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Christi Bradnox
• 06.27.08 02:00 pm

The new shirts are in.

We get all our tattoos at Saved and when we needed last minute t-shirts for SXSW we got up from the chair and said, “Hey, that hurt like hell. Were you pushing extra hard?” and the guy was like, “What?” And we go, “We need shirts for our shows in Texas. Can you make them, like, now?” And they go, “No problem.”

Update: YouTube version available.

After that batch we kept coming back again and again until they said, “Let’s just do a silk screen. It’s cheaper and faster and the print will look way better because it won’t fade the way this spray paint does.” We agreed. So here they are. EIGHT STYLES in all! They come in medium and large and they’re Hanes Beefy T so they don’t get all wimpy and polyestery like those other shirts do. Oh, and we took out the “.com” part on the logo because you told us to. BUY NOW!

Dear Street Carnage,

Are your shirts sexist? I am a petite girl and the Medium Hanes is too big, even after I wash it.

Dear Madonna,
Thanks for your letter. How’s the tour going? Are you even on tour? Yes, our shirts are very dude-centric in size but if you’re worth half your weight in fashion prowess you can cinch it here and cut the collar there. Look at this chick with the sunglasses (above). That’s a finangled medium. Not bad right? Another possible solution would be to put some weight on. You’re starting to look like a dude.
Street Carange


If you think the internet is a stupid idiot you can get them in person at Lawanna’s in Brooklyn (155 Grand St near Bedford) and at The Good, The Bad and the Ugly (85 Kenmare St near Lafayette) in Manhattan.

A VHS tape barfs out it’s tape and that becomes a cloudy dream that spells out “tv carnage.” BUY NOW!

All you have to do is send us your address and we’ll send you 5 black & white stickers and 5 color ones.

  1. puTO! says:


  2. Gavin says:

    Why would you post that anonymously? Resend your address to the email above and I will personally see to it things get fixed.

  3. Lomeli says:

    This is not Punk. If you’re going to start selling shit, at least market it in a creative way rather than the boring sticker/t-shirt combo that is the go-to for every other hipster startup business. Or sell different products that reflect your attitude, like selling your own brand of cigarettes or something else that’s self-destructive.

  4. Sarge says:

    Why not send a bunch of stickers along with everybody who orders a shirt?

  5. Leftöver Kräp says:

    FREE MOUTH TATTOOS plz. So’s I can pull down my lip and let people know my favorite website whilst panhandling.

  6. Garrett says:

    Put you up in the T-Love section of ( )

    Fucking ace.

  7. umm... says:

    Will you send it to us even if we live all the way in Vancouver?

  8. NePlusUltra says:

    I bought a shirt…and I did it because you did send me stickers and then a fine, friendly follow up email requesting a little Denver, CO scene report.

    Well, I haven’t done shit with the stickers nor have I bothered to do the scene report…so, I’m trying to absolve myself from guilt – as opposed as I am to the Beefy T.

  9. mr black says:

    I want a free shirt fuckers

  10. Applejacks says:

    I’m 30… am i too old for a street carnage shirt? I wonder how it would go over at work on casual friday?

  11. don't be a pussy, says:

    fucking wear that shit man

  12. Jim Goad says:

    Lomeli Says:
    “This is not Punk.”

    Is that supposed to be an insult or a compliment?

  13. ROCKING DOOD420XL says:



  14. Punk is dead says:

    long live the new flesh! (and by that I mean street carnage)

  15. Lomeli says:

    It’s neither, it’s an observation.

  16. yeah says:

    i wanna know if they’ll come to vancouver too
    and by “they” i mean “free stickers”

  17. sggstn says:

    next time maybe print on shirts that have a less boxy cut than the beefy t’s

  18. yourmother's best friend says:

    the graphics on this page are fucked up

  19. Chris says:

    dude it’s just free stickers, nothing to get to worked up about.

  20. Eye says:

    puto thats because you leave faggot comments bitching about stickers.

  21. gummytummy says:


  22. elk. says:

    How long do these puppies take to ship to the far reaches of Northern North America?
    (meaning Vancouver-ish)

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  25. might be an idiot but... says:

    I don’t think the TV Carnage shirts are actually for sale in the store. The link sends me to a store full of Street Carnage shirts and no VHS tape barf.

  26. Bron Austin says:

    I love your Designs and would really love some free stickers for my laptop and car so I can show you off to all my friends

    Bron Austin
    2601 Edgefield Street
    Greenwood SC 29646

    Thank you for your time
    You guys are Awesome

  27. Lance philip says:

    Stickers stickers stickers stickers stickers!!!! Please and thank you.

    My address is 2200 Gold Coast highway, Miami, Qld. 4220


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