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• 06.30.15 01:51 pm



I was on The Beige Phillip Show and the host Dante Nero, made the mistake of letting me drink all the bourbon I wanted. This means I got meaner and meaner as the show went on. 

To quote Nixon: “Virtually every Irish I’ve known gets mean when he drinks. Particularly the real Irish” (the Scots are Irish, basically).

I can’t figure out how to embed it but you can get it HERE

  1. Hell, no: The Scots are NOT the Irish. We work hard — and they complain about working hard, always vowing they WILL work hard. One of these days. Not today tho.

  2. Ryan needs a foreskin says:

    How hard were you working when you were rakin’ in those sweet, sweet welfare checks, Kathy? 😉

  3. pat says:

    He’s no Patrice. Go listen to the Black Philip episodes on youtube. Nigga was a hero.

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