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• 05.21.14 02:23 pm


Rooster NY did this campaign for Ted Baker wherein I’m a yob named Redge Blaker who broke out of petty crime and hooliganism to become a proper gentleman. 

This is what I want to do to everyone I see.

Shoes are also very important.

I fucking hate those stupid hair clips Europeans wear and it breaks my heart they are starting to show up here.

This was shot at our local The Brooklyneer and it’s based on a real guy who used to ruin every visit (he’s gone now). Men over 30 should not have bands on their shirts.

This is how I feel every time I walk down Bedford Ave.

I wanted her arm to fall off at the end but they thought it was too hokey.

My date has a lot of crap in her purse.

Like, a LOT

When you don’t have the proper tools to puncture a trachea, beat back the grim reaper using black magic.

This is not my baby

Not sure how helpful this is.

This was done by using magic.

Anyway, being a male model is really hard so don’t even bother trying. You’re not even close to gorgeous enough.







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  1. steve says:

    gav m8, you only do up one button on a 2 button suit. sort it ahhht

  2. weinmar says:

    You look like a painting from a haunted castle.

  3. What's in a name says:

    StreetWinker sounds like a slang term for a gay prostitute. :O

  4. Steve in Greensboro says:

    Gavin beat up Matty Iglesias to get that purple suit.

  5. RED says:

    Double breasted suit dummy. Needs all buttons done

  6. spotes says:

    What kind of guy worries about clothes?
    Or even notices?
    I couldn’t even tell you if the last fifty guys I talked to were even wearing shoes let alone what kind they were.

  7. Terry Thomas says:


  8. Ruggish Thuggish Bone says:

    Dress like a grown-up and look like a little kid in a grown-up costume.

  9. Ben says:

    Gavin doesn’t have an inner child. He has an inner girl. I think it’s adorable though.

  10. whoa says:

    you are an eccentric millionaire

  11. Stephen says:

    The black girl in the Thermostat vid is perfect looking.

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