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• 06.30.15 02:18 pm


I spoke to Ben about how evil white people are yesterday and we both decided we should kill ourselves. 

White men are the worst part about society and the best way we can atone for our sins is to light ourselves on fire. That’s what Charlie Moore did.


Oh and here’s the Tweet I was talking about.

  1. dick lubin says:

    privilege is when having your privilege pointed out to you is the most devastating thing youve ever had to overcome.

  2. chiefcuster says:

    Idiocy is thinking you know what others have had to overcome without knowing them.

  3. White_Hispanic says:

    This nerd´s voice is horrible. Timestamp yoself.

  4. Auguste Escoffier says:

    Mirepoix is a mix of chopped onions, carrots, and celery.

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