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• 09.08.09 08:42 am

You may have noticed our site is now black & white and upside down. We used the ampersand for “black & white” because people use those two words together so often, they’re basically “rock & roll.”

You may have noticed our site is now black & white and upside down. We used the ampersand for “black & white” because people use those two words together so often, they’re basically “rock & roll.”

No but seriously folks, the redesign is to fit actual, paying ads because apparently you need to have ads to make money. If you don’t like it, we are going to need enough donations to equal all potential ad dollars. Please make out the checks to Street Carnage and send them to

NY Tompkins Sq.
PO BOX 20640
244 East 3rd St.
New York, NY

  1. knee juices says:

    i like the little writing.

  2. jissom jigaboo says:

    Gavin and Derrick look really gay pissing back to back on the bottom

  3. fuck BK says:

    gay logo. college ransom note?

  4. Big Brad says:

    fuck your face Gavin

  5. Chunk says:

    The “Leave us a message” box doesn’t work… I get a “can’t open file” error…

  6. Ralph Malph says:

    If ten kitties can’t be accommodated in a single row, then the design doesn’t work………………the design doesn’t work.

  7. Ralph Malph says:

    Shit the bed that was quick

  8. dink says:

    is that why you got rid of the penises too?

  9. bloop says:

    Street Carnage, brought to you by eleventy billion ads for American Apparel and a couple of gifted-by-gavin spots for Patchouli Ball Rot, the spicy new fragrance from Crass.

  10. egads! says:


  11. egads! says:

    but for serious? A Tucker Max ad? Ed Hardy next?

  12. french guy says:

    at least, get a better logo! come on!!
    and, also, the message box does not work.

  13. danes says:

    i miss the crass font…

  14. Wack-boy says:

    Less suck, nice.

  15. pingpong says:

    do not want

  16. BONEYMAGS says:


  17. eaheart says:

    i cant believe it to such a hilarious happening website

    why i could find life here website??
    i have had been wondering about it .

    mistake trancelate?
    but looks like real?

    when i can see this website again
    i am glad and freeze (of course for so impressed)

    but it might best things ever have happened

    and now i try to write it though
    i am sorry still now i dont get it how the way tell yours lovely.

    Here is my favorite website i have ever seen.
    the existence makes me Happy.
    next i do it.

    Gavin san
    i really apliciate this site is “cure”
    and thanks many word to “fight”

    and thanks Street Boners.
    i think my nomad sucks.

    Ben kun
    thank u shit me weak.
    i do it.

    dont turn my PC link off becouse i am late.
    i wanna sometime send something.

  18. grimey says:

    I turned my ad blocker off on this website just to see what kind of ads you were running and it’s tucker max? are you for fucking real? is that ad calculated to piss off your readers? what if you accidentally convince one of them to actually go see the tucker max movie? I understand you have mouths to feed and kids to put in private school but there has to be a way to do it without pissing radiation in baby’s mouths. also the new navigation buttons make this look like a blog about cell phones or something

  19. Anonymous says:

    lots o layout bugs still–work it out!

  20. fuckface mcgee says:

    is this really a redesign? looks like a poorly skinned theme to me. c’mon.

  21. Jay says:

    Man , I can imagine that logo on 12 yr old skater’s t-shirt. Site had lost its edge , Gava.

  22. sumptuous taint says:

    i tried to leave a message. why can’t i leave a message? here is my message:


  23. bj says:

    what ads? the only ads i remember you guys having is the 88 keys one, and i dont even know what that is

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