent because “Dinkins is a lousy nigger”. Guess it was the truth…

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