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• 05.20.16 05:25 pm

If you were anti-communist three decades ago, you may not recommend restaurants. 

Free Nick Solares

  1. OogaBooga says:

    He’s a Rock n’ roll nigger! He’s guilty of being white! Let’s all enjoy the steak, gee the money’s really great. We’re gonna be a white minority.

  2. Otherkin says:

    Garrett for co-host.

  3. But he apologized, which ruins it for me.

    PS: when they shoot the movie of “Kids,” will they leave out all the “ni**er” stuff, esp. now that Patti Smith has become a kind of loveable old grandma for Millennials?

  4. J. Rowe says:

    Nice analysis about middle class lefties on their high horses pretending they’re so much smarter than the working class. I’ll trust a mechanic over a post-Boas anthropology major any day of the week.
    At least the upper class are genuinely rich and aren’t putting on an act and, despite the stereotype, they tend to represent a large share of combat deaths along with the working class. The middle just sits there in a semi parasitical relationship moaning and smearing.

  5. Samantha says:

    Hahaha! I love the accent. You should do audio books with it. Maybe start with “Rules For Radicals”…I made Greg Gutfeld sign my copy (as a joke).

  6. Tacobelle Johnson says:

    White people have an exceptionally high tolerance for bullshit.
    Still, with all the stuff a lot of cunts get away with saying (sometimes even rewarded for saying), that tolerance is going to wear thin.

  7. bifo berardi says:

    The grievance industry has produced too many liberal arts majors whose only skill is detecting “white racism”.
    Making up hate-crimes (and other smearing tactics) is the only way to justify their degrees and have a career.

  8. Casual says:

    you got your punk-ass (literally) kicked and your scot-nose punched in? super!
    …something like this:

  9. OogaBooga says:

    Let’s all leech off the state, actually. I used to think it was “let’s all enjoy the steak.” Funny story.

  10. OogaBooga says:

    What kind of sick sadist gay is Keenan Trotter? The sick, sadistic kind. He’s a Dahmer/Gacy without the balls to go all the way.

  11. Alec Leamas says:

    Huang is peak Millennial Shitlib with his tired Chigger persona. I watched his travel show once when he went to Sicily and basically made the argument to Sicialians that they should welcome mass immigration from Africa and the Middle East because: 1) Sicily had been conquered militarily before, so it’s a sort of tradition and their objections contradict this “tradition;” and 2) the food (which he concedes is already very good) might get better at some indeterminate time in the future.

  12. Alec Leamas says:

    “What kind of sick sadist gay is Keenan Trotter? The sick, sadistic kind. He’s a Dahmer/Gacy without the balls to go all the way.”

    My guess is that it is linked aggression and humiliation spilling over from his sexual life into his politics. What homosexuals do – particularly those residing in big cities – has been largely sanitized by the “Will and Grace” strategem. What we probably miss about someone like Trotter is that he probably enjoys being put in subservient positions, being the object of sexually-expressed aggression, pissed on and shit on, penetrated and humiliated in other ways culminating in a euphoric release. This is obviously and definitionally a paraphilia and evidence of psychological pathology, but to him it’s an exhilarating game with a big payoff at the end. Even though he knows on an cognitive level that people don’t like being fired and having their careers ruined, his Id likely sees it as a game in which the objects of his efforts to humiliate are willfully engaging. Of course, they’re not likely crazy fags so they don’t get a rush and don’t associate humiliation with sexual release.

  13. OogaBooga says:

    Or the punishing Superego getting off on “justice” being done, but yeah, it’s very possible that he gets off vicariously on the humiliation and punishment he causes. I remember a Norm McDonald SNL “News” line that went something like: “*87% of Americans said in a recent poll that gay people should be able to adopt children. The vast majority, though, changed their minds once they learned that gay people have ANAL SEX.”

    How times have changed. But, yes, Trotter almost certainly enjoys being shat upon, directly into his mouth.

  14. Adelson Alert! says:

    The Godking of Global Zionism, Sheldon Adelson publicly endorsed Trump last week.
    Trump tweated @realDonaldTrump May 13
    “An incredible honor to receive the endorsement of a person I have such tremendous respect for. Thank you, Sheldon!”
    Will the Shekel Savant compromise Trump’s Israel/Palestinian neutrality.
    This vile, loathsome, Hebrew first champion has long purchased the services of every other member of Corporation Repubic Party….
    Stay tuned, Hebrew Nationals, your Darth Vader will try to bring Donald to the Circumcised Side.
    Will he succeed, only The Donald knows and I’m betting he’s going to out Jew you Jews but thanks for the shekels suckers!

  15. Bill Kristols kosher cock says:

    I’ll bet on that old Jew whose made a career of maneuvering goys into compromised positions. A Man in his position can’t afford to be made to look ridiculous. Donald will make a deal and you can bet that what comes out of it is a much tougher nuclear agreement with Iran.

  16. OogaBooga says:

    Oh, YOU must be the nasty anti-Semites my boy Ben Shapiro is stomping his tiny little midget foot over. God is he a brave (albeit tiny and girlish) lil Jewish man. And it’s a miracle he can even talk after all those marathon box-chowing and boot-licking sessions with his mannish hispanic dominatrix Michelle Fields.

  17. Dan of the Mole People says:

    Sheldon Adelson is aging like Al Davis

  18. John Thomas says:

    Huang’s picture reminds me of the oldest son from “Fresh off the Boat.”

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