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• 11.30.08 12:46 pm

  1. Fred says:

    ha! ha!
    lookit that chink all chinky

  2. SMOKIN' BONES says:

    boy, that gavin. what a genius.

    you see, its so obvious the guy is not jewish, but the other guy, he’s so stupid, he cant tell, and we get to laugh at how stupid the other guy is, ’cause he cant tell that the one guy isnt jewish. how stupid! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah…

  3. no heart anthony says:

    dude that’s pretty stupid.

  4. toon critic says:

    this was a waste of lead gavin

  5. srsly says:

    to be Jewish doesn’t mean it has to be in your friggin’ dna to be jewish you fuckin stupid waste

    anyone can be a fucking jew ya stupid fuck

    i guess that’s the point of all this- to show people’s human ignorance

    what ? only people with big noses and dirty beards are jews?? Is that the criteria now?! FUCK!

  6. i'm a kike but not a nip says:

    the point is the only people smarter than nips are kikes.

  7. i'm a kike but not a nip says:

    burn in hell for eternity.

  8. outside the bedford l says:

    maybe instead of racing the special olympics, all of you should try moving to the center of the universe. i didn’t get like 99% of the references on here until i moved to bk…

  9. goldwatch says:

    “cause you know who you remind me of………Tom Hanks”

  10. Ass and Titties says:

    I thought the joke might have been that they both wear similar hats….

  11. Beef says:

    The best part about cartoons is that they actually upset people to the point of rage, which makes them even funnier, because they’re letting a silly drawing of a Chinaman ruin their day!

  12. Chachi and the MS-13s says:

    Ohhh, I get it! It’s because the guy asking the question has a big nose.

  13. homeless says:

    what is everyone so mad about? this was a funny comic.

  14. meh says:

    good stuff. would read again.

  15. […] no matter what budget – was broke down. Her face was revolting – kind of looked like that abstract Sunday Funnies Jewjoke. My boy and I kind of looked at each other like damn, but thank god she’s not the one doing […]

  16. @outside the bedford L: so what’s the reference hip dude?

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