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• 05.07.08 10:01 pm

supreme oral

Why? WHY? WHY? Did pornographers stop dressing this way? I don’t have a mental cock-block at all when it comes to knowing a lot of the people in porn are intelligent, so why did they start dressing to match their IQ? Especially now, in a time where the average citizen looks more like a porn than porn stars or porn producers ever will.
Having Al Goldstein and Gerry Damiano question the integrity of the Supreme Court system dressed as they are is nothing short of GOLDENstein. What a mistake to ever stop this creepy look. What a sad day for humanity.

  1. muthafutha says:

    pornographer. i prefer the term ‘niche film maker’- it just rolls off the tongue somewhat more sweetly and intelligently as opposed to base.

  2. Loomis says:

    “For all extensive purposes” is a good one.

  3. stepfordhusbands says:

    What a life. but yes, current porno execs please dress like smut peddlers again. YOU ARE RICH! enjoy life! It’s a gift to the poor.

  4. mr.wilson says:

    I hate to Wineburg, but…Turn it off! TURN IT OFF!!

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