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• 04.29.15 10:48 am

To answer Andy Levy’s question, no, all American Indians are not considered the same. They hate each other as much as we do however, they are genetically indistinguishable so having a Mohawk play a Cherokee is much less ridiculous than having a Japanese man play a Chinese man.

However, none of this should come up when discussing comedies. That ruins it. And to take comedy out of Indian culture is to ruin Indians.

It all goes down around 7:07

  1. Mennonite says:

    I remember the indians I grew up around in Canada; they definitely loved laughing, but their sense of humor was very different from ours, and they’d stick their tongues out after the punchline (like that picture of Einstein). Also, they’d say “just kidding” after each joke… but it sounded more like “‘Sk’ing”

  2. Gavin says:

    In emails, I notice they go “AIIEEEEEEE” after the punchline. It’s like their equivalent of the guy in the cartoon strip falling out of frame.

  3. corey says:

    they should’ve got some natives from Brocket

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