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• 11.18.16 01:45 pm

I’d say a good 80% of the people on TV talking about parenting don’t have kids and are not married. Go make some babies and get back to us. 


  1. Wild Bill Hick Cock says:

    Pump and Dump. Spit and Split. If the Spunk ferments inside the GOO Girl, and the OOZE becomes a child, “Leave *IT* to (with the) Beaver” and Uncle Sam as “IT TAKES A VILLAGE TO RAISE *YOUR* CHILD” and “HIT THE ROAD JACK!!!”

  2. Let's Reinvent the Wheel, Duh! says:

    Oh, the old you can’t know how hot it is unless you “stick-your-hand-in-the-fire” theory of Life. Sorry one doesn’t have to walk into the showers to know it’s SHOAH Time!!!
    It’s easy peezy. Look around carefully young soon to be Mom & Dad. Observe carefully and see that what works in parenting is proven by the end product. Not in every case, but you get the picture with a big enough sample size. Spare the rod spoil the child as advocated by the Bible VS Dr. Spock and his 1960’s revolutionary way to raise junior was a slam dunk for the Old Testament. Today’s version of those brats – SJW, are another example of spoiled rotten. Oh, and that ^ “It takes a Village……” fambly Crap has really worked in Africa and the Ghetto Projects – NOT!!! No substitute for a healthy Nuclear family.

  3. See Your Future says:

    Fuck babies. Pretty soon, America will be taken over by the Chinese who will send chinks over to fuck the black women and make a super race of smart, athletically gifted specially bred children who will win EVERYTHING at the Olympics and be tall enough to get all the stuff off the top shelves that little Asians can’t reach. Meanwhile, white women will have their pussies sewn shut so that they don’t think at all about sex and just work on making I-phones and toys for McDonald’s 20 hours a day. White men will be fed to zoo animals that are trained to do fun tricks for videos.
    Do you see how this all will work?

  4. frank says:

    I don’t understand how spying on your teen kids is actionable information. You already know what you’re gonna find but hoped not to find. What the fuck are you gonna do about it? What’s the point in looking in the first place?


    So sad to see a once thriving pulsating blog reduced to a lonely outpost where even the Right Wing fringe don’t bother. Why even link to the Rebel Media revenue generators, when there is no one here unless a small circle jerk of one trolls characters counts for an audience with just a couple of other regulars popping in.
    Meanwhile VICE flourishes.

  6. what once were vices, now are wabbits says:

    If President Trump has his official portrait done by Terry Richardson then the site will come back bigtime

  7. OogaBooga says:

    11.20.16 at 03:41 pm
    So sad to see a once thriving pulsating blog reduced to a lonely outpost where even the Right Wing fringe don’t bother. Why even link to the Rebel Media revenue generators, when there is no one here unless a small circle jerk of one trolls characters counts for an audience with just a couple of other regulars popping in.
    Meanwhile VICE flourishes.

    Ha ha ha ha ha! What an embarrassing little fucking pussy you are. Right Wing fringe? Cool to hear that’s still your opinion, considering, you know, TRUMP WON THE FUCKING ELECTION! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!

    SUCK IT LOSER! CARRY ON WITH YOUR LOSING WAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Vice is going the way of CNN–straight into the shitter. That fatfaced bearded faggot will cash out, and then come out. Shane Smith is the new CopperCab/Claire. You heard it here first.

  8. SC Trumps VICE...big time says:

    @Vice Ex-Street Carnage Visitor (aka Shane Smith’s child sex slave)
    why the hell are you even here then, you whining stalking bitch?
    are you looking for your weekly dose of smug elitism critique about fucking blogs?
    anyone who still reads VICE has no right to complain, mock, judge or loath anything. ANYTHING.

  9. Being a parent=being an adult. Either you give a shit about your kids or you go out for a pack of smokes and never come back. Unfortunately,TV is send radionwaves into our brains making people into assholes.

  10. Ground Control To My Big Dong says:

    I think I know who VICE EX-STREET CARNAGE VISITOR is. The shit-dicked Bay Area assbandit from Benicia, CA named Dick Lubin. Minus all the shit emojis this time.

  11. back@you says:

    “…one trolls characters counts for an audience with just a couple of other regulars popping in.”

    That “troll” and those few regulars are a million time more interesting to read than the copy-n-paste shitshow featured by the braindead MSM drone sites. Gavin, John, few guest writers and few house commentators make this blog bookmark-worth and relevant regardless of its undeniably wilted activity. This is very telling of the irrelevance of the armies of underpaid creative-writing postgrads slaving for larger platforms.
    It’s a metaphor of the election: smug, self-centered blue americans where slapped off their self-built pedestals by those on the cultural fringe.
    VICE magazine died years ago. Unsurprisingly so. It is now ideologically and stylistically indistinguishable from the other mind-cringing, party-sponsored big (in size not in quality) media outlets like Slate, Huffpost, Vox, Salon, Buzzfeed, Quartz, etc… I wonder why don’t they get over it and just merge into one single gigantic blob called, I dunno, “Cultural Marxist Daily”, “The Squared”, “STFU & Listen You Cis White Scum Telegraph” or something.

  12. Make America Gay Again says:

    ^OogaBooga and his bastard Turd sons:

    SO LONG SUCKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!@$!#

  13. Your Enema says:

    ^^^OogaBooga and all his above bastard Turd sons.
    “VICE MEDIA is going…straight into the shitter.”
    “Vice died years ago.”
    You are so full of shit butt boy.
    For you and your bastard Turd son’s reading pleasure, enjoy you embarrassing little shit stain:::

    Is Vice Media really a unicorn?

    by Mathew Ingram @mathewi MAY 5, 2015, 5:23 PM EST
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    Vice founder Shane Smith in September 2011.
    Astrid Stawiarz—Getty Images
    Vice Media has become a multibillion-dollar media powerhouse. Can its rare success be duplicated?
    If there is a poster child for new-media success—especially when it comes to attracting a valuable millennial audience—Vice Media arguably has ­­more of a claim to that title than anyone. The company, which started as a free music-and-culture magazine in Montreal in 1994, is now a behemoth: According to remarks made by CEO Shane Smith at the so-called “NewFronts” for advertisers, Vice will have revenues of $1 billion this year, and a recent financing round valued the company at $2.5 billion.

    Even BuzzFeed, the other company that often gets mentioned as a new-media success story, is a relative pipsqueak by comparison: It raised $50 million in a financing last year, one of the largest rounds in the media industry, but that values the company at just $800 million. Vice is more than three times that size and still growing rapidly.

    One crucial question that Vice’s success raises for other media companies—assuming they can get past turning green with envy­—is whether the company is in some sense a “unicorn.” In the technology industry, that term has come to mean any startup that is valued at more than $1 billion—see Fortune‘s soon-to-be-updated Unicorn List—and Vice fits that description. But the traditional meaning of the term is more important here. Can Vice’s success be duplicated by others, or is it somehow as rare as a mythical creature with a horn on its head?

    As my colleague Erin Griffith described in her recent feature story on the rise of Internet video companies, much of Vice’s growth and revenue comes from its investment in video, both through gritty news features on subjects like the Islamic State as well as its lighter coverage of youth culture. Although the company has a number of websites devoted to technology news and other topics, the real engine for growth has been its command of video—and particularly the kind that appeals to millennials and the advertisers who want to reach them.

    Smith often compares his company to CNN, and in many ways Vice has become the equivalent for many younger viewers who no longer watch traditional television, especially when it uses stale old formats like panels of aging white men debating politics. Not only do Vice videos take a different approach­—one of the most famous being its embedding of a reporter inside an ISIS terrorist cell—but they are shared over a host of different platforms, including YouTube, Snapchat, and Instagram.

    Vice’s grip on its millennial audience, and its power with major advertisers, are seen as so valuable that A&E Networks, the TV network co-owned by Hearst and Disney, is reportedly going to turn over control of an entire channel—H2, a spin-off from the History Channel—to Vice. That deal was supposed to have been announced already but some cable partners haven’t signed off yet, according to a report in the New York Times.

    So, back to the crucial question. Can Vice’s success be duplicated? Clearly at least some of it can. BuzzFeed has built a sizeable video operation of its own, a unit it somewhat ambitiously calls BuzzFeed Motion Pictures, and seems to have convinced major brands that it has as much pull with millennials as Vice does, if not more. And what’s even more interesting for existing media companies, a traditional title like National Geographic has been able to build a relatively huge following with millennials through social media, using many of the same techniques BuzzFeed and Vice employ.

    One of the most disruptive aspects of the social web—and the Internet in general—is that it has leveled the playing field between established media entities and upstarts like BuzzFeed and Vice in an unprecedented way. Content that was once shackled to existing distribution platforms like TV and newspapers has been set free to roam the Internet at will, and that in turn has transferred the power from existing media companies (that controlled those platforms) to anyone who understands how content works in this new landscape. And that means BuzzFeed and Vice, among others.

    The other thing that the Internet and the social web tend to create, however, is “network effects.” In a nutshell, these effects allow companies that are early to a market—particularly a social one—to build up a presence that makes it harder for others to break through or reach a similar size. The theory is often used to describe why Amazon, Google, and Facebook are so dominant. It could just as easily be used to explain the rise of Vice.

    Vice may not control a platform in the sense that Google and Facebook do, but in some ways its reputation for being the go-to source for millennials creates its own network effects, to the point where it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy: The more advertisers and other media companies see it as the best way to reach that audience, the more money and value it can generate. That money then gets poured back into creating video content, which in turn cements Vice’s hold on the market.

    In time, of course, this kind of dominance inevitably fails, just as MySpace failed and was replaced by Facebook. If Vice loses touch with its audience, or is seen as becoming more of a traditional CNN-style entity, with all the baggage that brings with it, then it could become easy prey for the next digital challenger. But until then, its unicorn status on the media landscape seems fairly secure.

  14. Ground Control To My Big Dong says:

    @Your Enema… … Happy Thanksgiving to you and all of the Lubins, Dick.

  15. OogaBooga says:

    Ha ha. Vice fucking sucks so hard, and it has become a running joke among the super-cool, high-I.Q., good-looking heterosexual trendsetter set. But credit where credit is due–Vice is DEFINITELY the MySpace of contemporary news & culture websites. Excellent comparison, faggot.

  16. Your ENEMA says:

    Yeah, VICE sucks to the tune of $2.5 bbbbbillion you imbecile. Pretty expensive blow job – fluffer boy.

  17. OogaBooga says:

    Yeah, and People magazine is brilliant journalism, and McDonalds is haute cuisine. Stick your tongue back up Shane’s anus where it belongs, you homosexual lightweight.

  18. Your ENEMA says:

    Yeah, and your low-brow wannabe elitism thinks Street Carnage John Pittsley is brilliant journalism?
    Go stick your head back up your most brilliant creation dick lubins ASS, you faggot obsessed clown.

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