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Jen Hanley
• 11.12.09 10:00 am

If there was ever a good reason to sit and watch several videos of your friends and others making out, this has to be it: selling makeup! The cutest marketing scheme I’ve seen yet.

If there was ever a good reason to sit and watch several videos of your friends and others making out, this has to be it: selling makeup! The cutest marketing scheme I’ve seen yet.

See all the videos and buy some goddamn makeup for your girlfriend over at Studio Beauty Channel now!


  1. Anonymous Too says:

    Holy shit! It’s that chick from my favorite Boner Alert

  2. morbid uncle says:

    this is gross but damn pia is a fucking babe. i would trade places with that doofus in a heartbeat, except i’d shoo everybody out of the room and see how far i could take it instead of flopping my hair around and trying to look sexy. i guess the poor guy was nervous, she’s so damn fine.

  3. comic book guy... says:

    definitive proof that the cool kids are just as fucking insecure, sad and boring as everyone else. SELL THAT FACESTAIN!

  4. Big H says:

    Oh my god, she actually said “totes” in real life.

    It seems weird to say it, but these videos of heterosexual couples kissing are probably the gayest fucking things I have ever seen.

  5. JuCIFER says:

    Ha! Send Spanky a check.

  6. JuCIFER says:

    Oh wait, I forgot… Jen Sucks.

  7. these are HOT! says:

    I want to make out with PIA and LINDSEY (sorry Kevin)

  8. Anonymous says:


  9. booty says:

    out of the 4 shitty boyfriends, Jeff was my favorite.

  10. Vane$$a says:

    What the fuck ever happened to real jobs? “I make cloaks.” Huh? “I’m a skateboarder.”

    Anyhoo, that Lindsey is by far the most attractive. The bad news for the boyfriend is that their body language suggests that they’re all but over.

    The first two should make a porn.

  11. Alex says:

    good fucking GOD this was nauseating…that first one was nearly impossible to get through. And what the FUCK was Spanky thinking…

  12. watching girl 2 apply lipstick makes my penis throwup milk

  13. Blogwigger says:

    Jen, I hateth thee.

  14. fuckface says:

    yeah, b/c getting paid to do things you enjoy doing is only for assholes…

  15. Big H says:

    @ fuckface

    It kind of is. I don’t know many people who enjoy doing their jobs. And the ones I do are all assholes.

  16. Big H says:

    Although, having said that, most people I know have real jobs. Not stuff like “weaver of cloaks” or “snowboarding when there’s snow”.

  17. lindsey says:

    Hey VANE$$A AKA judgey mcjudgerson-

    I keep people warm, cozy and colorful all winter long; all the while stimulating our stifled economy by only manufacturing North American made goods. Wtf do YOU do? You better make it good… like being at the forefront of curing leukemia or encoding the complexities of the United States health care policies, at the very least be the founder of a non profit that rebuilds schools in Louisiana.



  18. Better off dead says:

    Thanks. Forgot that it was possible to be happy.

  19. Better off dead says:

    If you’re dumb and beautiful.

  20. Sir Fagsalot says:

    @ Lindsey: I really hope you’re kidding, b/c by your logic, the bums that sell rat fur hats are saving the world one idiot at a time.

    p.s. saying “I skateboard” when someone asks you your job is the equivalent of saying “I walk to the a.t.m. and see if mommy’s check cleared yet”

  21. Evan says:

    Spanky comes off as a model of upstanding masculinity compared to those other dudes.

  22. HEY FUCKOS says:

    Spanky AKA Kevin has an ACTUAL job getting PAID to skateboard, inspire kids and the sport, and build brands and clothing. It’s like being a MUSICIAN. It’s a job. It’s not the kind you couch ranters go to (college? mailroom? American Apparel?) but it’s a profession that generates checks for him. Are you not part of planet earth? Who doesn’t know this. It’s not like he’ll be skating when he’s 50 but jesus you haters need to appreciate talent. PS Lindsey is a fucking babe and her cloaks make me cry they’re so beautiful. All the babes in NYC wear them.


  23. Big H says:

    Yeah, Lindsey’s one rung below cancer researchers and charity volunteers on the “righteous jobs” scale, with her $1000 dollar cloaks. Give her a break.

    P.S. Lindsey & her bf were actually the least offensive of the couples in these videos by far, they’re probably good folks or whatever. But that post she made was ridiculous.

  24. jewfius maximus says:

    Oh god, if you’re going to be a rich girl fashion fagonista, own it, don’t be fucking self righteous about it. Just say, “I make stupid shit for rich girls, and pretty much contribute nothign positive to society, but I enjoy life and am happy.” Otherwise, like that post, you just come off as insecure.

  25. CURE4CANCER says:

    Yo Lindz
    You CAN’T compare cloak-making to curing cancer, you just burnt yourself.

  26. CURE4CANCER says:


  27. Vane$$a says:

    No need to get all tense, baby. We’re existing in the same sphere of the universe.

    How do I make a buck? I hand weave ancient Turkish rugs (they fly). One of my exclusive clients recently (7 years ago) purchased a handsome area piece for $18,000. Because I’m a spiritual person–in touch with the mysterious netherworld–my inspiration was borne of the time I spent living in a clay hut on the River Ganges with the skeletal remnants of an ancient, nomadic tribe. I also pick up spare cash whilst meditating on nail-boards and singing ancient Nordic lullabies in the town square. I love ancient things. They’re more spiritual. By the way, my family hails from the gritty mountainous backdrop of Sun Valley, Idaho. Where are you from?

  28. totally says:

    oy, these are cute and just fucking ads for make-up with hot real people in them so what the fuck is the problem? either you make cloaks or you are a waitress who cares. jesus.

  29. wait... says:

    Those videos gave me a boner.

  30. lindsey says:

    just to reiterate…not likening the outerwear industry to curing cancer; just pointing out, unless you are actually changing the world, you’re not in necessarily in the position to judge how me or Kevin make money.

    if defending the integrity of what I create is burning myself … well, I have always loved a good tryst with fire.

    Burn baby burn!

  31. Anonymous says:

    jesus fucking christ can we build up trust fund kids any more, please? these kids need to be destroyed.

  32. Anonymous says:


    nobody is judging how kevin makes money. he jumps down stairs and shit on tape, which is something that he presumably worked at for a long time to get good, and that is respectable.

    making $1000 “cloaks” is what trust fund turds do when they realize they have no actual skills or intellectual ability and even less work ethic, so they do some kitschy bullshit and sell it to their equally entitled and useless buddies.

    no offense.

  33. Thumbs Down says:

    Go back to Aspen

  34. skabbies says:

    despite our differences i think we can all agree that lyz has weird arms.

  35. Anonymous says:

    maria bartiromo lookin ass nigga

  36. stoops says:

    the sooner i go live in the woods, the better.

  37. homeless. says:

    will you get outta here with this garbage. I am lonely and work a job i hate. quit rubbing it in my face.

  38. kure kure takora says:

    I’m starting to look forward to hitting 40.

  39. homeless. says:

    these couples are gorgeous by the way.

  40. Better off dead says:

    If these people are actually reading these comments I take back all I say. They seem cool, but yeah you can spot the L.A. by the Che Guevara (even though dude is cool) and by the long time other dude takes to kiss is girlfriend, wot is he thinking about? Is that like his mysterious vibe or something?

  41. Hannah says:

    I don’t have a job, I’m in school. I don’t care what these people do, I can think of lamer jobs. It’s just weird that people would want to have a make up site film them kissing, unless they’re getting paid a good sum of money. But I can see why Che Guevara skater is hesitant to kiss his girl on camera. PDA is lame and gross. Keep your shit to yourself. And also, those cloaks are pretty sweet but $950? ‘Sheesh.

  42. Anonymous says:

    i think lindsey and rebecca are pretty

  43. Roland Barthes says:

    Spanky and Luke are pulling tail. Good. Good to see the skateboard and snowboard thing is still a draw.

  44. marbles says:

    no one cares.

  45. vv says:

    are you guys kidding me?

    @anonymous, first of all, where do you get off talking shit about someone’s profession? It’s hard to jump down a flight of stairs on a board with wheels on it (and land). It might not accomplish much, but it makes tons of little boys happy.

    and as far as making cloaks is concerned, they happen to be beautiful and being that they are made locally in nyc, they keep people employed and the local economy stimulated. furthermore, you try constructing 3 yards of fabric in such a way that it sits favorably on a woman’s body.

    my cousin in kentucky knits these AMAZING booties from wool she spins herself and her husband makes brooms for a living – i don’t see how those are not credible jobs. does working at a desk in front of a computer in order to make a larger corporation more money make you legitimate?

  46. huge douche says:

    h8 jen’s posts s0 bad

  47. period bloooood says:


  48. Bud Dwyer says:

    These are pretty annoying but whatever, I just can’t get over the creepiness of the girl behind the camera saying “why don’t you give her a kiss”, she sounds like the overly sweaty uncle that your mum wouldn’t let you be alone with.

  49. jay says:

    It doesn’t matter if he has a job. As long as he dreams about money, he can collect a paycheck when he wakes up every morning.

  50. HOT says:

    These are hot. Reminds me of those banned Calvin Klein ads from the 90s except cute. The couples are all better looking than me, which makes me sad.

  51. Yves St. Laurent says:

    Cloaks are an insult to tailoring and craftsmanship.
    GET THA FACK OUTTA HERE! You call yourself a fashion designer?
    Go see if you can sew me a sport coat and some slacks.


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