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• 11.20.15 09:08 am

Considering all the cool inventions white people make when they get together, this “retreat” could end up being very good for society in general. 

Please list all the cool inventions non-whites have created over the past 100 years. I’ll start:

Mexicans: The taco.


  1. Ian mcgay says:

    Robert Johnson/chuck Berry – rock nmuthafuckn roll

  2. brendan donnelly says:

    HAHAHA this is great

  3. Dan of the Mole People says:

    I did a research project on this dude:

    James E. West = foil electret microphone

  4. John P. says:


  5. John Thomas says:

    Do Asians count?

  6. Steve says:

    If the only thing your civilisation brought to the marketplace of ideas is a cookbook and a folkloric gift shop, you should feel privileged than others did the heavy lifting.

  7. Rigby Reardon says:

    The Negro George Washington Carver invented Peanut Butter.

  8. Dad Religion says:

    I’m gonna be pedantic here and go off on a tangent, but black dudes didn’t solely invent rock ‘n’ roll. You gotta give white guys like Earnest Tubb, Hank Williams, Bill Haley, and Sam Philips, credit. And there’s no backbeat without tribal music–from Indian, to Latin American to Pan-African tribes. It also owes a big debt of gratitude to Irish, Scottish, English and Spanish folk. And if you don’t think Germans like Beethoven or Russians like Tchaikovsky had a hand in it, then you’ve never listened to their compositions. Rock ‘n’ roll is an alloy. The advent of Rock ‘n’ Roll is centuries in the making and is actually a truly multi-cultural art form. I hate that whole “Black people solely invented rock ‘n’ roll and white guys appropriated it” narrative that a lot of media outlets push and the general public believe because it’s just not factual.

  9. Rigby Reardon says:

    I believe a Negro invented Crack.

  10. Urban Achiever says:

    @Dad Religion, if Rock’n’Roll is an alloy then what’s Metal??

  11. John Thomas says:

    HECK YES on the GWC!

  12. MoistAngst says:

    George W. Carver did a lot of work involving the cultivation of peanuts, but he is often mistakenly given credit for being the inventor of peanut butter. That honor really goes to the Canadian Marcellus Gilmore Edson. John Kellogg also had a version as well.
    It is believed by many that the ancient Aztecs and Incas may have developed a very coarse, much less refined version of peanut butter even earlier still.

  13. Joey Bagadoughnuts says:

    The Africans have developed an AIDS cure. (Infant rape)

  14. Kram says:

    Mr Peanut invented peanut butter and named it after his butler, Skippy.

  15. Car boned out says:

    Bitch slap, tumble weaves, wiggers, knock out game, players, keeping it real, no snitching, stitches for snitchs, dog pound, 40 oz., blunts, St. Swisher of Sweets, necklace burnings, world star hip hop, purple drank, skittles, okra, black whopper, drive by, dindu nuffin, twerking, pimps n hoes, Devils night, wilding, Race hustlers, grievance industry, flying pyramids, heart of darkness, Last king of Scotland, Africa addio, witch doctors, Zombies, juju, voodoo, my baby’s daddy, papa was a rolling stone, stuff black people don’t like, lynch pin, Don King, King Kong, Long dong silver, Bill Cosby, guess whose coming to dinner, l’m bad, bleaching, albinos, crips n bloods, cribs, O.J., dis, respect, Ebonics, edumacation, urban dictionary, grills, rims, hoodies, where da white women, coal burners, mud sharks, mulattos, black cats, black panthers, white coal burning cougars, angry black woman, jungle fever, white mans burden, rhythm, jelly roll, spit n split, niglets, takes a village, ghetto, Detoilet, mr robinsons neighborhood, Haiti, fast tail, yams, mammys, cred, crunk, who dat, oh no, fatherless day, mumbo jumbo, safe space, micro aggressions, dats racist, reparations, The Civil War, black lies matter, pants up don’t loot, pigs, pygmys homo yo man, on the low down, bath house Barry, what up, get down, boogie, Ooga booga, honky, whitey, cracka, crack, Marion Barry, booty, bootylicious, plummeting property values, white flight, outa Africa, affirmative action, affirmatively furthering fair housing/section ape (see plummeting property…), pinkys privilege, gib me dats, bread n circuses whoops! dats da guinea’s, Obama phones, Obama care, rasta man, rasta claus, Babylon, hustling hustling, home boy shopping net work, bell curve, 80 IQ, 10 percent, high yellow, mau mau, boko haram, spear chucking, side hand pistol grip………..Just a few of the cultural enrichments that our vibrant bros bring to the multi-culti kool aid drank. Ultimately they dindu nuffin nome sayin dog.

  16. definitelymaybe says:


  17. Gil says:

    Don’t forget grape soda with Cheetos, cocoa butter lotion on knees and elbows, and lots of car air fresheners

  18. We Wuz Kangz says:

    Google something called Jenkem. Africans will seriously get high on huffing a mixture of their own excrement and urine. Is that considered an “invention?”

  19. Baron Samedi says:

    Blaxploitation films

  20. spotarama says:

    to get back to the moosical thang…..ska, bluebeat, rocksteady, reggae

    and then theres jazz, salsa, marimba, limbo, and many other forms that should all be roundly condemned as works of primitive cultureless savages intent of destroying culture rather than advancing and eveolving it in an educated, skilled and meaningful manner (that includes any white boys that think jazz is in any way worthwhile, listenable or not a reasonable excuse for retrospective abortion)

    so its all swings and roundabouts really (though what free sex parties and circular traffic control measures have to do with anything i’m not entirely sure)

  21. Doc Harris says:

    Peanut butter was invented by Canadian Marcellus Edson (a white guy) who patented it in 1884, long before GW Carver started taking credit for it. So that’s one less…

  22. MOETHE FAN says:

    The marimba was invented in 1754 by Ogawi Ugunbundi Marimba,a Sweedish Negro

  23. Some blaxploitation films directed by white dudes. Sorry.

    Gavin is too modest to say, but I’m half Scottish and the Scots invented everything. There’s a (surprisingly dull, poorly written) book about it. Trip fact: not even “clan tartans” are real; that was a marketing stunt.

    I’m half German and of course we invented all the stuff the Scots didn’t.

    Saul Bellow said “Who was the Tolstoy of the Zulus?” and STILL got a Nobel Prize. Jezua, if you’d have told me at the time I’d one day miss the 1970s…

  24. Ask-a-Nazi says:

    The Holocaust.

  25. Free says:

    Who fucking cares? None of you people have ever invented anything. People act like they’re in on it because some dude or chick invented something and that person had the same skin color. It’s such a dumb way to be proud of yourself. Be proud of the shit you’ve done. Fucking worry about it if somebody else invented something. All this race baiting and blaming and being proud of things that happened in history but had nothing to do with your actual life. It’s all so fucking stupid. From all angels. I could give a flying fuck what color you are or what you have accomplished in life as long as you are a relatively decent human being.

  26. Gil says:

    Free, I’m diggin’ what you’re sayin’. Even more reasons to despise modern non-whites and the yids. Their present collective behavior speaks for itself. Cheers.

  27. Baron Samedi says:

    I invented the directors who invented those films

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