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• 03.31.10 03:41 pm

So yesterday we did a radio show with the hottest new band on the sun, Cults.

So yesterday we did a radio show with the hottest new band on the sun, Cults. After playing the song “Is that all there is?” by Peggy Lee, which starts with a pre-ramble about a house burning down, we then found out that Madeline’s house burned to the ground (sort of) when she was a kid. However, everything else about the house burning down was a web of confusion. Not because it was the saddest day ever , in fact it sounded like a hootenanny; but more because nothing made sense to us or to Madeline about any of it. Here we are getting to the bottom of the story (actually there is no bottom) without letting her finish the story (actually there was no end). Classic us!
Look and listen for CULTS radio show next week .
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  1. Taeil says:

    You guys need to check them out. They got this killer song called “She Sells Sanctuary”

  2. pogi says:

    haha @Taeil, The Cults, Thats what I was thinkng too. I wonder if theyre gonna get sued by them

  3. J├╝CIFER says:

    They’ll have to change it to “Klutz”.

  4. crunch says:

    I think you guys are thinking of ‘THE CULT”
    Which is far enough away from “CULTS” but apparently not.

  5. Rape says:

    radio jockeys are annoying as fuck.

  6. Cyd says:

    I’m her stepmom, and yeah, believe me, I stood on the sidewalk and screamed “you burned my house down mother-fucker!Do you see my fucking house burning down? I’m gonna beat your mother fucking ass!” to the idiot who started the fire. Um, the neighbors woke up, not because of the sirens, not because of the glass breaking on the ground from the velocity of the fire shattering the windows of the house, but from me standing on the street in my slippers cussing out the stupid-ass m’fer who rented a room from us, smoked too much weed, fell asleep with a candle lit and set my house on fire. So yeah, you guys had it about right!

  7. I just realized that says:

    Derrick is the black version of Bill Murray.

  8. rosebush says:


  9. shawn says:

    You know those people who are always on and they think that their non-stop riffing is hilarious but really your laughing is nervous and you’re wondering, “when the fuck are they going to stop talking!?” Just wondering.

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