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• 03.19.11 10:43 am

Just before Ben Weasel got on stage last night at Austin’s Scoot Inn, he had this to say, “Gearing up to play the most depressing show of my life in the most joyless, soulless, shameful excuse of a music event in modern history.”

Just before Ben Weasel got on stage last night at Austin’s Scoot Inn, he had this to say, “Gearing up to play the most depressing show of my life in the most joyless, soulless, shameful excuse of a music event in modern history.” When he got on stage a lady threw an ice cube at him. This made him mad so he invited her on stage and so he could “kick the shit out of” her. Oh my!

PS: For the record, the second girl who got hit isn’t just “friends of the owner.” She’s the wife of the guy who runs the place and she also bartends there and she’s dealt with dozens of melees like this in the past.



  1. Anonymous says:

    hittin bitches is sooo punk….

  2. Anonymous says:

    here’s a longer video showing what happened before the punch:

  3. Hate says:

    I grew up in Chicago and this douche thought he was the king of the local punk scene. He would always talk shit and try to start fights but would never actually fight. He also wrote the “Scene Report” for MRR and would call people by name and was then shocked when everyone wanted to kick his ass. They also sucked. They were a low rent version of the Descendants without the humor or wit.

  4. Janie says:

    What a douchebag. Id LOVE to be there when he explains this shit to his wife and babies. What a loser. I’d be fucking embarrassed to be married to an angry toddler who punches women in the face for booing him at a venue where everyone is wasted. How old is he, 16?

  5. rob-omb says:

    Somebody remind this asshat that he’s 42, not 22. Also, that he’s irrelevant.

  6. white power says:

    ahahaha!!! he seriously swung full fisted on a girl!?! cuz he got hit with a cube of ICE at a “punk” show!?!?! it figures. conclusive proof that ben weasel is and always has been a shit stain on the butt-lip of “punk” music.

  7. Mrs. Weasel says:

    Really regretting that abortion you guys

  8. thief laws says:

    Unless she’s throwing a knife or a grenade or some shit, it’s pretty much always unacceptable to punch a chick in the face.

  9. Joe Queer says:

    This is my post! My big chance! POP PUNK!!

  10. Joe Queer says:

    Sign up here http://board(dot) to hear Weasel and his tea-party evangelical buddies defending this. Fuck him.

  11. maurice del taco says:

    my mans caught her with a body shot, work the body then go up high

  12. Gadaffy says:


  13. disco Butt says:

    Gavin’s ironic/iconic moustache was feeling right at home there.

  14. grumpy old man says:

    someone needs to seriously clock this prick

  15. Mark says:

    Man… that Ben Folds can really fight!

  16. white power says:

    wait…was the first swing a swing on a chick??? i gotta know. cuz the second little scuffle with the punk lady wasn’t anything serious. but that first swing was the real deal. and if that was a chick…then…fuck…dat…nigga.

  17. WTF? says:

    That bully should pick on someone her own size.

  18. dot com millionaire says:

    someone needed to do it

    too bad none of the recent floods/avalanches/earthquakes/radiation/bombings hit SXSW

  19. it's fake says:

    Looks like a shitty, watered down version of an Andy Kaufmann gag.

  20. mell swaps says:

    if you put your speakers really loud you can hear the video game ‘dtchk’ sound when he punches the first girl.

  21. dunnit says:

    I saw them in dallas the day before. He was already talking shit about having to play at sxsw. Calling is something like a corporate hack fest. It was also weird that he had his very pregnant wife on stage left, essentially on the stage, just sitting there watching the show.

  22. b-Lah says:

    In the last 10 mins I’ve read about the incident and also a great review of the band. I also just listened to songs from their new album and now know who they are. I didn’t buy it, but I considered it.

    Welcome to the new, instant marketing.

  23. Anonymous says:

    What kind of bouncer is that? He should have at least held that twerp still for a second so that girl could take a cheap shot at him. Fire his ass.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Interesting article about the guy here. Sounds like a total dick:

  25. Taeil says:

    Ben Weasel should change his name to “GG Allin” to save his music career.

  26. Joe Queer says:

    Vapid was hilarious in this, that dismissive wave. Ha! Drew Jetty Boy should stay far away from this shit.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Taeil should… just stop writing to save my brain organs from overheating in rage and contempt.

  28. yes says:

    there i was worrying about a nuclear apocalypse in japan and all the while i didn’t even know this was going on…makes you think how lucky you are

  29. kokehead says:


  30. pfft says:

    curious as to why they booked the fucker in the first place

  31. cam says:

    bitch deserved it. don’t hide behind being a woman. throw shit, get in a dude’s face, punch him, kick him in the balls, expect to get hit.

  32. Damien says:

    Fella went all Jim Goad on her ass.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Ben Weasel is an asshole, Ben Weasel is a jerk.

  34. Anonymous says:

    That Odd Future dude Tyler the Creator could have hurt someone way worse by jumping off that speaker feet first

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